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review 2018-04-17 13:42
Breaking Away Series Box Set by Meli Raine
Finding Allie - Meli Raine
Keeping Allie - Meli Raine
Chasing Allie - Meli Raine
Breaking Away Series Boxed Set - Meli Ra... Breaking Away Series Boxed Set - Meli Raine

I usually like Meli Raine’s books. This set was the exception. I found it melodramatic and immature. A couple of places I thought the story would redeem itself but unfortunately the disappointment lasted throughout the whole set.  Let me just say this, if a drug lord had me in his sights, I believe I would look for help and not hang around until caught. Just saying. 

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review 2018-04-02 23:35
Trinity Falls (Finding Home #1) by Regina Hart
Trinity Falls (Finding Home) - Regina Hart

I have had the first three books of the Finding Home series on my wishlist in my account at OverDrive and decided to go for the first one over the weekend. I am so glad I did - this small town contemporary romance brings something fresh to the sub-subgenre, most notably a more diverse town population. 


This is the story of Ean, a man who was ready to move back to his hometown and put down roots after achieving his goals in NYC and Megan, a business owner and hometown girl. This is also the story of Quincy, BFF of Ean and a professor of history at the local university and Ramona, the mayor of Trinity Falls and Megan's cousin/Ean's ex-girlfriend. This is also the story of Doreen, mom of Ean and newly widowed and Coach Leo, also a widower and Ean's former football coach. Finally, this is also about the relationship between Ramona and Meghan.


I actually liked that the book had three relationships to follow, each distinct enough to keep them straight in the reader's head. The main relationship, Ean and Meghan, was hot and emotional, with Meghan growing a lot both on her own and with Ean. My favorite relationship though was Quincy and Ramona - what a wonderful gut punch! Ramona had a lot of working on herself to do, but Quincy had her back every step of the way - and that NYE kiss in her office was a big payoff after watching their relationship wind its way. Doreen and Leo were sweet, and their relationship's conflict came across as very true especially as widow/widower and older characters.


The big baddie was the economic conditions of small towns, which I loved. Meghan, Ean, Doreen, and Ramona all love their hometown, but each had different ideas on how to save it without gentrification taking over. Very timely concern and I always enjoy the villain being something the characters have to work together to overcome rather than catching the bad guy in the act.


I am looking forward to reading books 2 and 3!

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review 2018-03-26 15:31
The Finding (Law of the Lycans #5) by Nicky Charles
The Finding - Nicky Charles
The Finding wraps up the story of Cassandra, Marla, and Leon Aldrich. In this book, Bryan manages to find Cassandra and heads off to Vegas to bring her back. He has been obsessed with finding her for years, and now it's his chance. Although Cassandra is having 'fun' in Vegas, she still has no wish to become a wolf, or part of a pack - not after watching her uncle be murdered by one. Through a series of events, Cassandra doesn't really have a choice, and Bryan does all he can for her. We also get to spend some time with Ryne and Mel, and Kane and Elise, which leads nicely onto Damien's book.
I will say that the parts with Marla and her wolf were excellent writing. Marla went from being the big bad, to one you feel sorry for. Franklin is another superb character, and I love the idea of him, Mrs Teasdale, and Meredith wandering around doing their thing! Read it, you'll find out what I mean.
Another excellently written story by Nicky Charles, finishing this round of stories (for now). I'm very glad I've got around to reading them now, although I'm sorry it's taken me five years to do so. If you want a thick paranormal read to sink your teeth into, then I can highly recommend this book and the series.
Verified Purchase ~ April 2013 *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/thelawofthelycans1-5bynickycharles
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review 2018-03-02 02:13
Finding Mr. Happily Ever After: Xavier by Melissa Storm, Melissa McClone
Finding Mr. Happily Ever After: Xavier - Melissa McClone,Melissa Storm


Is the heartache worth the experience? Twice Jazz has come close to claiming the ultimate prize and twice her choices have come up short. Will the third time be the charm? Melissa Storm brings her thought provoking intuition. Melissa McClone brings her charm and heart to a tale of love, introspection and perhaps happily ever after. Two voices blend into one heartwarming tale.

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review 2018-02-17 12:40
Finding Mr. Happily Ever After: Chase by Melissa Storm and Melissa McClone
Finding Mr. Happily Ever After: Chase - Melissa McClone,Melissa Storm


Getting her feet wet, left Jazz with a bruised heart.  In the game of love, friendship can become a casualty.  With a heavy heart, Jasmine is moving on.  Her relationship with Nathan is a thing of the past, but the lessons she learned from it remain fresh in her mind. When she meets Chase, she sees a bright side to her broken heart.  Chase is her second chance.  Maybe this time she'll get it right.  But old habits die hard and if she's not careful, her heart could end up shattered this time around.  Jazz is naive in her outlook on love, but her ability to never give up on finding her true love is admirable.  I'm rooting for her.

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