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text 2020-10-01 13:21
Asifa and Nabeel Pakistani Bridal Dresses Collection 2020

Asifa and Nabeel, a very prominent brand in society have grounded their step into the fashion field for a long time. Fine thread work and printed lawn dresses at this brand tempt many buyers all across Pakistan. Miracles happen as in this regard, you’re lucky to grab the best price bridal dresses with stylish embellishments on them.
There are many brands to take inspiration from, but Asifa and Nabeel put the audience in awe-struck every year. Getting bridal dresses that suit your personality and make you feel like shining from head to toe is a goal that you set. A perfect wedding day starts with the perfect wedding dresses. No one desires to wear bridal dresses that may not complement their personality.
Designers in Pakistan concentrate on making such elegant and classy Pakistani bridal dresses that make your dream come true. Brides look for the various options in the stores and even do online shopping from various brands. Finding such attractive dresses has influenced the culture of doing online shopping in Pakistan.
The fashion-oriented company, Asifa, and Nabeel have a command in making all types of apparel that include both casual and formal wear dresses.


Sensational Wedding Dresses For Girls By Asifa & Nabeel
Searching for bridal dress options to get a dreamy dress won’t be easy for any bride this year. As being bound in our houses due to COVID19, to-be-brides are left with few better options. To treat the brides, this brand has introduced outstanding latest wedding dresses for girls.
Light and dark hues definitive guide is used to make explicit girls party dresses and bridal dresses for women of Pakistan. Asifa & Nabeel proudly participate in fashion events to display a wide range of options in wedding dresses. Formal wear dresses need much more concentration and elegant fashion essence to be crafted for brides.
Therefore, this brand always put their heart in designing beautiful and elegant bridal dresses. The combinations and the ornamented work on Pakistani bridal dresses make them look exclusive and add glamor to your wedding day.
Having said that, the premium white third-day collection of this brand is a real eye-opener collection. Blending flamboyance threadwork on organza and net bridal dresses will make you a fan of these dresses.

Hot Sale On Wedding Dresses By Asifa & Nabeel
Two phases of sale are actively launched over a year by this brand to engage most of the buyers. Buyers love shopping during sale time and they crave mostly for party wear dresses and wedding dresses.
Girls' dresses regarding any special occasion are prepared using ethnic and traditional features. Sticking up to old school fashion trends is not a taste of this brand. In 2020, this brand brings some amazing wedding outfits that are decorated with the latest embroideries motifs. The sleek cuts on the dresses hold minimal price tags that are budget-friendly and motivate you to buy the bridal dress instantly.
Sale coupons with more than 50% discount is a huge treat for the buyers. Hence, a number of people are rushing to buy bridal dresses from this brand.


Asifa & Nabeel Style Guide
Are you confused about what to choose for your wedding day? Do you need a proper style guide for carrying girls party dresses or wedding dresses with grace? There is a one-stop-shop solution that not only guides you on what to wear but also makes you learn how to carry it with different accessories.
Visit this brand fashion studio to get the bridal dress guide because they guide you about everything. You would learn what color to pick, what design to wear, and what accessories to carry before your wedding day.

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text 2020-09-30 12:00
10 Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Weddings are one of those big days in our lives. It is our desire to have that fairy-tale wedding with everything being the best and everyone living the time of their lives. Apart from the usual things like décor, dresses, makeup, food etc. there are many other little details that could enhance your wedding a lot more, after all detailing does bring out everything to be a lot fancier. So here we bring to you 10 ideas that will make your wedding day extra special.

  1. A fancy welcome bag:

Has the celebration started? Make your guests feel like they’ve entered a real fairy-tale wedding with customized welcome bags which have things like a small pack of drinks, cookies and more such goodies apart from the usual venue map and sweets. You can even customize these bags to have details similar to that of your designer wedding dress in Melbourne.


  1. Take care of younger guests:

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@priscilladupreez 

Which wedding won’t have kids and babies? When the whole family is around it becomes a gathering for all those small humans too! An awesome wedding idea is to make it easier for your guests to take care of their kids by setting up a kid’s play area or a room with fun activities and movies and hire a professional for taking care of them. Have it close to your venue or within it so that it's easy for the parents to check on them.


  1. Flowers/confetti drop on first dance:

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@everythingcaptured 

Make your first dance look fancier with confetti or flower petals drop, it will even add more beauty to the pictures. You can even add in some smoke and balloons on the floor to add the fairy tale twist to it. Request a custom-made long trail for your couture bridal gown from Melbourne specially to wear it for the dance, just imagine a long trail, slow music and smoke with rose petals, aren’t we already in Disneyland?


  1. Customized guest book:

We started talking about details and a custom-made out of the usual guest book is another good way to represent great detailing. You can get a guest book that’s shaped like something else rather than a normal book, add some creativity to it with stickers and illustrations about you and your better half. Keep fancy pens for your guests to use.


  1. Ask for song requests:

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@mitchorr 

What better way to keep people entertained then playing the music they like? Ask your DJ to have each table request a song they like and have a variety of music being played at your wedding! This way every table can have something to dance to and enjoy. You can even have people come up and sing to karaoke!


  1. Play with your cutlery:

Having a summer beach wedding? Why not add in leaf shaped cutlery or maybe go to have real leaves! Having a vintage wedding? Add in some old themed cutlery! Try choosing something that goes well with the whole theme yet stands and surprises your guest.


  1. Take care of your guests:

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@alelmes 

Take the specialness to an extra step by offering your guests small takeaway goodies like food packets, aromatic soaps with your initials, a bottle of water, etc. while they go home. Also, pay attention to the weather that day and plan accordingly for seating arrangements, sheds, umbrellas, shawls or maybe sunglasses, so that they’re comfortable. Request your designer to make up some shawls that match your couture bridal gown in Melbourne, if you have the budget for it.


  1. Get a live wedding painter:

Photographers are always the best, but how about having a souvenir from your wedding that has the touch of that day to it? Hire a professional to paint out the wedding while it happens you can even have one at your reception. These paintings will always be closer to you than the wedding pictures. 


  1. Take the customization to social media:

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@micheile 

Heard about having theme/brand hashtags? Think of a hashtag that best suits your wedding, it can even be something like: #jadeandnathanhitched or #jadeswedding then you can start adding these to your pictures on Instagram and even on twitter and have a social media album specially about your wedding! Request your guests to add it while posting pictures from your wedding. Another way to have the celebration on social media is by hiring a professional who’ll keep your socials updated as the wedding goes through, then you don’t have to worry about it. You can even have a hashtag that talks about fashion at your wedding and add in the best dresses and wedding gowns in Melbourne that your guests have worn.


  1. Add more of the ‘you’ factor: 

Well it’s your wedding! instead of abiding by the age-old traditions and having the same celebration, add some touches of what you and your better half loves, set up stalls for fun activities that you both like, set up play areas where you can have fun games you’re your guests, add in personalised backdrops with your old pictures or maybe a video about your relationship, add cute little infographics throughout the venue that talk about your relationship, add in a family tree so that the guests know who’s who, and the list goes on and on. 


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text 2020-09-22 13:00
5 Wedding Themes That are Trending in 2020 That You Need to Know Now


Well, we all know how this year has turned out to be and you may be wondering how are you even going to know about the wedding themes that are trending in 2020? Fret not, we’re here to help you. Before the pandemic set in the wedding theme was more focused on over the top designs be it with the décor and exquisite couture bridal gowns in Melbourne. Now it’s all about the intimate moments with your loved ones, attention to detail while keeping safety as the most important aspect.

We have listed below wedding trends that are very doable for a very simple wedding which definitely promises to make your day a special one to remember no matter where you choose to say ‘I do’


1) Intimate weddings

Knowing the situation, we know intimate weddings will be the way forward. Having a small bunch of people who matter will make the best sense. Plus, this would also be the safest way as of now. Since it's very personal, you can treat them with elaborate meals and tons of personalization options to make it feel very warm and relaxed.



2) Eco-Friendly

Going eco-friendly can be the best thing for not just people but our mother nature in general. Sustainable weddings are on the rise in recent years and it’s time it has caught the attention all over. Do consider upcycling your wedding requirements be it sourcing locally grown food items, reusing florals used for the wedding ceremony, using paper or bamboo straws for drinks instead of plastic ones, replacing place settings with fruits as an alternative centerpiece idea, using actual trees in beautiful planters instead of cut flowers to up the aesthetic and so much more. So you see? There are so many ways we can reuse stuff to maintain the eco-friendliness that we so require right now.


3) Self-serving bars

 More and more couples all over the world are creating self-service bars. It’s like an artificial mounted dispenser to pour over drinks like beer, cocktails etc. This allows the guest to create their perfect drink. Imagine yourself creating your signature cocktail drink just the way you like it? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Plus, by having these self -serving bars you won't have that many bartenders.





4) Two-in-one wedding dresses

The beginning of this year saw many brides choosing designer wedding dresses in Melbourne which focused on the Victorian-style dresses. These dresses feature high necklines, low hemlines, lots of lace layers and flowing style skirts which are reminiscent of the Victorian era. It’s pretty beautiful yet modern which makes it even the style very breath-taking. There’s something about this look that won’t go away anytime soon.


5) Giving back to charity

With the rise in intimate weddings, you do tend to save a lot on your wedding celebrations. The best thing to do is to give back to society. Many couples all over the world are doing it and making charitable donations. This trend will get bigger in the coming years. This will not only make you feel good but it will make someone’s day and year so much better. As a couple, you’d be spreading so many smiles which is a really good thing.


Now that you know some of the popular wedding themes that are trending this year, we can’t wait to see you in a beautiful wedding gown in Melbourne and have a memorable celebration that you will cherish for years to come.


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text 2020-08-26 09:23
Fashion Bug Store: The Online Store for Buying Dresses for Women in all Size

The trends in fashion change every single day. Some designs that were a big hit in 2019 are a big No-No in 2020. As times change and new trends come in, all of you want to update your closets with new clothes that you can wear and create a statement. And for that, you should go on the Internet and look for stores that can deliver your products on your doorstep. There are very few stores that can offer you products for all sizes, including for the plus size women. Fashion Bug online store is a leading online platform where you can find dresses, joggers, jeans, tops, shorts, skirts, pants, and much more in normal and plus size for women. It is a platform that promises to deliver your products quickly and help you have a wardrobe filled with clothes that look good on your body and makes you feel confident and fashionable.

The collections of fashion bug dresses for summers and winters are extraordinary and you must have it in your closet for sure to make your fashion game strong in 2020. Not just clothes for women, but Fashion Bug also have dresses and clothing for children and maternity wear as well. They have an entire range of intimates and shoes as well that can give your body a stunning overall look that can help you make a style statement. Fashion Bug Store caters to all your needs. If you are looking for the very best, this is where you’ll find it. You can follow the accounts of the store on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to check out the latest collection that they add to their online store.

There is a full range of Fashion Bug plus size dresses that give plus size women a wide range of options, something that they don’t find very easily on the Internet. But at Fashion Bug there is no such thing as No-fashion for plus size people. In fact, they want women in all shapes and sizes to have a confident approach and comfortable clothing options that make you look fabulous anytime you walk through the door. If you want to buy the hottest and trending clothing, Fashion Bug Store is your go-to platform to buy everything that you need at affordable prices. If you have any doubts or queries about your orders, get in touch with the customer support team at info@fashionbugstore.com or dial 1-800-778-1492 to get quick and appropriate answers.

For more information, visit https://fashionbugstore.com/
Original Reference: https://bit.ly/3jgZ3R2
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text 2020-08-25 11:36
How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers For Your Big Day


Whether you envision yourself walking down the aisle in a couture bridal gown in Melbourne or a simple reception, wedding flowers and décor are essential to elevating your space into a site worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Learn how to pick the best pros and make it an event for all to revel in and remember.


Once you have your location set, it's time to dream up what will make it look and feel extra-special, and what you might carry or wear down the aisle. While it is not an absolute necessity to have red roses - or even a floral bouquet for that matter: Feel free to explore a variety of options like botanicals, ponder plants, or unexpected alternatives. The trick is to play up what you love, what jibes with your venue, and what's widely available at the time of year.


Find a Florist

Aim to hire one six months to a year out, and allot between 5 and 8 percent of your budget. Ask friends, your venue's manager, and your planner (if you have one) for recommendations. Scroll through Instagram feeds of vendors to see whom they've worked with locally. Unless you love a person's specific style, diverse portfolios are preferable to those showing singular looks. Above all, hire someone you communicate well with. 



Gather Inspiration

Location and time of year are key influences in your design decision—a wintry ballroom and a beach setting have very different vibes. But ideas can come from anywhere. We suggest collecting pictures of favorite spaces and artwork to jump-start the process. Share paint chips of your palette and dress swatches. Consider using blooms with personal meaning, too, like the lilacs your grandmother carried on her wedding day.


Plan for Impact

A few amazing things can be more special than loads of designs used for padding. Go big or dramatic in focal areas, such as entrances or a prominent fireplace mantel. Small arrangements in restrooms or on the bar are optional, but centerpieces are in full view for hours.



Spending Savvy

Want to save money on your big-day floral décor? Remember that blooms that don't need to be flown in from afar are less expensive and more eco-friendly. Fillers, like foliage, branches, and berries are easy ways to amplify a smaller arrangement; they're more cost-effective than fresh petals. Last but not least, ask for designs that can be enjoyed all weekend (and beyond). Use potted plants as aisle markers or near prominent signs, like the "Ceremony this way!" placard in a farm or vineyard.

While wedding flowers are not the most essential part of a wedding, it certainly is a unique accessory that adds awe to a bride on her big day. While planning your wedding day can be exciting, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming having to make so many big decisions. Bernadette Pimenta, at Iconic Melbourne bridal designer is known to craft the perfect balance between style and comfort. Whether you’re picking your florals because they are sentimental to you both, or you’ve been inspired by your wedding dress or bridal party colours, Bernadette will make sure to take all your stress away by delivering the best to you. To know more about her and her services. Contact her to know more. 


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