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review 2019-02-05 20:30
Short, sharp, brilliant!
The Collini Case - Ferdinand von Schirach

Fabrizio Collini enters a hotel room in downtown Munich and commits a foul act namely the brutal murder of well known and respected industrialist Hans Meyer. Why should an elderly man with no previous record of assault select at random a victim and deal with in the most horrendous way. Young, newly qualified, attorney Caspar Leinen is assigned the case and he must attempt the impossible defend a man who seemingly has no defence as he happily admits to implementing the murder. This is a short read instantly grabbing the reader's attention with crisp, precise prose and a most unexpected yet perfectly executed conclusion. To say much more would spoil the delights that wait the intuitive reader as we try to unravel the legislation pertaining to a seemingly random crime. Highly recommended



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text 2018-05-08 15:00
Statisik | Ferdinand von Schirach: Strafe

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review 2017-04-18 00:00
Terror: Ein Theaterstück und eine Rede
Terror: Ein Theaterstück und eine Rede -... Terror: Ein Theaterstück und eine Rede - Ferdinand von Schirach Ausführliche Rezension:
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text 2016-07-01 02:01
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 216 pages.
The Girl Who Wasn't There - Ferdinand von Schirach

okay, here's where I'm probably a little too addicted to published Lists of books: I've got this List of books, from a magazine article, that is compiled simply to make the point that since Gone Girl went gonzo in popularity, a lot of Thrillers and Mysteries get the word "Girl" in the title to help sell the book. now, the List in question does say something like "Here are a few notable examples", so I'm going to take that to mean that they feel the books are actually good...as opposed to making a list full of lousy "Girl"-based books and encouraging people to read them. anyway, I am not fully committed to working my through the entire list (roughly 20 books or so), but I do like some of the (full) titles--don't Cemetery Girl and The Crow Girl sound cool, as does Gun Street Girl, yes? The Wrong Girl and The Good Girl, on the other hand, don't exactly light up my world, as far as titles go. The Girl In The Ice...okay that's another tempting one. so, I picked The Girl Who Wasn't There which I would call average and rather obvious, as titles go, but a short, German Mystery novel with a decent-sounding synopsis on the back cover, is what I'll start with, when it comes to buying "Girl" titles from some wonky List. it also wins the race for first choice, because some of the cooler-sounding ones were in hardcover, or not at the bookstore at all. I'll decide if I wanna look again, later. no promises to the "Girl" List.

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review 2015-07-15 21:30
The Girl Who Wasnt There - Review
The Girl Who Wasn't There - Ferdinand von Schirach,Anthea Bell

I'm going to struggle to review this one because I really liked it but it drove me beautifully mad. And if you want me to lay out the reasons for why I liked it I'll be hard pressed to do so.

The story is a straightforward family drama really. The first half deals with a boy who has a difficult childhood and grows up to be a photographer/artist whose strangeness is, well strange. Actually this whole book has a strange feeling about it - a kind of weird "other" vibe all the way through.

Then the second half of the book turns into a legal drama come murder mystery. Kind of. Difficult to say much else without spoilers. And really up until that point not a lot happens at any kind of pace and yet it is so compelling that you keep turning the pages anyway.

After that point things fairly rocket along to the end - an end that had me re-thinking everything that had gone before it. Not because it was a complicated solution but because it was a simple one. The author has themes of reality and perception running through the narrative that resolve themselves ultimately in a rather erm strange way.

Yes ok I've used the word strange a lot. But that was how it struck me. It is a tale of two halves, the first being fairly slow yet gripping the second being darkly humerous (the poor lawyer who ends up with the case, not sure he'll ever be the same again)and perhaps even more intriguing.

Would I recommend it? Yes. But I seriously can't tell you if you'll love it or not. Whether you do or don't it is a clever little tale. One that I think will stay with me.

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