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review 2019-05-09 23:42
Duke of Midnight
Duke of Midnight - Elizabeth Hoyt
I thought Artemis was such a kick-ass heroine. She does what she can for her brother and later Maximus. I thought Maximus started out just okay. It took most of the book for him to get his head out of his ass. Did get answers about Maximus's parents murder that he blames himself for. 
He was a spoiled brat whose 14 yr old self threw a hissy fit. They were in St Giles looking for him when they were killed.
(spoiler show)

I am interested in Apollo and am interested in finding out what happened the night he was drunk (and 3 of his friends bloody bodies were found next to him). Does he clear his name? I also really want to read Phoebe's story (I think her book is after Apollo's....).
Asa made a brief appearance at the end. He appears to be friends with Apollo.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-03-03 05:59
Not the Duke's Darling
Not the Duke's Darling - Elizabeth Hoyt

My reviews are honest & they contain spoilers. For more, visit:

Elizabeth Hoyt’s Not the Duke’s Darling is the book 1 of her brand new historical romance series, Greycourt. It was one of my most anticipating releases of 2018. Her previous series, Maiden Lane, which stole many hearts and made many new Hoyt fans—as a huge fan myself I’d like to think that’s happened!—had ended in 2017 after a long run with 12 books and some novellas under its belt. Naturally, we fans were eagerly waiting for this new series to see what Ms. Hoyt has in store for us in this new journey. I’m excited that there’s a new series, even if the introductory installment wasn’t as good as I was hoping it’d be.

Not the Duke’s Darling, so far, doesn’t look to have any connection to Maiden Lane whatsoever. I haven’t come across anything that pointed to me to that direction. However, it’s only the beginning and one can only hope! Though still set in the Georgian-era, the setting is slightly after the time-frame of Maiden Lane. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any possibilities of.......

Okay okay, that’s the Maiden Lane fan in me blabbering away. :P I’ll just get into the review... The story begins with our heroine, Freya de Moray, running from some miscreants while also protecting a baby and his nanny as they ran. At first, it’s all very confusing. Is the baby hers? Or is he a family member? Then, within a few pages we discover that she’s the ‘Macha’ or spy of a secret ladies group called the Wise Women and been working for them for a while now. The Wise Women were women with healing powers (healers) who existed for generations and openly helped people with their knowledge. They abounded all over England since the ancient times. But as time went on and the threat of witch hunt—as they were termed at one of point of history—and many killed, the number of Wise Women has now gone down drastically.

The Wise Women were, and still are, selected from various families (wasn’t sure if only peers or from any family) and given education and training from a young age. These days all that is done in secret. Well they don’t have any magical powers but they have other knowledge to help. Nowadays, with a new form of witch-hunter fanatics called the Dunkelders after them, they had to go in hiding. Wise Women also love living an independent life that doesn’t go with the social norms. Some live unmarried, while others marry and go as far as to have children. Some would take lovers. Many of them live among normal people hiding that part of their identity. After all, they have to be very selective of who they trust. Many now live in Scotland where their headquarters is. Or so I thought it was. I’m not sure how far the Wise Women are still scattered all over England cause, for this book, we only learn about the Wise Women that live in an estate called Dornoch in Scotland conveniently close to Freya’s own ancestral home.

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review 2019-02-16 02:42
Lord of Darkness
Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt

After the previous book, I was worried about potentially this being not as good. I needn't have worried! This is Meg's (Margaret) and Godric's book. At the end of the previous book, Megs is pregnant. Her brother, Griffin, knows something about Godric and blackmails him into marrying Megs. This book opens up 2 years after their marriage.
Margaret, having lost the baby, wants a baby and to avenge Roger. I loved the book's opening with her trying to shoot Godric (unbeknownst to her). This was definitely a slow burn as they both got to slowly know the other one. I thought the guilt each felt for wanting to move on was realistic and was something each overcame. I liked that they talked about their pasts and feelings. I liked that Godric and his stepmom talked. (What an awesome stepmom!).
One thing I like are the appearances of previous (and future) characters. Artemis is in this one and her book is next (and I'm very curious; there's also her brother Apollo).

Previous book: Margaret (Griffin's sister) was in love with and pregnant by Roger Fraser-Burnsby. He's murdered. Presumably by Ghost of St Giles.
This book: Earl Kershaw-> murdered RF-B, and killed by Godric in self-defense, was also responsible for abuse and enslavement of the poor girls- Seymour (killed in from previous book was his partner (I assume).
And yes, Megs gets her baby.
Godric's 1/2 sisters- Sarah, Charlotte, Jane. His stepmom- if she had a name, I missed it/don't remember it.
Captain Trevillion lets Godric go. He suspected Godric was the GoSG.
I don't know if they will be characters in future books: Hippolyta Royle- an heiress that has taken London by storm. Robin Goodfellow- an actress at Harte's Folly.

Alf was one of the people hired by the "Lassie Snatcher's" before she broke rank and helped Godric.  She's disguised as a boy.

(spoiler show)
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review 2019-02-11 03:29
Not the Duke's Darling Mini Review
Not the Duke's Darling - Elizabeth Hoyt

I'm not sure if this is the first book in Hoyt's Greycourt series, but it's the first for me. I love her voice, I loved that the heroine is a Wise Woman, and I loved that the hero has a tragic past (or several of them), but we weren't overwhelmed with it. The setting is a country garden party/weekend--another fav of mine in historical romance. I just adore Hoyt and this book really broke my streak of not reading. A dose of female friendship and a funny side character--Lucretia, I adore you!--and this book was just what I needed. 

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review 2019-01-20 02:29
Thief of Shadows
Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt

After reading Scandalous Desires, I really was looking forward to this one (and like S.D., the epilogue sets up book 5). I wasn't disappointed. Winter was everything anyone could want in one of the main characters. Isabel was a good character too, even if I took a little longer to warm up to her.
But back to Winter. He is an unconventional character in a historical romance. He's not of the nobility. He's the son of a beer brewer who runs an orphanage. He is poor. He is younger than Isabel. He is a virgin. I can't think of anything I didn't absolutely adore! Bottom line: he and Isabel are perfect together.
I enjoyed the secondary characters. I would have liked a bit more on the mystery of the "lassie snatchers," like was Roger in on it? And who murdered him? Maybe book 5 will tell that story?
Character guide and spoilers:

Isabel Beckinhall was married to a much older man when she was very young, he died leaving his mistress and son (Christoper) without. Isabel takes in Christoper. It turns out she's had many miscarriages and has been told she is barren.
Winter: single, runs the foundling home, teaches, virgin, ghost of St Giles (one of them).
Both Temperance (#1) and Hero (#2) find out they are pregnant.
Margaret (Griffin's sister) was in love with and pregnant by Roger Fraser-Burnsby. He's murdered in this book. Presumably by Ghost of St Giles. RF-B was friends with Viscount Adam d'Argue (might be an interesting character), Earl Kershaw, and Mr Seymour (killed by Winter in self-defense, was also responsible for abuse and enslavement of the poor girls).
St John is Lazarus's (Lord Caire of book 1) friend mourning death of wife, Clara. His book is next. He also happens to be the Ghost of St Giles. One of them.

(spoiler show)
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