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text 2018-08-02 12:36
Carry Designer Handbags and Make Your Own Style Statement

Just be honest, how many designer handbags do you own?


It is a very general question asked by any lady to other who too is a lot fashion conscious like her. For fashionistas, the shopping for the latest fashion bags never comes to an end- ladies love shopping designer bags every now and then and still feel there’s room for more.


Handbags are the accessories that are used by each and every woman to carry out their personal items. Whether going to the office, parties, movies, shopping, or anywhere else, a handbag always accompanies them! Apart from being a go-to to carry money, beauty essentials, and other important stuff, bags also describes one’s fashion sense along with lending a sophisticated look to their style.




Now we all know, ladies bags arrive in various categories- all differ in style, color, size and so on. Women have several bags that are showcased in their wardrobe, but choosing the right bag for different occasion needs some trendy fashion sense. Now here are some valuable tips that will help you pick the ideal handbag according to different occasions-


Handbags for office purpose:


Office bags should be sweet and elegant, having enough space to carry all the necessary documents and personal stuff. Such bags provide a professional look and don’t seem to be very glossy. Neutral color bags are ideal for office purpose because they align with all your office outfits.


College bags:


College bags should be stylish with bold colors to make your own fashion statement. They should also be sturdy enough to carry all your books and other belongings. Backpacks are comfortable for college girls, but if you want to make your look more adorable, tote bags are also perfect! College days are the days when you have to go to malls, coffee shops, or movie with your gang frequently, so, having backpacks are not worthwhile. This is when tote bags play there role. They come in a large variety with smart designs and bold colors.


Bags for daily use:


Handbags used for the every day purpose should be durable yet style-loaded. For day to day use, cross-body bags are perfect. They are normal in size with large strips so that you can easily carry it on your shoulders. They offer utmost comfort while making a great style statement.


Handbags for a special occasion:


For special occasions such as weddings or any other glam parties, satchel bags and clutches are the ideal options! These occasions are dressy, that means you wear more stylish and appealing dresses and so you should go with one of the latest fashion bags that matches your dress and gives you the limelight you deserve.


After knowing about various bags for different occasion, if you want to shop for some new handbags, do visit the online store of FM Wind. They offer designer bags wholesale which you can buy to perk up your closet. They have their own fashion team who strives to work harder and better every day to help you flaunt a fashion-forward look.


For detailed info, visit Fmwind.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2v82cvW

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review 2018-07-05 21:10
The Lilies of the Field
The Fashion Designer - Moser, Nancy

Reading Nancy Moser’s “The Fashion Designer” was stepping into foreign territory for me in several ways. Fashion has definitely never been an interest of mine, and the only sewing I ever do is to patch up a small tear here or there or to reattach a button. The fact that I enjoyed this book so much is a testament to Moser’s writing skills. Beyond the Titanic—which does, by the way, get a mention and play briefly into this story—I am not very familiar with the era; however, my grandmother would have been a young child at the time so it was fun to get a glimpse into that world.

Indeed, this was a seminal period in American history, and Moser injects the zeitgeist of 1912 into her novel from the first page. Annie Culver, the main character, represents the American dream and is a rags-to-riches story of a sort. She and her friends decide to take a risk and embark on a journey to opening their own dress shop, although their efforts are often frustrated and they must learn to rely on God and to seek and trust His plans above their own. The story explores the issues of women’s rights and women in the workforce and also delves into more somber subjects such as domestic abuse and rape. Moreover, in writing a Christian novel, Moser does not shy away from the hard questions that we all face at one time or another, and the applicability of these topics remains just as germane today, making “The Fashion Designer” a fantastic, inspirational read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.  

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video 2018-06-06 08:40

Ericol Fashion - Designer Sunglasses Online Store in Canada

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review 2018-06-04 17:46
Anthropomorphic leisurewear
Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It - Grace Helbig

So I had the bug to try reading more audiobooks and I only got as far as 2...for now. After thoroughly loving Yes Please by Amy Poehler I was all set for some more hilarity. To that end I picked up Grace Helbig's Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It. This is part memoir (a very small part) and part irreverent fashion and beauty guide. If you're unfamiliar with Grace she's a comedian with a super funny YouTube channel (as well as a YouTube series with fellow comedian Mamrie Hart) and this is actually her second book. The book starts off with Grace relating some very personal stories about her struggles with body image but lest you get the idea this is a very serious book it's more about trying to take things less seriously and accepting yourself flaws and all. I really enjoyed the personal anecdotes and how they related to her changing opinions and tastes when it comes to mainstream fashion and beauty standards. She also discusses how differently she views herself now that she has increased visibility due to her career. I think this would be especially good for a young woman in high school or just starting college as that's when we're most vulnerable to the pressures from media. (Note: I don't ever think we're completely immune to it but I do think there are times in our development when it's an especially powerful influence.) Because I consumed this book via audiobook format I felt I was at a bit of a disadvantage when she talked at length about specific beauty products, tips, and how-to's because I'm fairly sure the physical book had a plethora of visual aids. I do want to point out that there was a large portion of the book dedicated to a 'sweatpants diary' which I suppose was meant to be a metaphor for the pressures of the media effecting how we perceive fashion but I found it exceedingly odd. (Also, I found myself nodding off more than once during it.) For those that need reminding that fashion and beauty in general are completely subjective this is a great resource. For someone looking for a hilarious pick-me-up it's a bit short of the mark. 5/10


The back. [Source: Simon & Schuster]


What's Up Next: Death of a Hollow Man by Caroline Graham


What I'm Currently Reading: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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text 2018-03-29 21:39
Tea's TBR Thursday - March 29, 2018
The Women Who Wrote the War - Nancy Caldwell Sorel,Arcade Publishing Staff
Train to Nowhere: One Woman's War, Ambulance Driver, Reporter, Liberator - Anita Leslie
Cliffhanger - Amy Saunders
Romance Down Under: New Zealand Romance Starter Set - Tracey Alvarez,Book Cover by Design
Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons) (Volume 1) - Jessie Donovan
Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue Book #1) - Susan May Warren
Destiny's Embrace - Beverly Jenkins
Bollywood and the Beast - Suleikha Snyder
A Dangerous Legacy - Elizabeth Camden
After a Fashion - Jen Turano

We found out we are moving back to the US sometime mid-summer. So now we are just waiting for our orders (telling us where we are moving to) to start the out-processing/clearance process. I am re-adjusting my summer reading plans and delaying grad school. I am really happy to be going "home" but I will miss some parts of living in England. 


To deal with my anxiety and stress (you would think I had a better handle on military moves considering this is my fourth move, but nope), I have been stuffing my eReaders with as much content as possible. One reason is that when we get close to leaving, my eReaders and laptop will be my only entertainment for weeks, since we will be staying in hotel rooms or temporary lodgings once back in the states. Second, my print collection will be on a boat with my other household goods, and that can take up to two months for it to arrive at our new house. So I am very dependent on easily portable reading material and puzzle books.


Added to the NOOK:

1. The Women Who Wrote the War by Nancy Caldwell Sorel

2. Undeniable: Book One in the Oregon Trail Series by Laura Stapleton

3. Lost Fortune (Unbridled #1) by Sandra E. Sinclair

4. Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #1) by Jessie Donovan

5. Train to Nowhere by Anita Leslie

6. Mad About Matt (Red Maple Falls #1) by Theresa Paolo

7. Restless Hearts (Gold Rush Romance #1) by Mona Ingram

8. Giovanna: The Cowboy's Calabrese Mail Order Bride (Sweet Land of Liberty #1) by Lorena Dove

9. A Mail Order Heart (Miners to Millionaires #1) by Janelle Daniels

10. The Wren (Wings of the West #1) by Kristy McCaffrey

11. The Christmas Mail Order Bride (Holiday Brides #1) by Kit Morgan

12. Romance Down Under: A New Zealander Romance Starter Set by Tracey Alvarez

13. Cliffhanger by Amy Saunders

14. McKenna (Nevada Brides #1) by Clara Kincaid


Added to the Kindle:

15. Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue #1) by Susan May Warren

16. After a Fashion (A Class of Their Own) by Jen Turano

17. The Bounty (The Malloy Family #1) by Beth Williamson

18. Then Came You (Bradford Sisters #0.5) by Becky Wade

19. True to You (Bradford Sisters #1) by Becky Wade

20. Destiny's Embrace (Destiny #1) by Beverly Jenkins

21. Destiny's Surrender (Destiny #2) by Beverly Jenkins

22. Destiny's Captive (Destiny #3) by Beverly Jenkins

23. A Dangerous Legacy (Empire #1) by Elizabeth Camden

24. Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

25. Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska #1) by Tracie Peterson

26. Gentleman of Her Dreams (Ladies of Distinction #0.5) by Jen Turano

27. Spice and Smoke (Bollywood Confidential #1) by Suleikha Snyder

28. Spice and Secrets (Bollywood Confidential #2) by Suleikha Snyder

29. Bollywood and the Beast (Bollywood Confidential #3) by Suleikha Snyder





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