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text 2017-03-29 09:04
Pre-Order Blitz for In Blood We Trust by Elodie Colt
Title: In Blood We Trust
Author: Elodie Colt 
Genre: Suspenseful Dystopian Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2017
2078. The Future, as it was once called...
A better time you imagine? Most would say yes.
Jordan would say they’d switched one evil for another…
Ever since the SDCT—the Scientific Department for Cancer Treatment—made a scientific breakthrough, creating a cure for cancer and therefore saving billions of lives from the cruel disease over the last few decades, the world seems to be a better place.
But the Cure came with a side effect. 
The Recipients need to consume human blood along with it, and as Jordan has the rarest blood type, she needs to donate every week. To keep a tight legal structure between Recipients and the rest of the population, the FDR—Federal Division for Recipients—was created, making her job as Sergeant at the NYPD hell on earth.
The real trouble, though, begins the day she becomes burdened with a case that will force her to extend the law to its limits. Worse still—the new Lieutenant, Aiden Davis, has set an eye on Jordan, and it doesn’t help that he is an unrelenting, too-hot-to-be-allowed ex-marine and more intense than she can bear. But her past makes it impossible to get involved with anyone without resurfacing memories of the one fateful night she desperately wants to forget.
And when the one man she’d never wanted to lay eyes upon again—the man who had inflicted pain on her worse than anyone could ever imagine, the man who had drained her until there was nothing left—shows up once again, her growing attraction toward the new Lieutenant seems to be the least of her problems…

I took a gulp of air bracing myself for what was about to come. Sheryl knocked on the door, and I ran my hands over my dress in an attempt to smooth out the fabric. My need for food nearly made me sick. I hoped my stomach stayed quiet.
Patrick and Davis lifted their heads simultaneously as we entered.
“Patrick,” Sheryl greeted him. Her voice changed to a sweeter tone as she addressed the newcomer. “Lieutenant Davis.”
I stood next to Sheryl but deliberately stopped a foot behind her. Davis looked at Sheryl, but to my surprise, his gaze never went lower than her face despite the amazing view she provided at chest height. He gave her a short nod in greeting, neither overly friendly nor unfriendly. I bit my lower lip. He didn’t seem like a social kind of guy. Was that a good thing or not?
“Ah, yes,” Patrick said, adjusting the knot of his tie before standing up. “Lieutenant Davis, let me introduce you to my best.”
Davis raised his eyebrows appearing surprised that Patrick was referring to two women, and it was only then that his gaze finally fell upon me.
His eyes zoomed in on my face, his stare penetrating me. I automatically held my breath. Then, he raked my body head to toe with one quick but thorough glance. Fast. So fast, I nearly missed it.
My heart did a crazy little jump. Was he checking me out? Why would he do that when a sexy goddess like Sheryl was standing next to me? I suddenly felt very naked, as though he’d just stripped me down to nothing but my underwear with his intense, unwavering stare.
Davis elegantly rose from his chair. He was so intimidating—respect and power pouring from him in waves—I had the urge to avert my eyes, but they appeared to be glued to his. My headache from before was suddenly forgotten.
He stepped around the desk closing the distance between us in a few strides. He towered over me when he stood that close—claiming my comfort zone—his strong neck at my eye level. I bit back the urge to step back. Or was it an impulse to step forward? Confusing.
“Sergeant Jordan Lively,” Patrick introduced me, oblivious to the wordless conversation that the Lieutenant and I were having, although I wasn’t sure what exactly our silent exchange meant. Standing that close, I could make out the color of his eyes that continued to bore into me—deep blue with shades of turquoise that reminded me of the sea’s hue. I remembered seeing that color printed on the old postcards of a tropical island paradise that had been swallowed by a tsunami decades ago. I think it had been called ‘Hawaii’ or something exotic like that.
Simply stunning. Beautiful, drown-worthy, and unique.
His eyes flitted back and forth between mine until stopping to rest on a particular spot. I could read the question on his face. Everyone asked the same question when they met me the first time: Why was there a misshaped little speck of gray next to my left pupil whereas the rest of the eye was a regular green like the right one? I usually gave my standard excuse: Genetic. No one knew the real truth besides me.
As if on cue, Davis’ gaze landed on my scarf most likely wondering why I was even wearing one. Understandable. It was far too hot in here. I was probably the only person in this part of the country who even owned scarves.
“A pleasure to meet you.”
His voice skimmed my senses, an underlying timbre I couldn’t quite decipher swinging with it. The way the word ‘pleasure’ left his mouth sent funny vibrations through my belly. It took me a second to realize that he’d extended his hand to shake mine. I grasped his hand, and I swear I felt a thumb softly caress my skin before he pulled away.
“It’s an honor,” I managed to say before lifting my chin a little higher. I didn’t want him to think he’d intimidated me. He stepped sideways to greet Sheryl long before his slicing gaze left mine.
“And Detective Sheryl Frayman,” Patrick informed.
“Welcome, Lieutenant Davis,” Sheryl greeted him with a strong voice emanating way more confidence.
“Thanks. Nice to meet you.”
Polite. Nothing more. Was I imagining it? I threw a sideways glance at Sheryl expecting to find disappointment on her face, but instead, she smiled after Davis’ eyes found mine again.
My heart rate increased pounding through my eardrums. Damn, it was stifling in here. The air conditioning must have conked out again.
“What are you specialized in?” Davis asked, perching on the office desk and crossing his ankles. Sheryl folded her hands in front of her but didn’t answer. Davis looked at me expectantly. Apparently, the question was meant for me.
“Murder and rape,” I answered. No point in sugar-coating that. I swear I saw his nostrils flare a tiny bit. Yeah. The question wasn’t exactly one people used to reply with ‘Really? What a great thing to do!’
“Why?” he asked. That was a question I couldn’t possibly answer honestly. It would be a, let’s say, extremely heavy topic to discuss during an initial meeting.
“Because it’s so much fun,” I blurted sarcastically, quirking an eyebrow. I regretted my words as soon as they were out of my mouth. What had gotten into me? Must have been the low blood sugar. Sheryl’s head shot in my direction, and I could feel her what-the-fuck-are-you-doing glare on me. I glared back, shrugging. What was an appropriate answer here?
“Jordan!” Patrick exclaimed in shock, but Davis didn’t seem to bother. His expression hadn’t changed in the slightest still deeply lost in analyzing me. His stare made the air around me even more stifling.
He smacked his lips, the movement attracting my attention. I imagined tracing a finger over them which was silly, really. “You’re one of the best in what you’re doing. That only comes with a proper amount of devotion,” he stated, continuing to study me carefully.
We were getting into dangerous terrain. I needed a way out, so I prompted, “You mean the satisfaction I feel when I finally put the bastard behind bars?” In all honesty, I felt immense satisfaction when I took one of them down during an exchange of fire. It was exhilarating, giving me the feeling I’d done the world something good. However, that wouldn’t be the appropriate thing to say if I wanted to stay professional. I always tried to hide my dark side as best as I could.
“Sergeant Lively apprehended over thirty criminals on her own last year,” Patrick threw in, doing his best to cast a positive light on me. “She tends to work alone.”
Davis nodded in acknowledgment, though he seemed distracted. I transferred my weight to my other foot. God, my heels were killing me. And you couldn’t even open a window when you were stuck on the hundredth-something floor! 
Elodie lives in the outskirts of Vienna, Austria, with her longtime boyfriend. She is not a native English speaker, but that doesn’t keep her from putting her fantasies on paper in that beautiful language. Never trained as a professional writer, she started writing as a hobby, which quickly grew into an obsession. 

Elodie has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate cookies – which is why she forces herself to go to the gym twice a week – has a weakness for electronic music, and in her spare time she can be found exploring movie databases for the latest DVD releases. 

Additionally, she’s busy with reading and writing and gets easily lost in Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Erotica. In her own works, she likes to create rich dystopian stories which consist of bold heroines, sexy guys, and hot romances. 

Her biggest idol is the British author, Stephanie Hudson, author of the epic saga “Afterlife”. Elodie secretly hopes to get the chance to meet with Stephanie one day, and talk to her about how she created the greatest story ever written. 

The only thing she hates about writing is that she loses all the precious time she could spend reading the hundreds of books that are still on her to-read list.
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review 2016-07-15 01:45
Edge of Control (The Edge #3) by Megan Crane
Edge of Control: (Viking Dystopian Romance) - Megan Crane

Riordan is a ruthless warrior whose foes tremble before him in his drowned and ruined world. The last thing he wants to do is go undercover as a weakling to spy on his clan’s enemies. Much less with Eiryn - a fierce warrior in her own right and the only woman Riordan’s never been able to forget. He knows that a single touch will throw them straight back into that same old uncontrollable fire. But this time, he might just let them burn.

Eiryn has been betrayed too many times. An escape into a dangerous mission where she can pretend to be the soft, biddable female she’s not seems like the perfect solution. She’s sure she can control the fiery passion that simmers between her and Riordan, the man she’s spent years pretending to hate. After all, the unquenchable lust that flares between them now is all for show… isn’t it?







My Review:

Edge of Control was a very character driven story and I enjoyed our h/h's banter so much that I really didn't even care what the plot of the book was simply because I was so amused by the interaction between the two of them. Their relationship kept me entertained through almost the entire story from beginning to end.

Its an opposites attract when the two leading stars of this book are exactly the same and are clashing for the same exact reasons. I honestly didn't mind because as some of my followers know I'm a sucker for reunion stories. I love when history and current day issues reignite something that's been left simmering for awhile.

Considering this is the third book in the series and I haven't read the previous installments I was surprised by how easily I could follow along despite not having that prior information. I like that makes it easy to begin a new series without feeling too lost in the central zone of what's going on.

Thank you Megan Crane for a great read and a great cast. I look forward to reading the previous and following books in this series. I'm a new fan.










My Rating:




Reviewed By:




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Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley via St. Martin's Press

If any of Krissys Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like or let me know what you think! Thank you!

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review 2016-06-27 00:00
Edge of Control: (Viking Dystopian Romance)
Edge of Control: (Viking Dystopian Romance) - Megan Crane This series gets better and crazier as it progresses. I thought Gunnar and Maud's story was my favorite but Eiryn and Riordan are so much better. Both have been intriguing characters in the past 2 books, especially Eiryn. It also stresses that no matter how much a woman can be come an equal of a man, at heart she truly is a woman and needs a man that she can be real with, without judgement. So looking forward to the next book. I hope it is about the Clan King and the Princess ;-D

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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text 2016-03-01 23:37
February (e)Book Haul #2
Unhooked - Lisa Maxwell
Passenger - Alexandra Bracken
After the Woods - Kim Savage
Infinity Rises - S. Harrison
Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris
The Shadow Queen - C. J. Redwine
The Lost Girls (Book #2 in The Suburban Murder Series) - Alexa Steele
The Dreamer (The Dreamerland Series Book 1) - E.J. Mellow
Ruin: Dystopian Romance (Unbelief Series Book 2) - C.B. Stone,Book Covers by Design
Bird Box - Josh Malerman

Update #2 on the books I bought on February

❁ Bought:

Unhooked - Lisa Maxwell 

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken 

After the Woods - Kim Savage 

Infinity Rises - S. Harrison 

Behind Closed Doors - B. A. Paris 

The Shadow Queen - C.J. Redwine 

The Dreamer (The Dreamerland Series Book 1) - E.J. Mellow 

Bird Box - Josh Malerman 

❁ Some of the freebies I got from amazon:

Monday or Tuesday - Virginia Woolf  (and numerous other classics)

Witch Is When It All Began - Adele Abbott 

The Hungering Saga Complete - Heath Pfaff 

Haunted on Bourbon Street - Deanna Chase 

Ruin: Dystopian Romance (Unbelief Series Book 2) - C.B. Stone,Book Covers by Design 


  • Missed No #1? Find it here.

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review 2016-02-26 18:43
Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole - My Thoughts
Radio Silence - Alyssa B. Cole

Do you enjoy post-apocalyptic romances with a goodly amount of steamy chemistry between the main characters?  I do and if you feel the same, then Radio Silence is for you.   


The plot is simple.  Something has happened and the power has gone out.  Set in northern New York state, our heroine, Arden and her best friend/roommate John, set out from Rochester to further upstate and John's family's home, in a somewhat remote area near the Canadian border.  There we meet John's brother, Gabriel and sister, Maggie.  Sparks smolder and fly between Arden and Gabriel as the four try to come to terms with their new reality.  


The plot is fast-paced and the dialogue is quick and bantery, both which kept me turning the pages (so to speak - I was reading on the Kobo) to see what was going to happen next.  


Oh, BTW, if you`re into this whole MUST READ DIVERSE BOOKS AT ALL COSTS!  This will easily fill that need.  I had no idea when I started the book which probably allowed me to enjoy it as much as I did because I didn't feel browbeaten into being a good person by reading it.  


It was a really good and enjoyable and I totally recommend it!  I'll be hunting down book 2 very soon.  :)

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