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text 2020-01-20 05:22
A Complete Guide To Flapper Shoes And Stockings

Are you planning to wear a flapper costume this Halloween in Australia? Appropriate shoes and stockings will make your costume look better. Here are some tips for choosing the right shoes and stockings for your costume.


Flapper shoes


Shoes are very important when dressing like a flapper. While you can pair a plain pair of black heeled pumps with your costume and be accurate to the decade, you’ll look more smashing if you put on a pair of Mary Jane. You can also wear T-strap heels with your costume. Dainty T-strap shoes in silver, gold or black were common for evening wear. You can also choose black shoes with crystals on the buckles and gold heels.

A basic pair of pumps can be jazzed up a little with paint. You can also buy a new pair online. Other shoe styles that you can pair with your flapper costume in Australia include multi-strap heel shoes. Do not wear ultra-thin heels. Also, avoid shoes that have an open toe. You need to be comfortable throughout the night so you should break in flapper shoes well before the event.




When wearing your costume, you should remember that stockings are also very important. Back in the 20s, women didn’t go out in bare legs. However, the stockings gave an impression of bare legs. Most women wore black stockings for the day and nude stockings for the evenings. When pastel colour dresses became common, stockings were made to match the dresses.


When wearing stockings with your flapper costume in Australia, remember that stockings were worn thigh high and held in position with garters. They could also be rolled down with the help of an elastic band called the garter roll. Stockings had light seams down the reinforced heels. Any modern pair of pastel, nude or tights will work since the 20s stockings are hard to find nowadays.

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text 2019-12-09 05:35
How to choose the best costume for every family member

Zombie costume, fancy dress costume, superhero costume and flapper costume are some of the costumes you can choose for your family members in Australia. Choosing the ideal costume for each family member is never easy. Some people like to be a little adventurous while others prefer sticking with the classics. Whether you are looking for something that is terrifying or a family-friendly costume, you can always get something for your family members.


You can also get something for your pets. Whatever you do, try not to spend too much time fretting about the costume choices. We have got a few suggestions to help you get inspiration for the right costumes for your family members.


Things you need to watch out for when buying a costume


Sizing is the biggest issue when it comes to choosing Halloween costumes such as buying fancy dress costumes online in Australia. It is therefore important to take a close look at the sizing provided by the seller. One size cannot fit all family members. If you are buying a costume for your pets, check the recommended age-range before purchasing.


Choose the type of costume


Do you want group costumes for all your family members in Australia or you want each member to have a unique costume? If you want unique costumes for every family member, there are a variety of costumes you can choose from. Under each category, there are also a variety of designs. Make sure every family member is happy with the design you choose for them. You can consult them before buying the costume to avoid disappointments.




Costumes in Australia like a fancy dress costume should be accessorised appropriately for it to look good. Do your research to find out the best accessories that will match with your costume. Some costumes come with their own accessories.

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text 2019-10-26 05:24
Top benefits of buying vintage costumes for Halloween

You can make your Halloween memorable in Australia by buying a 1920s costume Sydney. Vintage is second-hand clothing with a history. Vintage clothing is your choice to wear something unique and have fun. It also gives you an opportunity of getting creative with your outfit. Here are some benefits to buying a vintage costume.




When you wear a vintage costume, it is almost impossible to see someone else wearing the same dress. When you buy vintage, you will have something unique and you won’t be stressed thinking about someone else going to wear the same outfit.




Vintage clothing was not mass-produced. It was more like a handmade Christmas card. The quality of cotton or silk, the prints and the textured textiles are much superior compared to synthetic blends that you can buy in a retail shop nowadays.




You are going green when you use vintage 1920s costumes in Australia. You are helping the environment by reducing trash. Technically, you will be reusing an outfit and giving it a fresh look. We don’t need more toxins and pollution.




When you wear a vintage costume, you will be wearing a piece of art. One of the top benefits of buying a vintage costume is that it can be categorized as a collectible. If you buy a good vintage costume, it is for sure that in the future, the costume will gain more value. This should be a good reason to run and buy a vintage costume.




Fashion is very interesting, but there is nothing like the feeling you have when you wear a 1920s costume Sydney in Australia. No matter what, you will feel classy and elegant. Vintage items had a life before they got into your hands. Almost every costume you find will have a story so it is crucial to imagine you meeting someone special in a vintage costume.

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review 2019-02-16 20:18
The Flapper, The Impostor, and the Stalker by Charlene Bell Dietz
The Flapper, The Impostor, and the Stalker (Inkydance Book Club Collection, #2) - Charlene Bell Dietz
This was an interesting read, but I am still wondering how to classify it and if I liked it. It is a murder mystery, but also a coming of age and an historical novel. I didn’t much like Kathleen, the main character. The ending was too abbreviated, or not necessary, I can’t decide which. From reading the notes, apparently this book is a prequel to THE FLAPPER, THE SCIENTIST AND THE SABATEUR.
The 1920’s dialogue, clothing, music and situations all ring true. The Chicago elements are accurate (I am a Chicagoan). Stephens College is a real school in Missouri that debutantes and wealthy females attended (and still do). The plot is well thought out and executed. Kathleen’s adventures are (mostly) believable.
I’m still not willing to give a rave review, but it did hold my interest, had a few humorous parts and a few truly scary parts. Kathleen was a bit of a twit, but then she was 17 at the start of the book. I’ll be interested to read someone else’s thoughts.
3 of 5 stars


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review 2018-03-08 21:56
A fun and delicious book for readers with a sense of adventure who admire creativity
Murder at the Bijou: Three Ingredients I - Teagan Riordain Geneviene

I am a big fan of Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, as an author, a blogger, and I was lucky to discover her blog a few years back, and although I missed some of her early serials at the time of their initial conception, I have managed to catch up with them over time. I have also read her novel, Atonement, Tennessee (you can check my review here) and know that apart from an imagination that knows no bounds, and a love of period research and attention to detail, she has a way with words and can create magical characters that readers get to care for and make them live through situations that never fail to surprise us and keep us on tenterhooks.

As she explains in her description, she has been running a number of serials on her blog, pantser style. She asks her readers for things and/or ingredients, and she makes up a story that keeps developing as her imagination, and the things and ingredients, dictate. I am in awe at her creativity and I must recommend her blog (Teagan’s Books), as I know she is working on her next serial (and her process of creation is totally interactive).

Many of her readers (I included) kept telling her we would like to have the option of having her serials in book format, and eventually, she relented. I have reviewed her first serial in book format, Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story (you can read my review here) and many of the things I said about the previous book can be applied to this one. This is another light, fun, and fast book, with the same protagonist, Pip, a young woman, a flapper (as she keeps reminding herself and us, because being modern at the time was not an easy task), who, on this occasion, is sent to stay with her grandmother, Granny Phanny (she is a fabulous character, and although she would hate to be called a flapper, she is an utterly modern woman) in Savannah so she can learn how to cook. That helps introduce the ingredients part of the story, and the culinary theme adds a layer of interest to the story, although I would advise not to read the book when you’re very hungry, because although sometimes the ingredients don’t end up in a dish, they often do, and they all sound delicious.

Pip, who narrates the story in the first person, is recovering from a heartache and meets a cast of wonderful characters, from a family of Chinese restaurateurs, to a vet and his doctor wife, G-men, police officers, mobsters, and there is even a paranormal element in the story. Oh, and let’s not forget a collection of pets that will warm your hearts and make you laugh.

Pip’s language remains as peculiar as usual, and the author seamlessly includes the popular and fashionable expressions of the era in her book. I challenge readers not to end up using some of them, especially some of Pip’s favourites.  

I recommended readers of the previous serial to play a game and try and imagine in which direction they would send the story, or how they would use the three things at the beginning of each chapter. You can do the same here, and if you’re fond of cooking, I’m sure you will have fun exploring possible ways of using the ingredients, both to cook and to advance the story. And by the end of the book, you’ll be amazed at how the author has managed to create a cohesive story from such diverse elements.

I recommend this book to readers with a sense of fun and play who enjoy a fast and light mystery (cozy style. No explicit violence, although there is violence, no sex scenes) set in the Jazz Age (oh, don’t forget to follow the author’s blog if you enjoy that historical period as she shares a post on the subject every Wednesday), with charming characters and great food. And even if you don’t have a lot of time to read for long stretches at a time, as the serial was created to be read a chapter per week, it is very easy to follow the story and not get lost. So, there is no excuse!

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