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review 2018-09-24 10:01
She Wants It
She Wants It - Jill Soloway

[I received a copy of this book through the First To Read program, in exchange for an honest review.]

I had only watched the first season of “Transparent” before, but I guess I knew enough then to recognise the author’s name, and be interested in the book’s premise. As a word of warning, though, if you’re in the same case… uh, the book contains spoilers as to the next seasons. I wasn’t too happy about that, especially since I had been able to avoid them so far. Or maybe it was just unavoidable for starters?

It’s also different from what I had expected, that is to say, more of a memoir, and not exactly “essays” or more structured writing about feminism, being non-binary, questioning, and so on. As such, while it remained interesting, spoilers notwithstanding, it felt kind of disjointed in places, and at the end, I felt like it hadn’t gone in depth into anything.

The last part about Me Too and people coming out about Tambor was also… well, it played straight into the unfortunately usual “she came out about this and now the actor/the show is going to be ruined, we should’ve talked about this among ourselves only and seen where to go from there”. Soloway does acknowledge that it’s wrong, but it still felt like there was much more to say here, and it was brushed over. It’s not on the same level as powerful men paying women they have abused so that they keep silent, but the feeling remains somewhat similar nonetheless, like an afterthought, like something that was mentioned at the end only so that people wouldn’t dwell on it too much. I didn’t like that.

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review 2018-09-24 04:36
Rivers of London Vol 5: Cry Fox
Rivers of London Volume 5: Cry Fox - Ben Aaronovitch

Series: Rivers of London Graphic Novels #5


A quick read featuring Reynard up to his old tricks where he manages to involve Abigail in a kidnapping. Someone should tell that girl not to talk to foxes. Literally. But at least Dan's family is safe.


I read this for the "Darkest London" square for 2018 Halloween Bingo. I'm pretty sure it works. A lot of it takes place in London. And the estate must be near London.


Um, can I count this for Darkest London?


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review 2018-09-24 02:23
Watched From a Distance by Allison B. Hanson


Lena Scott is in a world of hurt. She's being forced to pay off her ex's debts to people who'd rather kill her than look at her...and are making demands she's desperate to avoid. But kidnapping and murder? Hell, no. When the threats turn deadly, Lena refuses to be a pawn any longer.

Five years ago, U.S. Marshal Dane Ryan left his old life and went into witness protection alone to keep his family safe. Working for Task Force Phoenix under a new identity, it's his job to protect others from those who'd harm them.

When the beautiful and mysterious Lena lures him into danger, he suddenly doesn't know who to trust. She has her own agenda, and they both have big secrets, but for either to survive, they'll need to work together to defeat their mutual enemy. Falling in love will only mean more to lose...


This book is quite interesting, it has some great characters, and I loved the story. It starts with an unexpected turn of event, where, two people are thrown together and they must find a way to trust each other.


Dane and Lena has nothing in common except the fact that they're both here unwillingly. The only way for them to survive is to help each other. What they didn't anticipate is to be attracted to one another, now they're both in trouble. They cannot stay emotionally detached and the situation is just getting worse. But can they trust each other enough to get out of this mess unharmed?


It's a very thrilling read. There is danger involved and to survive Dane and Lena have to work together. That is the only way they will be able to find a solution to their problem. The story will keep you on edge through out. It's very well-written and entertaining read. I'd definitely recommend it to fans of intrigue and romance.


P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

P.P.S. Each title in the Love Under Fire series is STANDALONE:

* Witness in the Dark

* Wanted for Life

* Witness in the Dark

Source: mineofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/09/review-watched-from-distance-by-allison.html
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review 2018-09-24 00:33
The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney for some square TBA
The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney

I spent half a hour down a rabbit hole just because I couldn't remember if this was a library copy and Amazon deleted my review, which was witty and succinct and insightful but not spoilery, and not at all like the review of  a very tired person, which I am.


Good book, lots of twists in the spaghetti and many of them unexpected.


Good for genre: suspense, romantic suspense, darkest London, amateur sleuth.


Library copy

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text 2018-09-23 23:03
Reading progress update: I've listened 33 out of 585 minutes.
Mr. Churchill's Secretary (Audio) - Wanda,Donada Peters McCaddon,Susan Elia MacNeal,Donada Peters

So it looks like here we have a British-born, American-raised MC working as a secretary for Churchill during the war.


Crossing my fingers...

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