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video 2016-05-03 14:08
Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Of High Treason's book video trailer!  =D  Finally finished it up last week and so excited to share!

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text 2015-11-30 21:55
My november 2015
Paint My Body Red - Heidi R. Kling
Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens - Klaus Fritz,J.K. Rowling
The Art of Christmas - Jane Lovering
Welche Farbe hat die Wahrheit (German Edition) - Lindsay Jayne Ashford,Peter Olsen Groth
Heir to the Crown - Ember Shane
Fancy & Adriaan - Haidji
A Curse of Ash and Iron - Christine Norris
Kiss Kill Love Him Still - Dawn Rae Miller,Jamie Blair
Into the Light: A collection of short stories - P. Wish
Paint My Body Red - 5 stars
Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens - 5 stars
The Art of Christmas - 4 stars
Welche Farbe hat die Wahrheit - 3 stars
Heir to the Crown - 5 stars
Fancy & Adriaan - 4 stars
A Curse of Ash and Iron - 4 1/2 stars
Kiss Kill Love Him Still - 3 stars
Into the Light: A collection of short stories - 4 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: Paint My Body Red, Harry Potter (duh!!!), Heir to the Crown, Fancy & Adriaan, A Curse of Ash and Iron


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: The City Center (I'm gonna finish this in the next few days cause I really love it, I just have the problem that I read it on my laptop and I get super distracted.), Scintillate (will I ever finish this book??)


9 books!!!!! I'm so happy with myself this month. I only had like two books that I didn't really enjoy as much as I wanted to but oh well, I'm okay with that.

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review 2015-11-18 12:42
Heir to the Crown!!!
Heir to the Crown - Ember Shane

First of, thanks so much Ember Shane for sending this book my way!!!


What a ride this book was. It's the third book and it's still exciting and fun and just great.

But also really sad. Will I ever forgive what happened to Phoenix?! We will never know.


But first things first. We finally find out what Jenny is. And I absolutely love it. I never heard of something like what she is. So it's totally new for me and that's amazing. I can't wait to read more of her story cause I'm very intrigued. Apart from what she is, I really like her as a character and her interactions with Doyle and Chuck.


Kai and Chuck. I mean, things with them always were like a rollercoaster ride. It wasn't different in this book, which I love, cause it's just so them. It was a bit more painful this time around but I really REALLY love how things are for them at the end of the book.


Addy's secret. In the beginning i thought 'Oh yeah. It's totally THAT!'. Then later i was totally lost and thought that it wouldn't be THAT. But I was right all along. It was totally THAT!!! (does that even make sense? But I don't want to spoil it. I'm a mess lol)


Storywise, I really loved how things developed. There wasn't any moment in the book were I was bored. Maybe annoyed by some choices the characters made but never bored. The writing was amazing once again. I just love the sense of humor in these books, totally my cup of tea.


i recommend these books to everyone. Just read it gosh darn it!!!


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text 2015-11-18 06:43
Of High Treason by Ember Shane
Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Phenomenal highly stressed heart racing, excitable kind of read.

Zombie royalty, normal and productive member of society? Fighting the instinct to shade to royalty. Savory taste of raw flesh. Graceful, acrobatic flair leaps and bound. Faster than Coyotes, Zombie Feeding Habits 101. Who shades back to Human? Does drinking alcohol affects a royal senses? Homicidal powers now comes a butt load of responsibility. The word kill cause vivid images of a recent meal. Doyle Sean Hawthorne
tsk ... tsk...tsk, awesome zombie. Squabble with a love one, no kidding. Addy said, "I never said you couldn't t_ _ _ _ me. What I said was I don't want you t_ _ _ _ _ _ g me while you think about your ex-girlfriend.
Geez, woman there's a reason a SAFE word he uses is his ex-girlfriend name, one to remember and second, not to shade (turn all zombie like). Addy continues, "I'd rather have your blue alter ego than have you Flesh-Colored and thinking of her. Okay some adult theme but I really enjoyed the zombies thought process though.  The author chose words so intricately to convey every emotions a zombie function on. Some adult theme, Zombie do what?

Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . . quite the imagination. Colony has rules, four in all; however will he abide by them? Reflexes too fast, play nice are you ready to play nice? Would you rather be in captivity, abstinence, and starvation? Drugs and viruses,yes I will stop and leave you hanging. Get the book and see what happens to Doyle and the others, you will not be disappointed. Thank you!

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text 2015-11-16 11:33
Reading progress update: I've read 194 out of 290 pages.
Heir to the Crown - Ember Shane

Normally I don't do these little updates every few pages but I'm feeling things.


I'm not okay. I am so not okay. THAT Chuck/Kai moment just really broke my heart.

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