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review 2019-06-14 23:09
Untamed ★★★☆☆
Untamed - Elizabeth Lowell

This started out well, but by page 100 had descended into silliness, full of spitefully jealous women and hypermasculine, brutish men. I really don't find murderous jealousy and controlling possessiveness very sexy. But I do love the idea of the Glendruid witch/clan/curse. That was really a lot of fun.


I'm giving it 3 stars mostly out of nostalgia, and in homage to my younger self that enjoyed this book at a time when I was just discovering the Romance genre had a subcategory of supernatural/magical romance, and was not very particular about healthy relationships.


Paperback, very tattered, bought at a secondhand shop.

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review 2018-06-09 23:58
Death Echo
Death Echo - Elizabeth Lowell

There was a point early in the book where I wasn't sure if I was going to have to DNF or not. It was so slow to get going and way too overly detailed on yacht piloting and such.


Once the action picked up a bit, it got a lot better.


Emma is a former CIA agent hired by St Kilda Consulting (this is the 5th in the series and the first I've read). She's working on cases involving insurance fraud and yachts. She's on the trail of a ship named Blackbird, and Mac (former special ops) is a transit captain hired to take the yacht to get it's final bits and bobs installed. The two team up when it's discovered that others want the boat for nefarious reasons.


I enjoyed the developing relationship between the two main characters, Emma and Mac. But as the book takes place over the course of nine days--with the bulk of the book taking place over six days, and the final chapter set three days later--I had a tiny bit of a hard time believing in their HEA. HFN, for sure, though. No "I love yous" were exchanged, but the two deep form a connection based on more than just physical attraction, and I can see things working out for them in the long run. I like that there was zero angst between the two of them. They were attracted to each other, they acted on it, they worked together to defeat the bad guys.


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review 2018-05-23 06:25
The tale of the emo hipster warrior dude
Warrior - Elizabeth Lowell

(eyes emo hipster on cover, notes author, and mutters "this aught to be good" sarcastically.)


So our H, who we will now refer to as Emo hipster, for reasons I can only guess were a bright sunny over the breakfast announcement that he'd decided what to do with his life, spent time in Afghanistan teaching the natives to fight a superpower. No mention of military or government agency background so...why? Whatever his reasons, he must not have been as good as he thought he was since people died, and there's mention of starving babies and other things. He's sitting at the only bar when the h comes in, looking for the owner of the general store. She assumes it's him. it ain't. A bar fight ensues after some drunks make overtures toward her. Thereafter, he spends the next several weeks hovering around her, telling her he doesn't wanna want her...and eventually, having unprotected sex with her. The last times...it was an all-nighter. Then he bravely ran away away... Because he didn't wanna deal with the feels you see. So he took off, knowing he could have left her a "gift". Such a hero...


Heroine is 22, has never done the deed, and well, she is strongly attracted to the dude who keeps dogging her footsteps. Is questionable whether it would have gone beyond "oh, pretty" if he hadn't been *there* all the time, including staying with her in the cabin for close to a week. I mean really; you can't blame her for feelings developed when someone she was attracted to was constantly underfoot. And after he panicked and ran... She hung around another week or two before finally leaving, mostly in hopes he'd come to his senses. She went home. Not home - university; home home...to Alaska...to hide.


He finally located his balls and hunted her down, figured out a swimmer got lucky, and asked her where she wanted to live after they got married. She told him no...because she didn't think he'd ask her if there wasn't a bun in the oven. I would have told him no on the principal that I didn't wanna deal with a whiny bitch while pg. Obviously I wasn't the heroine as I *guess* he convinced her to marry him.

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review 2017-12-09 02:26
Aw HELL no
Sweet Wind, Wild Wind - Elizabeth Lowell

I consulted with myself and we decided that there was no way we could finish this without wanting to put a hole in something (preferably a .45 sized hole). I mean; it's bad enough with the initial vibes of teenage-YA heroine throwing herself at older neighbor and being rejected but then you read further and figure out that he set out purposefully to seduce and, when she caved, reject her to humiliate her, all because his adoptive father - her natural father (but her parents never married) didn't love him enough to suit him. And that daddy dearest, on his deathbed apparently revealed that as a condition of the H inheriting the ranch, he had to make an heir with the h... Ok, no. No, no, a thousand times no.


I read the end - I know that she finds out *after* she slept with him (why she slept with him is beyond me) and left but it didn't stick so... TSTL heroine too apparently.

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review 2017-11-01 17:48
I've got a fever, a fever for more Velvet! :/
Fever - Elizabeth Lowell

Unfortunately it had taken Rye two weeks to convince Edward McCall II that his son would not, repeat not, marry some useless Houston belle just to get his hands on the Angus bull.


Oh '80s books, never change.


"Little girl, you've got a lot to learn," he muttered under his breath. "And you've come to just the man who can teach you."


Umm, maybe do.


This one obviously had some dated problems and the hero clung to his "woman only want me for my money" bitterness for far too long. Lisa's actions didn't warrant it and it made that drama feel forced.


Even with those issues though, I really enjoyed this one. It scoots along pretty quickly and the dry sense of humor was delightful. I also want to claim Lisa as my buddy if there is ever an apocalypse, girl can get it done. Her background makes her sweet innocence believable and not icky and we do get glimpses of her backbone; I want a novella of these two from down the road where Lisa puts Rye even more in his place.


Rye needed to grovel just a bit more but the emotion he shows at the end (he cries!) gave an unexpected heartwarming ending. This takes place on a cattle ranch and I enjoyed the western touches and the feeling of being transported to a different place. You'll have to gird your loins for the term "Velvet Fever" to be used incessantly but hey, who couldn't use another euphemism for sex in their back pocket.


Bottom line, this was a little bit of a gem and if you ever see it at a garage sale or used book store, scoop it up.


"I've been missing you all my life and didn't even know it."

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