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review 2015-01-06 00:00
Fall from India Place
Fall from India Place - Samantha Young Cover

Wie bei den vorherigen Büchern ist auch auf diesem Cover ein Paar zu sehen. Während der Mann den Kopf von der jungen Frau weg dreht, hat sie die Hände an sein Gesicht gelegt und schmiegt sich an ihn. Dabei sieht sie ziemlich sexy aus und auch so, wie ich mir Hannah vorgestellt hat. Sollte der Mann wirklich Marco darstellen, bin ich ehrlich gesagt ziemlich enttäuscht, denn mein Fall ist er überhaupt nicht.

Schön ist das Cover trotzdem. Es passt gut zur Geschichte, lässt aber weniger Spielraum für eigene Fantasien.

Meine Meinung

Falling from India Place ist der vierte Teil der Edinburgh Love Stories. Dieses Mal geht es um Hannah, Ellis kleine Schwester. Hannah ist erwachsen geworden und das spürt man deutlich. Sie hat nichts von ihrem Charme verloren, aber ihr fehlt die Unbeschwertheit. Es wird deutlich, dass Hannah einige schwere Schicksalsschläge hinnehmen musste. Dafür hat sie die uneingeschränkte Freundschaft von Cole gewonnen.

Ich mag Hannah als Figur noch immer sehr gerne und ich hab mich wirklich auf ihre Geschichte gefreut. Als ich dann angefangen habe zu lesen, ist mir stellenweiße wirklich die Lust vergangen. Marco scheint mir im Vergleich zu Braden und Cam wirklich sehr eindimensional und nicht so gut ausgearbeitet. Diese Vermutung zieht sich durch das ganze Buch hindurch.

Keiner der Charaktere wird richtig ausgearbeitet und gut vorgestellt. Man wird mit einer unglaublichen Fülle an Namen überflutet, die man sich kaum merken kann. Ich finde es schön, dass alle Kinder von den Paaren aus den vorherigen Büchern vorgestellt werden, aber es sind so viele! Hier wird man als Leser komplett ins kalte Wasser geworfen. Mir ist es unglaublich schwergefallen zu unterscheiden, welches Kind gehört jetzt zu wem. Da ich mich sowieso sehr schwer tue, wenn es um Namen geht, war das mein kleiner, persönlicher Horror.

Im Großen und Ganzen kann ich nicht wirklich sagen, mir hat das Buch nicht gefallen, das wäre falsch. Ich mag Hannah immer noch und auch ihre Geschichte war schön, allerdings hat sie mich eben nicht ganz so mitgerissen wie die Story von Liv und Nate oder auch Braden und Joss. Man sollte aber auch sehen, es ist mittlerweile der vierte Band und die Geschichte ist noch nicht so eintönig, wie ich erwartet hatte. Selbst dieser Band hat mich insofern positiv überrascht, dass es immer noch Neues gab. Samantha Young hat damit sicher nicht das beste Buch ihrer Laufbahn geschrieben, aber auch nicht das schlechteste.

Wertung (3/5)
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review 2014-10-29 14:44
Fall from India Place - Samantha Young
The Characters

I’ve always liked Hannah and I admire the woman she has grown up to be. It hasn’t been easy but she never gave up. Getting to know Marco was great. He went through so much as a child but he was still so strong. I’m glad he has grown up to realize what a good man he is and that he deserves love.

The kiddies in this book were just so precious. Little Beth slays me and Dylan?? I want to cuddle him as much as Hannah does.

The Story

This book is a second chance love story and proves that sometimes things can’t work out until we grow up a little and learn to love ourselves. Hannah and Marco really go through the wringer both alone and as a couple. There was no doubt that in the end Marco would re-win Hannah’s affection. The question always was would Hannah forgive herself, face her fears and move on. I’m so glad she did and I imagine she, Marco and Dylan have a happy future together.

The Random Thoughts

4 Stars
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review 2014-08-26 02:48
Fall from India Place - Samantha Young



    Anyone that has read any of my previous reviews on this series knows, I love the On Dublin Street series. I have continuously been blown away by Samantha Young. I had some really high hopes for this book. Unfortunately, I was mostly left feeling, just



   I absolutely adored seeing the time jump in this book. A few years has passed by and there is a ton of new developments and additions with all the old beloved characters we've read before. But considering that this was Hannah's book, and quite honestly, hers was the least interesting story going on here. I just couldn't connect with her like I did in the previous books. The lack of connection to the main characters ultimately made me kind of disinterested in hearing their story, which made the book seem like it dragged on for a while and I was just dragging my heels through the mud to get to the end.



    The back and forth drama between her and Marco was just too much for me. I missed the surprisingly fearless Hannah. The shy bookworm who came out of her shell for the boy she liked. She just wasn't here anymore. Instead we got this scared girl, who hurt people, people that she cared about immensely. I know things happened along the way to make her into what she was, but I still couldn't help being disappointed by it. Regardless of her inner reasoning, she did and said things that hurt people, and had little or no qualms about doing so. It was hard to begrudge Marco too much once you learned his reasons, well for most of the things anyways. It was hard to see Hannah being the one to shame him and continuously make him feel just as his abusers had in the past. 



   I did appreciate the little plot twist, with the secret that Hannah was holding on to. That at least put things a little more in perspective for me, just not as much as I had hoped. I also liked seeing the relationship between Hannah and Cole. I love how close they have become over the years, and it just amped me up for Cole's book! I can't wait to get my hands on that one. I did enjoy seeing Hannah in a more adult setting. The Hannah at her job helped you see the more sympathetic side of her that I sorely missed from the past books. I couldn't help but like her interactions with her students, especially the high school kids.  I was a big Jarrod fan! I definitely teared up at one of the ending scenes with him.


   This certainly wasn't my favorite book in this series, but there have been so many other AMAZING ones, that I will most certainly be continuing on with the following book. Not a bad book by any means, but just not on the same level as the previous books, for me. I have a good feeling about Cole's book though, I highly doubt that one will disappoint.

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review 2014-08-01 00:00
Fall from India Place
Fall from India Place - Samantha Young My least favourite instalment to date. Not because it was badly written or plotted, I sincerely doubt Young is able to fail at any plot type she tries her hand at, but because I didn't like the main trope, the long years of separation and all the pain and angst. Also, at times far too many characters of the previous instalments make their cameo appearance and while I truly loved the other books, there is such a thing as too much. C+
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review 2014-07-09 07:20
Fall from India Place - Samantha Young

Wow! I am so surprised at how much I loved this book. This book has been sitting on my coffee table since the day it came out waiting for me to read it. I was hesitant to read it only because I knew there was a time jump of about 5 years (from the last 3 books in this series to this one) & I didn't really know how that was going to work out or where the story was going to go. Not only did the story work out beautifully, I actually really enjoyed the time jump. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse inside the other characters we've grown to love from the previous books but, also we've see some major growth in other characters (ahem Cole).

This book is Hannah's book. When we first met Hannah it was in On Dublin Street as Braeden's little tween sister (plus we get glimpses of her in the other books). Well Hannah is all grown up now. She's in her 20's and is now a teacher. It isn't until she stumbles across some old pictures of her & her first love Marco that everything comes flooding back to her & sorta starts this domino effect in her life. She's never been able to get over Marco & how he left her, broke her heart & left her completely devastated. Because of that, she's never dated anyone else for fear of getting hurt but also because she's never been able to fully let go of Marco. So, when Marco shows up in her life all these years later, she's pissed off, confused, hurt, and afraid. Marco isn't that angry teenager anymore when he left Hannah. He's now a strong, confident, goes after what he wants, hot & sexy man. What he wants is Hannah back & he'll stop at nothing to make sure he gets her back. Except the past has an ugly way of showing back up & digging up those deep hurts for Hannah & Marco. They both have some secrets though that could effect their relationship & either make or break them.

This book is extremely raw, honest & real. I was put through an emotional roller coaster with Hannah & some of the stuff that she had to go through. I wanted to reach into the pages and just give her a hug. At one point in the book I found myself having to put the book down, take a few deep breaths & get rid of that lump in my throat. I don't want to give anything away so, I will say this was beautifully & thoughtfully written. I cannot not mention about how sweet, swoony, hot & sexy Marco is......because he totally is! He's such a wicked hot alpha male that'll make you squirm & swoon at the same time. He may be my new favorite in this book series.

As this was Hannah's coming of age story, I'm hoping for Cole's next. We see him a lot in this book as Hannah's best friend so it's a good set up for his story. I'm looking forward to see where that goes!

You don't need to read any of the other books in the series to read this book but, I highly suggest that you do. Otherwise you'll just get confused with all the other characters. It's a fantastic series that you'll enjoy reading.

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