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review 2016-03-25 19:23
It's time for this little doggie to get along...
Married Cowboy (Love Wins (JMS Books)) - Drew Hunt

Married Cowboy is the third story in Drew Hunt's series 'Calvin's Cowboys' and it's definitely the end of the rodeo for this cowgirl. Yes, this review is probably going to be filled with cheesy, lame comments just like the story and just like the story I'm going to keep it short.


So in that vein let's start with what I liked...it was short, less than 50 pages short. I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for this fact, so I won't even begin to try.


Now as for what I didn't like...from start to finish the dialogue was frequently cheesy and we're not talking the good cheese here. The MCs were flat, their attraction was non-existent the sex was B-O-R-I-N-G and sadly in spite of how short this story was I found myself skimming through it. The wedding which should have been the big romantic climatic event was lame.


It's been a while since I read the first two books and while they weren't epic by any means I had found them to be cute and entertaining. Sadly this installment in the lives of Calvin and Brock lacked even that. So I'm done here and ready to ride off into the sunset where this series is concerned.

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url 2014-07-25 18:55
Free Today at JMS Books
Summer's Lease - Drew Hunt

Bear shifter!

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review 2014-05-30 00:00
Cowboy Sandwich
Cowboy Sandwich - Drew Hunt ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

The blurb looked fantastic. I was giddy like a school girl. If you haven’t noticed, I’m partial to a smutty/slutty read and this looked to be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, twas not to be. For me.

The train started to come off the tracks with the corny dialogue. I got suckerpunched with the “wet fart” that got unleashed after Barry got sandwiched the first time-a skosh too much realism for my delicate constitution/escapist reading pleasure. The cooking tips while inventive take up far too much page time for what’s essentially PWP. Then the dog, Rex, got his junk checked out by all three and that, my friends, was the beginning of the end...

Read more at Prism Book Alliance
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review 2014-04-23 07:02
Cowboy Sandwich? How can I NOT read this?
Cowboy Sandwich - Drew Hunt

An m/m/m and the title is Cowboy Sandwich! Seriously, how can I not read this?

Ok two cowboys and an Englishman walk into a bar…no really, that’s what happens.

Barry decides to try and fulfill his cowboy sex fantasy while traveling through the US. One evening he sees two hot cowboys and the idea surpassed his imagination and expectations. Jake and Jimmy have been a couple for years, but when Barry, the cute English muffin (or is it a scone? Or a biscuit?) volunteers to be the filling in their cowboy sandwich they jump at the chance.

Jake and Jimmy have the habit of sprouting cheesy dialog during sex and they have a weird fetish for wearing red and blue respectively and exclusively. They are also very competitive and love to insult each other, but I liked it. It was funny and silly and sort of juvenile. It was cute watching Barry try and keep them both feeling evenly appreciated and feeling like equally hot and sexy cowboy studs.

It’s also one of the few (very few) books I’ve read that gives a small peek at the less than sexy side effects of anal sex, which again, I thought was funny and original.

Barry takes over the household, cooking and trying to keep the red and blue cowboys in line. The ranch hands love him and he’s something of an animal whisperer and the sex is exactly what he’s always wanted. Barry is in cowboy-sandwich heaven.
This might also be a good book for foodies. There are quite a few cooking descriptions and holiday meal preparations. There are some of the typical issues and problems covered in this book, nothing really different or new but an enjoyable ménage book all the same.

I found this a fun, easy read, not angsty or difficult. The cowboys were fun in their sometimes OTT behavior and I liked British Barry quite a bit too.

All in all a cowboy sex-fest meal with a side of sweetness, a dash of silly and a cup of cuteness in puppy form named Rex. A good addition to my ménage story addiction.

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review 2013-12-17 14:47
One last Christmas...
Colin And Martin's Goodbye Christmas - Drew Hunt

Yeah, I cheated. I knew on my last review how this one went. That's what happens when you have trouble sleeping at night and you fill the gaps between naps with reading.

Ok, so this is Colin and Martin's Goodbye Christmas. It's been a couple of years since their trip to Australia and our boys have decided to move there. The house has been sold, the furniture shipped and our boys are spending their final Christmas before they leave with Colin's folks. There's a bit of drama in this one and while I don't necessarily agree with how it's handled unlike the previous book the solution isn't quick cheesie sex scenes to glide on past the problem, although there is still one or two of those but not nearly as many as the previous story.

I can't really go into what bugged me about this story without giving away the plot and I don't want to do that. So suffice it to say, Colin and Martin's Goodbye Christmas was definitely better then their Australian Christmas but not really strong enough to convince me to join them for Christmas again if there are more to come in this series, sorry Colin, Martin I wish you well but I think it's best we go our separate ways at this point. Merry Christmas boys!

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