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text 2018-02-08 03:31
Probably getting this in the near future
Erased, Vol. 1 - Kei Sanbe

I'm tempted to buy it so that I don't have to deal with waiting for each volume via ILL, but I need to remember that I have zero shelf space. So, ILL it is. Maybe after I get through all four volumes of Yukarism?


I'm currently watching Netflix's live action TV series based on this. There are moments when some of the acting is unconvincing, but mostly I'm enjoying it, even though I already knew going in who the murderer was. I'd have actually preferred my introduction to the series to be the anime, which I'd seen (spoiler-filled) clips of and thought looked gorgeous, but I'm not buying that at its current price of at least $15 per 25-minute episode.


The basic premise of this series: a twenty-something loner has the ability to go back in time and make situations that originally got someone killed work out for the better. It isn't something he really has control over, and he's usually only able to go back a few minutes into the past. Then his mother is murdered and he becomes a suspect. The one thing he wants most is to fix whatever it was that led to her being killed, so he's suddenly transported 15 years into the past, to a time in his childhood when several kids he knew were kidnapped and killed. Somehow those murders had something to do with his mother's death in the present. He thinks that if he can figure out how to stop them, then he can save his mom.

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text 2018-01-15 05:35
Boy Erased: A Memoir - Garrard Conley

Given the subject matter, I knew this was going to piss me off in certain ways but have gotten so frustrated about at least five or so times and I am only 15% into the freaking book!

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review 2017-07-15 01:23
Do We Trust Our Memories As A Child?
Erased, Vol. 1 - Kei Sanbe

Mangas have been a medium of many good stories. From family, romance, comedy, drama to fantasy, science fiction, horror and thriller mystery, it takes a good writer and an artist to craft out an interesting plot to keep the readers kept up following a series. While there are many well-known titles in the market that commonly in love with around the world (like NarutoBleachDragonball or even Doraemon),there are some titles that is under the radar that is good, that is worth reading. One of them was Erased, which I had finished reading earlier this morning.


Erased is actually a science-fiction mystery thriller short series about a 29-year old man (Satoru Fujinuma) who dream of being a manga-artist may not come true and has to make-ends-meet as a pizza delivery motorcyclist has an ability to go back in time a few minutes before some thing bad happens. He calls it Revival and this ability it seems is not within his control. He doesn't like it because it brought unwanted attention from people he knows... until one night, when he return home, was the night his mother was murdered. Wanting to stop the murderer from killing his mother, he tries to use 'Revival' to go back in time... only he went back 18 years of his life as a young boy in 1988. Why that particular year? It was the year that a murder case happened that changes every thing from the life he lead that he felt unhappy with.


Complicated right? Some how, I felt the plot was quite similar to some stories I have read (I can't place it but I know the similarity was there) but what was more interesting, was the depth of the plot that creator Kei Sanbehad created that makes this manga series worth picking up, and its not because of the cover (which was I first attracted with). Erased isn't any thing new to offer but it was the depth that drawn me the complications and slightly dark characters that I felt worth going for. I like the part where when one is an adult, our memories as a child can be misleading that can't be trusted. Especially, when Satoruwanted to save a girl from being murdered, unsure if he had changed any thing in the past or were they still the same. Further more, his relationship with his mother plays well if whether memories can be trusted if they indeed had a good relationship and things that we can't remember is realistic. Although for me, I do find the murder mystery part did not do a good job in making as a goal, it was what Satoru can or cannot remember that make's the mystery a little more interesting on why he can or can't remember.


I am sure after reading the first volume (consist of two mangas) I will be following up this series until the last to find out how it ends but my only hope is that it ends proper. Like most manga titles, there are not many really Japanese writer/artist ends their series well and its always half-hearted that leaves some thing of any good desire.

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review 2015-08-21 02:40
Erased - K. Webster,Elle Christensen

Joss is pretty happy with her life having her dream job, a boyfriend and a very protective father. Everything is great until suddenly it's not. She is kidnapped with every trace of her erased like she never existed. She's sent to live with someone she's never met and given a new identity because a person she has known and loved her entire life wants a password that she doesn't know! Her father has the password but will not give it up so Joss becomes Jill and moves on with her new life.

Derek Slade gives Joss/Jill a new life with a place to live and a job in his bar. He agreed to give Jill what she needed to start over and also to protect her. They didn't expect to fall for each other but when they did, it made everything tougher for them. What happens when this is over and Jill goes back to being Joss?

Erased is an enjoyable story with moments that made me feel happy as well as sad. I would have liked more description on Slade's back story. I guess I like everything spelled out since I don't have much of an imagination. I didn't understand Uncle Mick's connection to him. I was also confused about what Gideon was doing (double crossing Bruce?).

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text 2015-05-28 14:00
Sock Poppet's 2015 Read-By-the-Month Reading Challenge ~ May
Altered - Jennifer Rush
Where The Lost Aprils Are - Elisabeth Ogilvie
Freddy the Detective - Walter R. Brooks,Kurt Wiese
Erased - Jennifer Rush
May's Reading Challenge ~ You May, But Should You?
1 ~ book with a character who does something wild
Altered / Jennifer Rush ~ 5/3/15
Anna breaks out of the lab below the farmhouse where she lives with the four genetically-altered boys her father was monitoring and treating. I think it would be fair to say that was doing something wild!
I loved this book and the second in the series (you'll see it in #4). I didn't read the final book, as I read some reviews that led me to believe it would not be as good as the first two. I've had that happen all too often, so I decided to stop reading while I still had a good feeling about the series.
2 ~ book with a character who does something you've always wanted to do, but haven't.

Where the Lost Aprils Are / Elisabeth Ogilvie ~ 5/16/15


Miriam takes a vacation in a small town in Maine to try to find links to her mother. I've always wanted to visit the east coast of the US and someday I plan to do it. I'll skip the drama in this book, though.

3 ~
book with a character who dares to be different

Freddy the Detective / Walter R. Brooks ~ 5/4/15  


A pig who turns detective? I'd say that qualifies as different!


I'd never heard of the Freddy the Pig series until someone mentioned it on an Amazon discussion. It's written for children, but don't let that stop you from enjoying these books. I've read the first two I could find (#3 and 4 in the series) and they are delightful. I've got #5 ready to start soon.

4 ~ book with a character who defies orders


Erased / Jennifer Rush ~ 5/9/15


As we saw in #1, Anna is not a character who spends her time on the straight and narrow. It's an exciting book with great characters.  

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