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review 2016-02-03 21:38
Grandville - Disappointing
Grandville - Bryan Talbot

I can't remember when I've last been more disappointed in a long awaited book. From the moment I first hard of this series, I knew I had to read it. An alternate history of the UK and France (the British lost the battle of Waterloo and were controlled by the French for a time) with anthropomorphic characters? Sign me up!


And I'll admit, the art was beautifully detailed, the AU done very well (steampunk only made this even more perfect) and little touches added to the richness that made me very glad my library gave me this chance. My favorite part was early with the Badger Scotland Yard inspector telling his Sergent that the unknown language they hear on a rural train platform is English, barely spoken except for a few hold outs. 


But then the plot came and the friendship quickly cooled. Even now I can't say for sure exactly why I reacted so negatively to the plot; I can't seem to articulate it. Basically it was the story of the Twin Towers (only the attack was with a zeppelin against the "Eiffel Tower") and it was supposedly English anarchist. The Inspector goes to "Ground Zero" and on and on and on. While I felt it all was a bit much, it was the resolution of the plot where I parted ways with the book.


The "truth" was that it was all set up by the King, Prime Minister, and other cabinet members in order to enact tighter control over the people. That's right, the plot is basically 9-11 truth conspiracy theories actually being right! I just...couldn't take it. It was so obvious, ham handed, it was not at all what I was expecting, and quite frankly, I couldn't stand it. I have so little patience with the conspiracy theories anyway, that may play into it but mostly I think it was the laziness. Copy and pasting all of it with not even a hint of change in order to disconnect the two.

(spoiler show)


So another series to avoid.



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review 2015-03-16 06:05
Lindbergh: Tale of a Flying Mouse
Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse - Torben Kuhlmann


One of the most innovative and gorgeous picture books I've read, in ages! Why have I not heard of this book before?!


I cannot describe to how life-like the pictures are in this book. You simply have to see them and experience them yourself. I will say the page with an Owl coming after you and the one teaming with mice both caused me a twinge of fear.

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review 2015-03-16 05:09
Toriko Volume 11
Toriko, Vol. 11 - Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Because this was directly connected with Toriko Vols 9 and 10, I simply couldn't stop myself from reading this though my library does not yet have the rest of the series.


Teppei, the Gourmet Reviver, steps into the Tommyrod fight and ends it. He manages to save all the fighters while Komatsu faces a danger he's not prepared for. But hope is not lost. One last drop of Century Soup remains and with it Komatsu is tasked with recreating it.


Meanwhile, Toriko and the others are taken to Life, an island of healing, by Setsumo and her Limousine Jellyfish. While Teppei's master heals the others and starts regenerating Toriko's arms, Komatsu continues trying to recreate the soup, surprising Setsumo at how quickly he gets on. The last moments of this book are among my favorites of the series.


The gore continued for a bit but most of the book we see healing and Komatsu's growth. Between Sunny helping Toriko heal and Komatsu's coming into his own, I great enjoyed this book.


Now to wait and hope my library continues buying these.

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review 2015-03-13 23:03
Dragons at Crumbling Castle and Other Tales by Terry Pratchett
Dragons at Crumbling Castle: And Other Tales - Terry Pratchett,Mark Beech

I've only started reading Pratchett seriously but I did love his Amazing Maurice, so I put a hold on this at the library before it came out. I'm not a huge fan of short stories but on the whole I rather enjoyed this.


One of the running categories of stories I liked were the ones about the town of Gritshire. They were often humorous, usually contained something that gave me a pause of thought (turn of phrase, etc.), and I always looked forward to the next one. My favorite had to be the time traveling bus.


Now, those of you who know anything abut Gritshire must remember that Even Moor is where all the mystery comes from; it is always misty there, and strange lights are seen at night - p. 244

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review 2015-03-09 20:30
I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew
I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew - Dr. Seuss

I can't believe it took me this long to finally read this book! The last few Seuss books I've read for the first time haven't really worked for me and I'd begun to wonder if a large part of my love for the author/illustrator came from nostalgia.


I can now put that fear to rest as I love this book.


I first learned of Solla Sollew from the soundtrack for the musical Seussical. I've never seen it preformed but I love the Original Broadway Cast Recording. One of my favorite songs is Solla Sollew as JoJo (the Mayor's son) and Horton both sing of trying to find their way there. I also finally learned where General Genghis Kahn Schmitz comes from.


The plot, idea, and illustrations were all wonderful. I loved the troubles our young friend encounters, particularly the Skritz and the Skrink. His long, arduous travel to get away from troubles only leads to many more. The General and Poozers in Pompelmoose Pass were some of my favorite characters he meets.


The illustrations of the River Wah-Hoo and Solla Sollew itself were some of the best though my absolute favorite is the front and back piece pictures of the MC making their way through a crazy, Seussian maze.


This is one I'll have to own.

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