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review 2017-01-14 18:32
Book Review: Entwined
Entwined - Heather Dixon

Book: Entwined


Author: Heather Dixon 


Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Fairy-tale Retelling/Family


Summary: Just when Azalea should feel that everything is before her - beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with dancing - it's taken away. All of it. And Azalea is trapped. The Keeper understands. He's trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace. So he extends an invitation. Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest, but there is a cost. The Keeper likes to keep things. Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in his web until it is too late.- Greenwillow Books, 2011.

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text 2016-12-24 07:05
Book Blitz – Entwined Souls
Book Blitz:
Entwined Souls
Michele Gantz
Dec 19th - Dec 24th

Amia Grace has always escaped into the abandoned graveyard to write, no clue why she’s drawn here of all places. Lately, it’s the only place that the feeling of being watched doesn’t overwhelm her. Everything in her life on track, until she meets Gage McGavin.

There’s something about him that creates a riot of emotions

that Amia can’t quite place her finger on.

One moment she wants him, the next she wants to run scared.

Gage only wants Amia for one reason. Her power. He knows that she’s more than just a writer. More than just a girl. She’s the future, and he plans on controlling that.

Until his brother enters the picture. Hunter has a goal of his own. Amia will be his.

What do you do when your soul isn't completely your own?


Kitty's Book Spot! Author Interview, with Author Michele Gantz:

1. What was your favorite childhood book to read?
My favorite books as a child was The Boxcar Kids books. I read them all!!!
2. Is there a different genre that you hope to write one day?
I tend to love all genres, right now I'm working on a new adult/erotica book along with a dark serial killer!!
3. Do you write to music or make playlists for your books?
I don't make play lists really, as I tend to write to what puts me in the mood. Such as with Entwined Souls, seeing as Hunter was inspired by Dean Winchester from Supernatural, I watched hours upon hours of Supernatural while writing!
4. What do you hope readers will take away from your story?
Entwined Souls was a love story from the beginning. This story, for me, is about how love can truly over come anything and how true love can make you a better person.
5. Is there anything you are willing to share with our readers (something no one knows about you, yet?)
Hmm, let's see. I'm a debut so most people know nothing about me lol! Let's go with this, I love love love writing sex scenes. I've been told their my strongest skill.
6. What will you be doing for the Christmas holiday season? Do you have any traditions you keep?
We have a huge Italian dinner on Christmas, lasagna, ziti, garlic bread, shrimp scampi (I'm making myself hungry) on Christmas and I love it. In addition to that, we always leave Santa eggnog vs. Milk on Christmas cause we figure he needs a new drink lol!!!
In my time on this Earth, I have always been intrigued by the written word. As a child, I was always a strong reader. As I grew older, I found other hobbies, that was until I was introduced to Edward Cullen, yes, I was a Twihard! I loved the Twilight Saga very much and opened my eyes back to the Young Adult book world. I was ravenous again, reading any YA book I could get my hands on.This eventually lead to the inevitable right? Fifty Shades of Grey entered my world, and while I, like many, enjoyed it. But I was left thinking, wow, the romance genre really has changed, and I like it!! I began paging through Amazon desperately searching for books. Then I discovered book blogs and my world was done. I eventually became a reviewer for a blog, and couldn’t have been more thrilled. I discovered a love within myself for dark, dangerous antiheroes that could be found within the pages of books. This amazing indie book world introduced me to some of my now best friends, opened my eyes to amazing authors, and has turned into a career that I know love. After reviewing for another blog and helping with blogging duties, I craved running my own blog, and with the help of some of the most amazing women, we created #Minxes Love Books. Silly name as it may seem, we had fallen in love with Jaimie Roberts writing, and we were known for creating funny hashtags in her street team. She began calling us her #Minxes, so we KNEW when we started a blog, that it just had to be that! We have grown a following and love what we do!! Now, join me as I enter into the world of authorship. I honestly cannot wait to share this story as these characters have been screaming in my head for years for me to tell their story.
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review 2016-11-10 19:24
Entwined with You - Sylvia Day

Entwined with you  by  Sylvia Day and Jill Redfield
Have read other works by the author and enjoyed them. This one has a lot more sex than storyline.
It's on fire throughout the book. Ava and Gideon are together and at times it's like reading 50 shades, very erotic, very detailed.
Like storyline but the sex gets in the way too often. They both work in NY and her father finds out about a past incident that her mother had tried to keep from the ex husband-Ava's father.
It comes to light now and others are on her tail so that part of the book is interesting as we find out more details and what is being done to safeguard her.
Wow surprising ending....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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review 2016-11-06 00:00
Fates Entwined
Fates Entwined - Jules Barnard Fates Entwined - Jules Barnard The Good
+Unique twist on Fae
+Invested in the characters
+Not as many problems as Fates Divided
+Enjoyed the journey
+Thrilling action
+Will Read the Prequel

The Bad & The Other
-Ugh angels=blonde & white again
-Don’t like angels, hate their mythology in general
-Heteronormative gender norms, stereotypes & slut shaming
-Virgin woman with Player Guy

Most of those in the list are the same as Halven Uprising #1, Fates Divided. If you read and loved that, it's an easy choice to continue. If the rape and heteronormative bullshit worries you, there's no rape and the rest far toned down in Fates Entwined though you're stuck with the He-Man Protector and Pure Virgin. If you're all about dat fantasy plot, know that it thickens, moves forward, and thickens again like a chef going from white wash to a roux. (too bad it's still white...)

Even though it follows a different couple and acts like you haven’t read the previous work, I must stress that you read it in order. I can’t imagine trying to wrap my head around all the people, politics, ties, lies, betrayals without that foundation.

Fates Divided: Romeo & Juliet style romance; special ultra-powerful snowflake girl; hunky, tall protector; perfect first time sex; New Fae characters; Blond(e), pale Nord Fae; politics and war; blah blah blah ANGELS!!; Fantasy Racism; Rape; Heavy on the heteronormative gender norms;

Fates Entwined: Opposites Attract romance; not-so-useful shorty blonde girl; hunky, tall protector; perfect first time sex; New Fae characters; Blond(e), pale Nord Fae; politics and war; blah blah blah ANGELS!!; Fantasy Racism; Leery, Creepy Men; Not so heavy on the heteronormative gender norms;

Fates Entwined follows Reese and Keen, as Keen tries to track down and rescue Reese from her Fae kidnappers. We do see the first ultra-power royal couple Elena and Derek again, but they’re supporting this round. Which felt weird given how their special snowflakes and the plot revolves around getting them back on their thrones to fix things.

While there are successful novels following characters in the periphery of The Chosen Ones or whatever, Fates Entwined didn’t sit right for most of the book. I kept wondering where all the important people where and what the point was in following these two. Until the climax, that’s like “OHHHH”.

Given who I suspect the next couple is, things are getting more complicated (while nothing from the first two books is completely resolved anyways), more in-depth in Faeland and shouldn’t have the same issue.

To be honest, I was happy to find out what happened to Reese and Keen and thought I’d be done with the series afterwards. Even with the “Uh-oh” ending.

Then I read the blurb for the prequel novella and I’d love to know how Elena’s parents worked out together. (Though I’m sure that’d creep Elena out given the sexual content in the series, lol)

I really hope SOMETHING gets handled in the third book because too much is in the air now, adding more without closure is bound to run me off.

While less problematic, it still rates half a star lower for the un-protagonist-like feel and no longer NEEDING to continuing the series as soon as possible. But I'm still grabbing that freebie, Fates Altered and finding about how it all started. Maybe that'll help.
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review 2016-08-21 16:23
Audio Book Review: Queen Mab
Queen Mab: A Tale Entwined with William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet - Kate Danley, 'William Shakespeare'

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

The ruse to distract Queen Mab and away from her home to steal a sacred magical bull, creates a centuries long feud between Mab and Faunus. Each powerful being has picked a wealthy house, Montague or Capulet to continue the battle offering their protection, but one House will fall while the other rises. Mab is caught in meddling in the human world and punished for it, until she is touched by love like she tried to ruin. After centuries of competition between Mab and Faunus, which separated the two houses that were once dearer than blood relations to each other, Faunus suggests one last go. For all the power Mab has lost, to walk in daylight one again. Each must find a champion, but love gets in the way.

Okay, the first thing I noticed as I listened to the first words of the story, the seductive voice of Julian. *sigh* His accent and flow of his rhythmic tone had me at the first sentence. He uses his breath with the words to draw me to the feeling of the romance present with the characters. Good gracious! I wanted to listen to him for ever! Okay, the quality of the audio - it's splendid. It was clear and clean, nothing to distract for his amazing voice. Julian also did slight differences for the characters that indicated their emotions and personality as he spoke for them.

I do enjoy the poetic flow of descriptions written by Kate. It's similar to Shakespearian and, as the fairy descriptions do, has a unique feel to drawing images in our minds. Even what they do in action has a hidden meaning to get to what they want. And the fairy beings have centuries to wait for what they truly want, as they are immortal. And that the do here.

In the beginning things feel simple, the fae and their mischievous ways and Mab reck her revenge on those involved. Easy to understand and follow, which gives us the grace time to slip into thinking used to the speak of poetic words. We get the history and important events leading up to the big show of what happens with Romeo and Juliet. Bringing us the details from a few different POV's that tells what the characters are working toward, what they desire in doing all they've done. We mostly get the POV of Mab, but we do slip to Juno's head as well as Faunus too.

Oh, even Queen Mab has an equal out there that puts her in her place. Mab is not the only powerful being in the realm. Learning this in the story, we see Mab suffer from coming toe to toe with another powerful being. And there are lessons to be learned. In the fairy way, things twist and turn to bring those involved to do opposite what they thought they would do. There is always one pinning for power, and will do anything for it.

For what do the fairy of old compete over? Power? Affection? It seems that love is at the root of all, to feel or not feel love. But, the question is who was scorned deepest, as it seems several are seething to get revenge for the lack of love in their live. Love seems to be one emotion to easily manipulate to get what you want, yet you stand the chance of losing to love as well, which can be good and bad and what Mab learns here.

I found I was tearing up at one death. Saddened for the lose of life and the lose of a love that was finally felt. In the end, Kate's words and Julian's voice brought pools to my eyes, all works in my heart with the way this ends. Kate has done a splendid job of mixing what Shakespeare created with Romeo and Juliet and Queen Mab with her own story involving Queen Mab and the reason she's the way she is. I thoroughly enjoyed the story while I listened to it.

When I finished this story, I thought this could be one that young adults could listen/read as well. There was no terrible language or overly intimate scenes. It's about finding love. This could easily be read/listened to by all ages.

Who was the true player of these games? In the end I wonder if it wasn't Juno, who knew all needed to learn lessons and come to who they are. I would gladly listen to this story again, not only for Julian's voice but also for hearing the twists to the story as I would now know how it ends and could pick up some smaller details in the wavy road we take.

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