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url 2016-02-01 19:23
10 Must Read Books for February 2016 (from Flavorwire)
The Queen of the Night - Alexander Chee
Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth - A.O. Scott

For once, I've actually read two books on this list, and I can recommend them both:


The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee (review TK today or tomorrow, hopefully)




Better Living Through Criticism by A.O. Scott (holding review until release date, 2/9)

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url 2015-02-02 23:54
Brin's Book Buzz - February

ruby 1

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review 2015-01-05 14:41
Yes, it has creepy kids...
The Bargaining - Carly Anne West

       Arc provided by Simon Pulse through Edelweiss


       Release Date: February 17


What it felt like reading this title:

Uncovering layer upon layer of truths tightly wrapped in different time dates, never knowing exactly who was going to present them, and what I was going to find next...


Also, it was _what I guess would be _ akin to be blindfolded, with no clue whatever of what was happening, with no compass, and at the  mercy of a vast number of unknown characters, who'd just make an appearance, and would immediately give it's place to another character....

Frustration may arise....and you may found yourself reading and re-reading the initial pages to see if there was something that escaped you...


That's what happened with me, but I do like uncovering a mystery, and the one in this story is gigantic as the Titanic, and also prone to take people with it when it sinks....


The beginning

I guess it depends on the reader. Some will enjoy the fact that _and once again sticking with nautical metaphors _ one has to give all it has to stay floating in this story's reality_, and others will probably DNF it.

The first chapters are simply a teaser of everything scary that will be happening in the end. And let me tell you, that what ends up happening is completely frightening.


However after that, the tale enters a more calm _although fragile _ story's depiction.

There's a heavy psychological drama underway, and that, mixed with the underlying horror that you keep waiting to jump and grab you by the throat, makes reading this at times, a nerve shattering existence.


I can't help however feeling that the story should have been shorter.

I think that that would have given it more strength, making the feeling that it was sometimes adrift, disappear.

I understand why it happened: Including the psychological thriller aspect, it was bound to give this more strength and a greater depth...however it had the consequence of derailing it somewhat from the horror department until the last third of the story.

I am afraid that those who were expecting only an horror story will be disappointed.

However the psychological drama, and all the connections that we see between the characters _the alive ones and the others _are so well done that I had to keep reading, to find out what was going to happen.


For those however who aspect a strong focus on a certain romance?

Yeah, forget about it, lol, that's not going to happen! ;)


 Despite all that happens, the misery, the heartbreak, the trying to recover from what life has brought you, the scary creepy kids...the main focus of this story are family ties.


Author's Official Site


Pre-order "The Bargaining"



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text 2014-01-03 02:36
February New Releases, Weeks 1 and 2 (Feb. 1-8)
Wild Things - Chloe Neill
Cress - Marissa Meyer
To Sail a Darkling Sea - John Ringo
Perfect Together (Serendipity's Finest, #3) - Carly Phillips
Falling Light - Thea Harrison
The Drowning Spool - Monica Ferris
Dryad-Born - Jeff Wheeler
A Draw of Kings - Patrick W. Carr
Hard Going - Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Cotton's Inferno (Sheriff Cotton Burke, #4) - Phil Dunlap

Sources used on January 2, 2014: Bookreporter, Dear Author, and Fictfact.


Saturday, February 1:


Burning Kingdoms by Lauren DeStefano (#2 in Internment Chronicles)
City of Ghosts by Kelli Stanley (#3 in Miranda Corbie Mystery)
Claimed by the Wolf by Saranna DeWylde (#3 in Claimed)
Dark Moon by Kate Douglas (#2 in Spirit Wild)
Draw of Kings, A by Patrick W. Carr (#3 in The Staff and the Sword)
Hard Going by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (#16 in Bill Slider)
Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady (#4 in Deadglass)
It Had to Be You by Susan May Warren (#2 in Christiansen Family)
Never Been Ready by J. L. Berg (#2 in Ready)
Strange Fate by L. J. Smith (#10 in Night World)
Wishing on Buttercups by Miralee Ferrell (#2 in Love Blossoms in Oregon)


Sunday, February 2:

Read more
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review 2013-10-19 13:34
Maybe I'm the misfit in this story
Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Oh, my – how do I begin? Well, first, let me say that I haven’t read a YA book in a while. I’m climbing the bookish equivalent of Mount Everest this year – aka making my way through the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin and it is brutal. So maybe I went into this book not sure what to expect? I don’t know what happened. I had hopes of romance and swooning and first love a la Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, but that’s not what I got. Instead I got this amazing boy whom I adored and a girl that annoyed me.


The description says that you’ll remember your own first love, and while it did have moments that reminded me of what it’s like to fall in love for the first time, I just couldn’t connect with Eleanor. Was she in a bad situation? Yes, but in times like those, you either let it make you or break you and I feel like she let it break her. Again, yes, she’s 16 and “helpless” but all I’m saying is that 16 is old enough to call the police and not give a second thought to “Oh, is my mom going to be mad that I’m doing something that she as 40 something year old can’t?”


The saving grace for me in this book is Park – not only the character but his POV (the book is alternating POVs). Without Park, this book would have probably been a Did Not Finish. Park – my sweet, sweet boy – WHY do you even like Eleanor? She pushes you away, is an emotional rollercoaster and disaster, and has got to be the most self-deprecating  character I’ve read in a while – she puts Edward Cullen from Twilight to shame.


And speaking of favorite characters, I’ve got to say my overall favorite character (and the one I think is most like me) was Park’s mom. She’s an Avon lady who loves makeup, nails, and hair – AND she always wants to make other people over.


I will say that I really enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s writing style and I’m reading her next book, Fangirl, right now and absolutely loving it. So it’s just this particular book that didn’t do it for me. Also, the narrator for Eleanor on the audiobook was not the best so that probably played into things a bit.


I put this book on my Everyone Loved But Me shelf as there are no less than TWENTY 5 star reviews from my friends. Maybe I’m the misfit in this story.

What those who enjoyed it are saying:


  • “I highly recommend Eleanor & Park to anyone who loves contemp YA with a lot of grit and emotion.” – Tara from Fiction Folio
  • “The recommendations all over the Internet for ELEANOR & PARK are completely warranted.” -Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit
  • “I tried to write a review, but it was just so fangirly, I had to calm myself down.” -Anna from Anna Reads
Source: sashandem.com/sash-eleanor-park-by-rainbow-rowell-review
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