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review 2020-04-09 23:49
Book Tour: The Frights of Fiji
The Frights of Fiji - Sunayna Prasad

Well, I found a book to fall into during this strange time. That book is The Fright of Figi, it quite a good book. Once you get into it. This book is about a girl that somehow attracts magic into her life. Why this happens I do not know.

Her name is Alyssa and she lives with her Uncle and cousin. When things start happening, no one believes her. She gets into trouble. Will she get save herself and friends and family. Things get more interesting one she is kidnapped by an evil wizard.

This is good for middle-grade children and ages 8 to 12 years old. The author does a really good job with the plot of the story. The characters are developed well. If you are looking for a good fantasy book for your child or children this one is good. This one as a young girl as a hero.

This is a series. It is a good one at that. Alyssa McCarthy Magical Missions. I can not wait to pick up the second book. I am wondering if her friends from the previous book are going to need to help her or if she ends up doing it herself.

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review 2019-11-28 06:41
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review 2016-02-01 18:00
The Sailmaker's Daughter by Stephanie Johnson
The Sailmaker's Daughter - Stephanie Johnson

This was my world books challenge book for Fiji. I’d read that the author based it on her grandmother’s story and assumed the grandmother was Fijian, so was disappointed to discover that the characters are all actually English colonists in Fiji. Unfortunately, I have not found any books starring native Fijians.

This is a work of historical fiction, set over a few weeks in 1918 when influenza was raging through Fiji. The book follows numerous characters, including 12-year-old Olive, who is sent with two of her brothers to stay with an aunt and uncle on another island while her mother is dying; her father, a sailmaker, and mother, a former actress; her oldest brother, a veteran with PTSD; two of her other brothers, who get into scrapes; her grandmother, a cranky old woman who has a vaginal infection due to wearing too many underclothes (?); her aunt, who after several miscarriages is addicted to laudanum; her other aunt, who has an intellectual disability and lives hidden in an outbuilding; a pair of lady travelers who happen by and are having an affair . . . too many for a 250-page book, and the book is forever jumping around amongst them and between the first and third person. It doesn’t help either that while some things happen, events aren’t organized into a plot, and many don't seem to contribute anything to the story. It’s telling when the last 25 pages of a novel suddenly introduce a whole new family not previously mentioned and focus on exploring their dynamics. There is no structure, no cohesion, and little reason to invest in any of these many characters.

That said, the book is readable, and a quick read to boot. It also does provide an interesting view on life in Fiji in the early 20th century. It was a diverse place on the cusp of change, though you wouldn’t want to live there – according to this book, if you weren’t white, you’d be oppressed, and if you were, you’d most likely be miserable.

Anyway, I am not going to spend a lot of words slamming a book no one has heard of. For good reason; there's nothing to see here.

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review 2015-10-31 01:50
Not Really A Review..
Falling in Fiji (The Falling in Paradise Series) (Volume 1) - Casey Hagen,Lisa Ricard Claro

I won this book from another site. I had entered because it was touted as a "romance".

Not so, romance is misty, understated and yes, romantic.

This book is erotic, sex taking the place of plot.

Guess my age (72) might color what I believe is romance, but this just wasn't.

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review 2013-06-27 00:00
Fiji: A Novel
Fiji: A Novel - Lance Morcan, James Morc... Fiji: A Novel - Lance Morcan, James Morcan It was a nice story with a rather well structured plot. Unfortunately the writing style was a bit weak and repetitive. However, there were very nice sentences and phrases in it as well.
The ending was quite lovely, and I was even a bit surprised by some violent on-goings, as well as
all the deaths in the end on the "good" side as well - hadn't seen that coming.
If I wasn't someone who finishes a book once it's started, I would have cancelled reading at some point in the beginning. The plot was really okay though, therefor reading it through was really okay.
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