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review 2018-11-10 00:00
Durarara!!, Vol. 1
Durarara!!, Vol. 1 - Ryohgo Narita,ヤスダ スズヒト,Stephen Paul I've seen people say that the DRRR!! series is cool or something but... this book sure doesn't show anything cool.
All the men get the limelight, they fight each other and get to be the cool ones. Meanwhile Celty the supposed protagonist is often beaten, humiliated and at one point cries in the arms of her abuser.
The women are in the periphery and the ones that do get some form of characterization love abusers. The author thinks this is "just love" and not abuse at all, which informs me as to how the author views life.
The actual evens of the book are honestly boring. Nothing much really happens and with all the characters around, it becomes a confusing mess at times. Also there's a Deus Ex Machina ending and our Mikado is suddenly a "bad ass". Something women aren't afforded in stories.
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review 2015-03-20 00:00
Durarara!!, Volume 1
Durarara!!, Volume 1 - Ryohgo Narita,成田 良悟,Akiyo Satorigi,茶鳥木 明代 This manga was a bit confusing since they jump around to different character and have random stuff happen, and also use code words. I have the light novel on order so maybe that will clear it up.
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review 2014-12-13 15:05
Things are getting contemplative
Durarara!! Yellow Flag Orchestra, Vol. 1 - Ryohgo Narita,Akiyo Satorigi
Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc, Vol. 2 - Ryohgo Narita,Akiyo Satorigi

Durarara Yellow Scarves arc Vol. 1

The danger of the Slasher has passed, but the mystery it left behind for the public remains - who was it, why did they do it, and could they do it again?


Members of the Yellow Scarves gang are convinced the Slasher came from rival gang the Dollars and are trying to decide what to do about it. This unfortunately draws their former leader back into the world of gang wars, regardless of what he wants.


The character who stars in this book was one of my favorites in earlier volumes for his attitude, but man, I just can't get into this. You sort of want to shake him and be like "Make up your mind! Just do it!"


Alternately we get more of Celty here, as she has run-ins with cops and with Shinra's dad (who she suspects of stealing her head). She's always a fabulous addition to any Durarara volume.


Durarara Yellow Scarves arc Vol. 2

This continues in pretty much the same vein as the previous volume. I don't much care for our main character, and I really enjoy Celty's parts.


The addition of the four characters who are always tooling around in their van does push this one above the first volume. I love getting a little flashback of them all, and I love the way they interact with one another. A whole book of them might be a little too much, but man, we could stand with them being more involved and I would not complain. :D


This volume really feels like setup. There just wasn't a lot going on. Most of the action happened in flash back and most of the present stuff was conversations that went nowhere and introspections.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-12-06 05:31
Durarara!! (manga, vol. 4) creator Ryohgo Narita, art by Akiyo Satorigi, translated by Stephen Paul
Durarara!!4 - Ryohgo Narita,Suzuhito Yasuda,Akiyo Satorigi

To be honest, the plot so far is kind of boring, and I'm pretty sure I dislike Mikado. What's he going to do if he starts feeling bored and has no outlet? He may have started Dollars as a joke, but I'm not sure it would have gone viral so fast without the occasional boost from Izaya. Part of me wonders if Mikado wouldn't secretly like to be just like Izaya, able to direct things from the sidelines and amuse himself by messing with everyone's heads.

I wasn't a fan of Mikado's efforts to overlook Anri's friend's stalking behavior. Just because she risked her life for Seiji's sake doesn't mean her past actions weren't stalking. Also, dang but Seiji and Stalker Girl were creepy. At some point, Seiji's going to try to kill Stalker Girl again in order go back to his beloved head. Stalker Girl is no better. Here's what she was fantasizing about: “I'll find that head, grind it into a pulp right in front of [Seiji], pour the remains into my mouth, and make it part of my flesh and blood.” These two make my skin crawl. And Mikado paired them up, OMG.

Anyway, I might continue with this series, just to see more of Izaya bringing on some chaos, but I'm only mildly interested in what's going to happen. I can't seem to connect with any of these characters...which is probably a good thing, since they're nearly all insane.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2014-12-06 05:28
Durarara!! (manga, vol. 3) creator Ryohgo Narita, art by Akiyo Satorigi, translated by Stephen Paul
Durarara!! 3 - Ryohgo Narita,Suzuhito Yasuda,Akiyo Satorigi

This volume is craziness. It also turns

Mikado, the naive country boy, into some kind of powerful and intelligent mastermind. How does Izaya fit into this, and what does he want from Mikado?

(spoiler show)

I enjoyed Shizuo's appearance in this volume, and that, in the midst of all this general craziness, he was at least sane enough to realize that a guy who says he loves a girl (er, girl's head) but doesn't know her name is probably cracked.

This was the volume when I realized that the series might end up skipping over many of the characters that the anime had covered in more depth. I was disappointed, because, quite frankly, I have zero interest in Mikado. I'd prefer to see more Shizuo and Izaya doing battle, or even more Celty and Shinra.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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