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review 2019-08-10 20:03
Dirty Rich Secrets: Part Two (Dirty Rich Secrets #2; Dirty Rich #12)) by: Lisa Renee Jones
Dirty Rich Secrets: Part Two (Dirty Rich Secrets #2; Dirty Rich #12)) - Lisa Renee Jones



She's running from a past that haunts her, running toward a future that scares her and hoping for a bit of redemption to save her. Aaron and Ashley are back. Jones picks up right where she left off. Part 2 is as intriguing as it is intense. Passion, danger and heat continue to make an unpredictable, ever bumpy ride. A thriller that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

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text 2019-08-08 07:33
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They stand strong during every season and through natural calamities like high-speed strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storms.Remains shiny throughout the year, making the property look classy and well maintained.The overall cost of steel picket fence tops is quite low.These are among the many other reasons that make steel picket fence tops popular these days. It is recommended that these should be bought by reputed providers as there are many advantages. Some of the advantages of getting this work done by the service providers include: They complete the work at much lower prices without compromising with the quality of the steel products or services.Future requirements are taken care of by them.The work is done at a much higher speed.An extensive online search may help you find best dealers and suppliers who are certified and give 24 hours support.

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review 2019-08-03 22:59
Dirty Rich Secrets: Part One (Dirty Rich #11) by Lisa Renee Jones
Dirty Rich Secrets: Part One (Dirty Rich #11) - Lisa Renee Jones



Jones has done it again. With Aaron and Ashley there is no halfway. All in is the way to play the game and the stakes have never been higher. Danger haunts them, fear drives them and love may not be enough to save them, but they won't go down without a fight. Dirty Rich Secrets is a fast paced thriller that will steal your breath, even as it burns itself into your heart and blows your mind.

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review 2019-07-30 22:25
I read this. Now you don't have to. You're welcome.
Killing Phar Lap: An Untold Part of the Story - Biff Lowry

God, I wanted to love this.  I did. 


I love Phar Lap. The movie, omg, the movie. I have read some of the sources that Lowry says he used. I love my Phar Lap Breyer model. I've long subscribed to the murder theory. Okay? I'm not convinced Lowry's wrong. I am just not convinced he's right, and this book is a mess.  Honesty it is just as bad as whatsherfaces book about Jack the Ripper - Cornwell, that's her name.  And I didn't think that was possible.

Why is it a mess?

1. Padding. Way to0 much padding. I think the bits about the Kennedys and King were there to show the idea that the mob can kill people. Unless it was there to suggest that the Daddy Kennedy was in on the plot to kill Phar Lap. Though why killings that occurred so many years later prove something about a horse, I don't know. He even mentions Lincoln. Like because Booth killed Lincoln that means all Yanks will kill horses (okay, he doesn't actually say that but he comes close).  Additionally, there is a whole chapter about a boxer who went to the US and died. While Lowry says he wasn't murdered, he implies that the boxer was. The boxer at least is a contemporary so his inclusion makes sense, though a whole chapter feels a bit much.

2. For some reason, Lowry feels it necessary to point out that the Yanks can't really deny killing Phar Lap because we have crime, more than our share. Um, okay? So there is no crime in New Zealand or Australia? Oh, look a few pages later he talks about how some Aussie people cheated at horse racing. So, nope? It's fine that he doesn't like the US or Yanks, but that was a seriously stupid sentence.

3. The facts that Lowry presents in the book are not foot noted or cited in the body of the ticket. Additionally, while he lists sources, in many cases the source listings are general. Something like say Online Press or Wikimedia. Not impressed.

4. Lowry does rely on interviews, but it is unclear if Lowry did some, all or none of the interviews. This annoying because much of his "proof" comes from one man.

which brings to

5. Much of the proof comes from one man who was a boy when Phar Lap was staying at the ranch. It is unclear how old, though looking up the man and doing the math, he would have been 8.. It also should be noted that some of what makes its way to a young boy's ears might be changed or misheard. For instance, a woman claims that her husband and the doctor are killing her. The boy hears this and believes this but he lacks the knowledge about her condition that an adult would have. I'm not saying man is wrong or lying, but one person's memory isn't enough to go on.

6. Back to the sources - one person is listed because she is a historian for the area and loves Phar Lap. I'm not sure entirely how loving Phar Lap makes her an expert.  Plus, quoting Shakespeare in this type of book does not qualify as a real rebuttal.

7. Lowry keeps tooting his own horn about how shocking and groundbreaking, nay controversial, his theory is. He does this like 20 times before he even really gets started. Sadly, it is none of those three things.
 8. Conversation not coversations.
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review 2019-07-28 20:35
Maelstrom (Whyborne & Griffin #7)
Maelstrom - Jordan L. Hawk

Reread review 7/28/19:

Dropping the half-star and making this a solid 4 stars. Still a lot of fun to read, but even though I couldn't remember the general plot or what really happened, I once again immediately pegged who was behind everything and the guys took way too long to put the pieces together.

Maybe if Bradley had been more prominent in the previous books, it wouldn't have stood out so much when he started taking up so much page time. Not to mention his animosity level jumped up by at least 5 points to where it was before. And they still thought those were mice in the walls immediately after seeing that freaky rat/human monstrosity. Really, guys?!!

(spoiler show)

That aside, this was still an enjoyable read and the climatic ending was still a rush to read. I actually even felt sorry for Niles when

Whyborne accused him being part of Stanley's and Bradley's schemes. This reread finally made me #Team Niles - with limits, of course. LOL.

(spoiler show)

I also didn't realize that

Persephone and Miss Parkhurst

(spoiler show)

met this early.


Original review:


This series just gets stronger and stronger. This latest installment had all the thrills and intrigue one could hope for, a wedding, waffles, awkward family dinners and hot sex. What more could you possibly ask for? It's nearly perfect and I enjoyed every second of it. I did feel the bad guys were too obvious and that it took the gang a little too long to figure it out, but that's really my only complaint. The plot is mainly self-contained here, but does set up plots for future books. 


I expressed concern in my review for the last book the impacts of Whyborne's background and the change done to Griffin, so I was pleased that Griffin's still Griffin,

though with the ability to see magic now

(spoiler show)

- and quite a useful ability it is. Whyborne's struggles to understand and accept his true nature tug at my heart, and his familial troubles take a turn here as well - one for the worse, the other for the better (hopefully). I'm interested to see where things go with Niles in the future, as I was just as suspicious of him as Whyborne was. 

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