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review 2018-06-15 14:47
good book and characters
Gone - Elisabeth Naughton Gone - Elisabeth Naughton

Alec wishes he and his old friend Jim Beam were on speaking terms but hadn’t been for close to three years. Alec was at the hospital and he felt pressure forming in his chest- a pressure he knew was rooted in guilt and self disgust. Alec knew he should have called Reagan the minute he seen the girl and told reagan not to come. An FBI agent -Jack Bukham worked Emma’s case. He was the one I called both him and Reagan when the fourteen year old in the other room had been found not far from the one where Emma-Alec’s and Reagan’s daughter-  had vanished three and one half years ago.- vanished. Alec had turned his back for two minutes to help a kid who had fallen off a swings. Alec thought of a neglected filthy childhood. When Jack mentioned his father- John Gibson- who was in prison who knocked his kids around, make them fend for themselves or use then as mules to move illegal stuff. Alec knew his father was out for him because it was Alec’s testimony as a teen that had put Gilbert in prison for fourteen years. And he will be out on the streets again soon. When Gilbert had been cuffed he screamed he would make Alec pay. Alec had paid everyday since that awful day in the park. Gilbert had gotten out of prison less than a month before Emma went missing. Alec knew Gilbert had been there , that he had taken Emma in his sadistic need for revenge, just as Alec knew Gilbert had killed Emma as soon as he got her away. Alec had just never been able to prove it. Reagan was the love of Alec’s life but they were no longer together. Reagan still clung to the  hope Emma was still alive, a hope that would only torment her for the rest of her life. Reagan and Alec had been divorced almost three years but Reagan's body still reacted to Alec , even just seeing him brought her body alive. But this was the Alec who had told her their marriage had been a mistake , the man who had shattered her heart and left her alone and broken when she’d needed him most. Reagan hated that she still loved Alec. hated that she wanted to comfort him, and hated especially even after all the misery, heartache, and time a part that he was still the one. Alec was a photojournalist - the best Reagan had ever seen. Alec had a way of capturing the human element in crisis that made a person see conflict from a completely different perspective. It was one of the reasons Reagan had been so drawn to Alec when they had met six years ago. Reagan had been a new beat reporter covering a colorful election. Reagan was now seeing Jeremy who was the manager of KTVP , Jeremy was also Reagan’s boss. Reagan talks Alec into helping to investigate the disappearance of other children and how they may be related to Emma. Then Alec and Reagan find a lot of patterns.

I really enjoyed reading this book a lot. I had no problem with my attention wondering while I was reading this book. It was a quick and intriguing read. I advise you to read the book in this series in order for better understanding and for the book to flow soothingly as you read. I loved the twists and turns. I really liked the plot and pace of this book. I will be looking for more books from this author. I felt this book was an emotional roller coaster I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend.

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review 2018-05-18 19:46
The Glitch
The Glitch - Elisabeth Cohen

Please note that I received this via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. 


Ugh nope. I thought the premise of this one sounded so good! I loved the idea of a woman (Shelley Stone) meeting a younger version of her self. Maybe she would have a chance to change things up in her life. But nope, this book just floundered a lot for me. Probably because I don't know what this book was trying to be. It didn't make me laugh. There was some weirdness with Shelley and the nanny (like I think Shelley was attracted to her or something, so confused). And Shelley and her husband were odd, and I didn't really get their deal. This whole book made me feel like I had accidentally taking some mind altering drug. I kept saying, so would this be what it's like to read a book while high as hell? 


"The Glitch" starts off with Shelley and her family (husband and two kids) on vacation in France. When their young daughter Nova (do not get me started on her full name, that was also weird) goes missing. Shelley is of course freaked, but when a random dude calls her up and says he has her kid, the whole book tips into weirdness central. I still don't get what that whole thing was about. I would have called a cop or whatever the name for a cop is in France. It just seemed like an odd way to hear about Shelley and her client who invented something called the Conch. No, I refuse to explain that to you. I want it out of my head.


The whole book just pings back and forth between Shelley and her hectic life and her meeting the younger version that she denies. I thought this would be more Freaky Friday or like that movie with Michael Keaton, Multiplicity, but nope.


Image result for multiplicity movie gif


I also didn't really care for Shelley. I don't know what was her deal, but she acted so unaffected by things I started to wonder if Cohen meant her to come across as possibly on the spectrum or what. I just felt baffled. Shelley has note cards on people, she talks to her children like they are peers at times which is odd.


I think that the book leaned too heavily into the sci-fi aspect of things. I just didn't care. Too many things kept happening for me to even figure out what the deal was. 


There is zero development with other characters in this book so I wouldn't even bother with hoping there is something here besides Shelley that can intrigue you. 

The ending had a forced resolution to me since I didn't believe it at all. 

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text 2018-05-17 21:42
Reading progress update: I've read 10%.
The Glitch - Elisabeth Cohen

So far I am waiting for it to get funny.....Right now all I see are two self-absorbed adults (Shelley and Rafael) with children. 

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review 2018-04-26 10:00
New Release Review! Forbidden (House of Sin #1) Elizabeth Naughton!
Forbidden - Elisabeth Naughton



From New York Times Bestselling and RITA Award-winning author Elisabeth Naughton, the first book in the House of Sin Series.

She has no idea what lurks behind the forbidden doors of the House of Sin...

He is temptation. Forbidden fruit. A craving I can’t seem to resist. 

I went after him in search of answers, certain he had blood on his hands. Now I’ve fallen prey to his seductive looks and commanding charisma.

I know he is a threat. He's entwined in a dangerous world I don't understand. But even that doesn’t stop me from aching for his touch, for the taste of his wicked lips.

Before I can truly surrender to the fire smoldering between us, I need to know more. I have to see behind the doors he keeps firmly locked.

I need to discover what he's hiding in the shadowy world known as the House of Sin...

This book is very sexy, very dark, and very addictive! Features a mysterious hero with a dangerous secret. This is a big story that can't be told in only one book so there is a cliffhanger - but never fear, book two releases three weeks later. The release schedule is as follows:

Books in the House of Sin Series:
FORBIDDEN -- Book 1 -- April 24, 2018
DECEIVED -- Book 2 -- May 15, 2018
UNDONE -- Book 3 - June 5, 2018



First, let me tell you that this story definitely has a cliffhanger and it is my understanding that it will take 3 books for the author to tell readers the whole story. That being said, let’s get to the review of the first House of Sin story - Forbidden:


Elizabeth Naughton always creates wonderful characters full of depth and characteristics that ensure that readers really want to get to know them and learn their stories, so you can be sure that while this book is different from her other paranormal or romantic suspense stories, the characters will captivate you from the very beginning and hold you hostage until the end. There is wonderful electrifying chemistry between the hero and heroine and the story if full of anticipation building suspense that keeps readers engaged and on the edge of their seats with twists and turns to keep them guessing.


Although, I must say that I found Forbidden to be a bit on the slow side in regards to the pace of the story, the House of Sin serial is off to a great start as I was completely caught up in the events taking place and getting to know the characters, so I am definitley looking forward to reading the rest of the story, luckily the release schedule means I don’t have to wait too long in between the three parts, so until next time….




Forbidden is the 1st book in the House of Sin series.


The 2nd book - Deceived will be available on May 15, 2018.


Forbidden is available in ebook at:

Amazon   iBooks   B&N   Kobo


Elisabeth Naughton can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook    Twitter   BookBub   InstaGram   Amazon



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review 2018-04-24 22:45
Great Book and Great Characters
Forbidden - Elisabeth Naughton

Natalie’s best friend was recently found dead in a way that was too suspicion for her so she headed to New York to find the answers to her friend’s death. She didn’t count on the forbidden temptation of Luc.

This was a great story. Lots of steamy parts wrapped into the mystery that Natalie is trying to solve. I really loved Natalie’s determination.to find the answers. The author keeps you guessing at every turn. I can’t wait until the next installment! I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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