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review 2014-01-11 02:57
Fablehaven: The Complete Series by Brandon Mull; Read on November 22, 2012 and in April 2013
Fablehaven: Complete Set (Boxed Set): Fablehaven; Rise of the Evening Star; Grip of the Shadow Plague; Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary; Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven, #1-5) - Brandon Mull,Brandon Dorman

What do I want to say since this finishing, this amazing series? I'm in love with Fablehaven. I want to go live on a preserve. I wish I was fairy kind or at least fairy struck!! I want to know a Unicorn's avatar! This series was really one of the most UNIQUE tales I've ever read and I'm sorry for it to be the end.<br/><br/>First set of books full of magic and the struggle of light and dark in the book sections of Young Adult/Fantasy that have literally captured my heart and riled my imagination to splendorous new heights since I finished reading THE HARRY POTTER SERIES BY MS. J.K. ROWLING.<br/>This series is meant for a younger set of readers. YES. The series stays in the level of 9-12 through all 5 books. BUT I still am in love with it. It is has become among the second of my all time favorite YOUNG ADULT FANTASY SERIES. I don't if it is exactly second to tell you truth. It actually may enter a co-first spot with my dearest series ever, Harry Potter.<br/>Mr. Brandon Mull, like my other favorite author you have a skill of not just weaving a wonderful tale through several books. At times just like in Ms. Rowling's fantasy books, the words you wrote are the REAL and PUREST magic the world can ever expect to know! Mr. Mull, you are the second writer to do this to my eyes. Your imagination is full of folktales, myths and legends with a side of ancient history all used and twisted to make them your own. Your imagination is full of humor, depth, and an appealing charm I can't shake off. I'm reading your Fablehaven Series. I've rarely been so completely enthralled. Every single time I read begin reading I am transported to the dimension where Kendra and Seth live. I feel like a stowaway in on there adventures. Oddly enough I am sort of like Bubda. An inveterate hermit (though hopefully not a bit "trollish" But I suppose it would depend on WHO you ask.) whom loves books. I have a particular love Young Adult Fiction. Maybe that is because when I was a Young Adult I was too busy reading books much too grown up for my age. And now that I am 31, with all those very real grown up responsibilities....it feels good to read Young Adult Books on occasion to go to worlds of fantasy.<br/>It's incredible really. I'm done with my Kindle version of Fablehaven: The Complete Series (Fablehaven #1-5) and just like when I began the Deathly Hallows, I'm a little sad...and dragging the book out. I'm SAVORING the last book because you may never write another book about Fablehaven. And it's your choice never to write about that wondrous world again. But I honestly think it would be a worthy endeavor. So would many of your young fans (and "older" like me alike).

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review 2012-12-21 00:00
Fablehaven: The Complete Series Boxed Set [With Youth XL Tshirt]
Fablehaven: The Complete Series Boxed Set - Brandon Mull Kendra and Seth Sorenson are sister and brother. Their maternal grandparents have just died and left an unusual will asking that their children and spouses go on a 17 day long cruise. Since grandchildren aren't invited on this cruise, Kendra and Seth are being dropped off at their paternal grandparent's house for a nice long visit. But there are some strange things going on: Grandpa has some funny rules and where the heck is Grandma?! And why is the caretaker leaving little pans of milk everywhere?And so begins the journey of Kendra and Seth. They discover their grandfather is the caretaker of a magical sanctuary, that those bugs in the garden are really fairies, and that things that go bump in the night really are frightening! The cast of characters grow as we learn more about two warring societies, more secret preserves, etc.I wanted to strangle Seth at times. I have a younger brother myself and boy do I remember growing up and how obnoxious he was! Well, he still is obnoxious, but that's beside the point! Seth's reckless curiosity lands him in hot water, but through being true of heart, he is able to overcome. We get to meet more friends and family members (distant), fairy tale creatures, and fantastical adventures. You get to watch Kendra and Seth come into their own despite their youth. It is truly a rollicking ride!One of the things I loved about the series is that it didn't wan. Usually I find that if a series is longer than a trilogy, book 3 and 4 tend to drag or get muddled. Not in this case! Mr Mull artfully keeps his reader's attention, the plot twisting, the stakes higher, and you read on.
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