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review 2015-01-13 14:00
Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson
Prejudice Meets Pride (Meet Your Match, book 1) (Volume 1) - Stephen Hawking

I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting. It turned out it was the perfect book to read by the pool, which I totally did because it’s summer here. I was so hooked I was up finishing it way past my bedtime, and I was eager to pick the second book in the series.


This is just the kind of book that will warm your heart, and I absolutely was in the mood for this. It was a sweet, funny story about being able to discover the sugar in your lemonade. Even when things seem sour, they have some sweet, so keep your eyes open.


I loved that this book highlighted family values in its maximum potential, and that it also gave a great message on lending out a hand when someone needs it, especially to those around you. Becky, I have come to believe is the ultimate neighbour and we can all learn so much from her sunny disposition.


It was a really nice touch that Emma was a painter. I could almost see her paintings come to life, they were so vivid in my mind, and boy do I wish I could hire her to do my bedroom.


I would like to emphasize that even if the title suggests this could be a Pride and Prejudice retelling, it is only similar to Jane Austen’s novel in that Kevin is prejudiced and Emma is proud. Everything else about them is rather original, especially the circumstances in which they meet.


My favourite thing was that Emma saw everything like it was a painting and I loved her way of interpreting art. Everyone has a story, we just have to dig a little deeper. I also adored the Mary Poppins reference; it was spot on and hilarious!


Overall, this is an excellent story about overcoming hardships, solidarity, and being true to oneself, which is really an advice we should all take.


This is my second Rachael Anderson novel and so far, I’m loving her work.

Source: touchofbookmadness.blogspot.com/2015/01/prejudice-meets-pride-by-rachael-anderson.html
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review 2014-12-15 16:00
Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram
Cinder & Ella - Kelly Oram

I own most of Kelly Oram’s books but haven’t read any of them, I’ve heard great things about her authoring skills, so I really wanted to give her books a try. This is her newest novel and I’ve seen only praise about it, so I figured this was a great book to start with.


Well, it was an excellent decision. At first it was hard for me to get into this story because I honestly think the author didn't get the Chilean culture right, which as a Chilean was a huge turn off and the main reason I didn't give this book a full five Mad Hats rating. But it was impossible not to fall in love with these characters and their heartbreaking story.


I was not expecting that. I don’t know when it happened but suddenly I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down! I had to literally force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep, and was even a bit late for work the other day. If I didn’t have to work, I would’ve definitely finished this book in one sitting.


It is so emotional and sweet. I feel so much stuff for Ella. I really really like her. She is sooo cool. What happened to her is awful and all the hardships she’s had to endure were indeed tough, but she was so strong and with the help of her support system, I have confidence she will be ok, She feels so real too. I love that she is a blogger! And a witty, sarcastic one! I think the author truly captured the essence of a book blogger and most importantly of a book worm. The same goes for Cinder. He was charming and funny, although a little over the top with his passion. 


I honestly thought this was going to be a corny clichéd story, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I’m truly glad I was. Even if you can predict where this is going, it is a re-telling after all, I was still surprised, and anxious, and nervous and touched by so many things that happened. This book has so many emotions people! I even liked this story better than the original. Much more exciting, heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.


I don’t want to extend too much, so I’ll just say that I love Kelly Oram’s character building skills. You have so many diverse characters in this book, and they have so many shades of grey. It is hard to stereotype any of these characters, because even if you don’t approve of them, you can understand them and feel a bit of empathy. Even for the mean characters, who were so hateful! I love when authors nail their villains. I also think it was very clever and funny that she included one of her previous titles as a book to movie adaptation in the book.


Overall, it is an awesome book with the perfect fairy tale ending. I hadn’t been caught up in a book so hard in a long time.

Source: touchofbookmadness.blogspot.com/2014/12/cinder-and-ella-by-kelly-oram.html
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review 2014-11-17 14:00
Camp Forget-Me-Not by J.K. Rock
Camp Forget-Me-Not - J.K. Rock

I would like to warn you first that the word love is extremely overused throughout this review.


This was the perfect ending for a lovely series. I love Camp Juniper Point so much I feel like one of the senior kids whose last year at camp just ended. I will miss it. Thankfully there’s still one last companion novella, which is actually #2.5 in the series, therefore it should be read before this book. Nevertheless, I have the feeling the order won’t matter since it happens within the same time frame as this story, and hints of what will happen in Camp Crush were given in this book. So it makes no difference.


I loved that Kayla’s story was set in the same year than Camp Payback, it actually picks up right when Javier left Camp so we get to see what Alex was up to while she was alone. I also loved that we got to see her and Emily a lot in this book as well. But I was most grateful to get some more Hannah and Julian! I was begging for some more since Camp Christmas, I really wanted to see how life had changed for Hannah after pairing up with Julian, and I finally got what I wanted. I loved to witness how much she’s changed! And along her, all the Divas actually. They finally grow up and leave all their differences behind. I loved to see so much of their world. We always thought of them as the mean girls, even if in Camp Boyfriend some of that prejudice was lost thanks to Lauren and Kayla, but now we get their side of their story and it was great. Such a different dynamics from the Munchies girl, I even felt they were a bit more loyal than them, funny huh?


Kayla is great. We really see her personality shine this time, and much like Lauren she has a very conciliatory personality. She is sweet, and forgiving, and once she got her own voice she was a natural leader. I would’ve loved to be friends with her in real life.


Brooke I couldn’t stand. Even if she had the whole weight of the world on her shoulders I just can’t justify her behaviour. She is worse than Hannah people! Awful girl. I had many issues with Nick as well. It was the first time I wasn’t actually rooting for the male interest, which gave me some mixed feelings. I was at first, but then he sort of lost his niceness and I felt Kayla was better off without him. He did manage to vindicate himself in the end, so everything was right in the world at last. I dare say that this couple’s relationship has been by far the most complicated one at Camp Juniper Point. Man, these kids had issues!


Once again the authors didn’t disappoint with a powerful message. Even though the whole series is about finding your own voice, trusting your gut and doing what feels right to you, in spite of what others may think. They managed to bring a different perspective to it every time. This time around was about speaking up, and even if I can’t relate to it that much, because I’m more like Alex, I still found it to be endearing and I was rooting for Kayla the whole time.


Again, this was the perfect ending for the series. It sort of felt like the authors tied everything up nicely. There was forgiveness and long lasting friendships, but most of all, much love and growth.

Source: touchofbookmadness.blogspot.com/2014/11/camp-forget-me-not-by-jk-rock.html
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review 2014-08-21 14:00
Losing It by Cora Carmack
Losing It - Cora Carmack

The plot is cute and well structured. It is interesting and certainly caught my attention, but it was far too predictable. The whole "losing it" thing was definitely fun. I really liked witnessing Bliss try to hide the fact she was a virgin. But even if a couple of unexpected things happened, they were just secondary things that didn’t add much substance to the plot.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t an entertaining read. It was a fairly good one, just lacking the wow factor that would’ve made it memorable.

I did like very much the college factor. I think the author really nailed the "last year of college" feeling. The sense of nostalgia, insecurities, and anguish that real life important decision making goes hand in hand with. I mean, I know that you are already an adult in college, but deciding what to do next is very scary.

I loved that Bliss was a theatre major. I actually minored in theatre but would’ve loved to go the extra mile with it. So I adored being able to share a part of that experience with her.

The characters were good. Bliss was funny and a bit odd which made her cool actually. I think most of the characters were a bit extravagant. But then again, I think all actors are. That proves that the author did a good job with her character building. My only complaint in this aspect is Bliss’ name. Really?

I liked that we got one glimpse into Garrick’s point of view; I wished we could’ve gotten a bit more of him, although I think that the fact he was British was extremely cliché.

All in all I think it was a wise decision to have only one main point of view throughout the story.

Overall, it was a nice read. It provided entertainment, but I wasn’t impressed by the story. I do want to keep reading the rest of the series, let’s just say I’m not in a rush to do so.

Source: touchofbookmadness.blogspot.com/2014/08/review-losing-it-by-cora-carmack.html
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review 2014-08-19 21:53
Unexpectedly You
Unexpectedly You - Riley Janes,Mia Josephs

I definitely enjoyed the book. It was funny, light, and quirky, and quite a perfect choice for a travelling book. That’s right. I read this book while I was abroad in Peru. I didn’t have much time to read, only when we had to catch a train or a bus. So, what made this book perfect for it was its fast pace, easy to follow plot and lightness of the story. You don’t want to get too invested with a book, or bring up too much drama while on vacation do you? Unless you are spending some time on a lake or beach where you can chill and relax all the time. But in this case we were constantly on the move, so I needed a book that was good enough it would be easy to get back to whenever I could, but also not too absorbing I wouldn’t want to go sightseeing anymore.

This book got me hooked from chapter one which was Brooke’s most embarrassing moment throughout the book, in my opinion. Great start I might add, because it allows the reader to get the vibe of the book right away. It gives an excellent introduction to the characters as well, because we learn straight ahead that Brook is an absolute control freak obsessed with perfection and Nate, well…he’s a mess.

I have to admit that my favourite part of the whole book was its characters, especially Brooke. She is definitely unique and I haven’t ever met or read about anyone like her. Her quirks were so obvious and she didn’t even care about it. She knew her real self and wasn’t afraid to show it to the world. She also wasn’t willing to change for anyone. Great role model actually. But what is great is that we can also tell she has her own personal issues which mess her up a bit, so yeah, very honest and distinctive character. For me she was the sole responsible for making this story quite memorable.

The plot was definitely predictable, starting from the title which ironically starts with the word unexpected. I guess that explains why my rating was 4 and not 5 stars. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy reading about how the predictable ending comes to be, because the story is filled with funny and not so predictable moments.

But the best thing about this book is that it portrays beautifully that even quirky and obsessive people get their chance at love; and in the end you are rooting for it so bad! The love story is pretty cool, too. It’s not insta-love or anything. You can actually witness the whole process from hate, to scepticism, to comfort, to friendship and then love; and as everything in this story, very truthful. 

It even has some powerful messages hidden between all the fluff and peculiarities. Like you don’t need to seek others approval, the most important one in your life should be your own and you can always get a second chance in love.

In sum, this book offers a perfect fun and quick escape from your everyday chores, and will provide for an entertaining read. If you are looking for a fresh twist to a timeless love story, this is for you.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

Source: touchofbookmadness.blogspot.com/2014/08/review-unexpectedly-you-by-mia-josephs.html
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