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review 2018-06-09 01:18
Part of Civil War Summer Reading
This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War - Drew Gilpin Faust

While the sub-title of the book indicates the focus on the Civil War, much of what Faust illustates can be applied to how cheaply we seem to hold life these days. And no, I'm not talking soley about inner city violence, but mass shootings, terrorist attacks. You name it. Because, the book is about how society's view to death changed radically during the Civil War.

Faust's book is divided into chapters, each named with a facet of death. She details the original view of death in the society of the time, but then how that changed with the war - not only in terms of how the army dealt with the bodies of the wounded, but also how individuals dealt with the missing loved ones. It is an enthralling and distrubing read that is a needed one. 

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review 2018-02-04 00:00
Frau Faust, Vol. 1
Frau Faust, Vol. 1 - Kore Yamazaki Frau Faust, Vol. 1 - Kore Yamazaki 3.75 stars
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review 2017-11-28 22:40
Još jedan dio svemira, malen, ali vrijedan
Simonovi Grimoari (Intermezzo) (Volume 2) (Croatian Edition) - Viktoria Faust



Ova je kratka priča dio svemira "U anđeoskom liku zvijeri" spisateljice Viktorie Faust.

Priča nam predočava i objašnjava Simonovu prošlost i njegov susret s osobom koja će mu promijeniti život, to jest, ovaj naš ljudski život, a i onaj vampirski nakon njega.

Neću mnogo duljiti o samoj priči jer ne želim odati detalje Simonova života, no reći ću kako u ovoj priči susrećemo spisateljicu Viktoriu Faust u njenom više realističnom viđenju svijeta no onom fantastičnom na koji smo toliko navikli iako se sama priča naravno sastoji od nekoliko fantastičnih elemenata.

Srž priče je Simon, njegov jadan život, njegova odbačenost od ljudi i svijeta, njegovo ne-pripadanje nikome i ničemu i toliko željeno pronalaženje svrhe njegova prisustva u ovom okrutnom svijetu. Lutanje od jednog mjesta do drugog, razočarenja i bol koja ga prate nisu laka tema koja svakome odgovara. U ovoj priči nećete naći sretan bijeg od svakodnevnih briga i problema već ćete suosjećati s protagonistom ove priče kao da suosjećate sa vlastitim djetetom.

Svima koji su blisko upoznati sa djelom "U anđeoskom liku zvijeri" preporučam čitanje ove priče jer kao jedan maleni dio slagalice dočarava taj svijet u njegovoj punini kada ga spojimo sa ostalim dijelovima koji su mnoge od nas držali budnima do ranih jutarnjih sati i zatim su se stopili s našim snovima i našim životima.

Hvala spisateljici na još jednom čarobnom dijelu slagalice jednog od mojih omiljenih fantastičnih literarnih svemira.

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review 2017-11-07 21:36
Great Art With Fascinating Story
The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1: The Faust Act - Kieron Gillen,Jamie McKelvie

Laura is obsessed with these pop stars who happen to be Gods reincarnated. The Gods come back every 90 years but do not hang around for long because they tend to die young. Some people love the Gods others think they are a nuisance or fraud. There is a murder, Lucifer aka Luci is framed and sent to jail. Laura tries to help her by talking to the other Gods and asking for help.


I find many of image comics have beautiful art and this one is no different. Although I will say this the art reminds me a little of the original Jem And The Holograms cartoon which is a good thing to me because I loved it back in the day. The story has some holes and still needs a lot of explaining especially all background of the Gods.


Many people say the writing was hard to follow. There was only one part that was hard to follow for me which was in the beginning when Laura was talking to the reporter about Luci. I couldn’t tell if the reporter was interviewing Luci from jail or the answers were coming from a flashback from Laura’s conversation with Luci. So yes there is some confusion at times but did not stop me from really liking this graphic novel’s beginning.


I had never really heard about this series before hand it was the cover that caught me. Now that I have read it I can’t wait to look for the second volume next visit to the bookstore.

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text 2017-08-18 10:43
More Bingo Choices
The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
The Abyss Above Us - Ryan Notch
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent
Faust - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Walter Kaufmann
The Elementals - Michael Rowe,Michael McDowell
Vampire - In the Beginning - Charmain Marie Mitchell
Demon Lord - T.C. Southwell
Goblins - David Bernstein
Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill
The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Well, I went through my A-list and B-list and snagged one free book off Amazon, so now my list if full! I also made another change for Classic Noir so I could participate in the group read.


So, here is my list now! Still subject to changes if I start to read something and decide it's a waste of my time. Only one re-read this year! I think I kept it down to two last year.


Classic noir: The Thin Man by Dashiel Hammett


Amateur sleuth: this mystery will have a main character who is not a member of law enforcement. A Spark of Justice by J.D. Hawkins re-read


Serial/spree killer: Normally this would have been first on my exclusions, but I've been wanting to read Cabal by Clive Barker


American horror story: Children of Chaos by Greg Gifune


Genre: horror: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham


Gothic: Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman


Darkest London: Stalking Jack by Madison Kent


Modern Masters of Horror: Helltown by Jeremy Bates


Supernatural: Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Ghost: The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale


Haunted houses: The Elementals by Michael McDowell


Vampires: Vampire - In the Beginning by Charmain Marie Mitchell


Werewolves: The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierez


Witches: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice


Demons: Demon Lord by T.C. Southwell


Classic horror: I've read rather a lot of these since last year! But I found one I haven't yet read, The Monk by Matthew Lewis


Chilling children: The Doll by J.C. Martin


Monsters: Dead Sea by Tim Curran


80's horror: Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist


In the dark, dark woods: Into the Woods by Thomas Washburn Jr


Terror in a small town: Goblins by David Bernstein


Magical realism: Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch


Terrifying women: Circus of Horrors by Carol Gill


Diverse voices: One Blood by Qwantu Amaru


Free square: The Abyss Above Us by Ryan Notch

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