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review 2017-08-04 22:17
Martyr by Rory Clements
Martyr - Rory Clements

I'm glad to be finally finished. That book felt like it took forever to read. If it hadn't been a More Historical Than Fiction read I probably would have dropped it. Maybe I should have dropped it. Oh well.


It's not that it's a bad book or anything; I just couldn't get into it. I'm not sure why I struggled so much with it, but the dialogue seemed stilted and I was kind of bored by it. I know I wasn't supposed to be bored but I just couldn't seem to care about any of it. I also had trouble picturing the climax scene with Herrick. It just didn't make sense, physically, to me.


Shakespeare blocks Herrick's blow with his left arm, then brings his right arm around and strikes him on the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. They're of a height, so to accomplish this would require him swing his sword around in such a way as I find terribly inefficient. I just can't get it to work out in my head.

(spoiler show)


I feel that based on the subject matter, this should have been a nail-biting, riveting read, and it wasn't.


Previous updates:

313 of 384 pages

76 of 384 pages

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text 2017-08-04 03:44
Reading progress update: I've read 313 out of 384 pages.
Martyr - Rory Clements

You don't sew a tapestry, do you? I thought a tapestry had to be woven. 


What do you call a large embroidered piece of cloth? 

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text 2017-08-02 13:44
Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 384 pages.
Martyr - Rory Clements

Well, I'm a month behind but I've finally started July's More Historical Than Fiction read.


It's not bad, but I'm not really getting sucked in. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something just isn't quite working for me. There was also some info dumping of past history that didn't seem entirely necessary to the story. John Shakespeare mentions a past case in such a way as to make it feel like this wasn't the first book published...but somehow it feels like filler.


Maybe it'll pick up?

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review 2017-07-20 13:58
Martyr by Rory Clements
Martyr - Rory Clements

First of all, let's just take a moment to appreciate that I finally finished a monthly read for More Historical Than Fiction. Yay, me! I know, I know. That's not really applause worthy, but I'm taking my successes where I can get them.  ;-)


This book was a quick, enjoyable read for me. As a fast-paced mystery with a likable protagonist and a skilled creation of the Tudor world, it captivated and held my attention. I liked the fact that even though Queen Elizabeth never appears in a scene, the reader is given a strong impression of her character and heavy hand on events.


"Those who caught her eye lived a life between heaven and hell depending on her moods, which were as changeable as the weather: one moment sunshine and balm, the next thunder and rage."


Digging a little bit deeper, this book has a few flaws. John Shakespeare makes a great first impression, but I began to wonder what it was that he really believed and stood for as the book carried on. He is willing to risk his life to do his job, but why? The religious battle that grips the country seems to matter little to him, and he has no problem arresting one Catholic and sleeping with another.


Yet it wasn't until the odd Mother Davis bit that I took this book out of 5-star contention. I'm not even sure what to say about that strange episode.


The conclusion of the book felt a bit rushed after all the suspense of getting there, but the appearance of Will Shakespeare was a fun way to wrap things up. This is a series that will go on my TBR.

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review 2017-04-19 19:58
The Martyr's Curse by Scott Mariani (SWE/ENG)
The Martyr's Curse (Ben Hope) - Scott Mariani


Den före detta elitsoldaten Ben Hope har dragit sig tillbaka från sitt våldsamma förflutna och äntligen funnit lugnet, vid ett medeltida kloster i franska alperna. Men det dröjer inte länge förrän problemen hinner ikapp honom. När Ben, efter att ha varit borta från klostret i ett dygn, återkommer till ett blodbad – någon har attackerat klostret och avrättat munkarna – väcks hans stridslystnad åter till liv. Han ska finna mördarna och hämnas. Ben ger sig av på en livsfarlig jakt och dras allt längre in i en härva av stulna skatter, bedrägerier, mord och en sjuhundra år gammal förbannelse.

Vad vill egentligen ”De förbereddas armé”, den hänsynslösa grupp som angrep klostret, uppnå? I takt med att Ben hittar fler ledtrådar uppdagas en fasansfull plan som hotar att ödelägga hela världen. Den slutgiltiga katastrofen måste förhindras – och det finns bara en man som kan göra det.



Martyrens förbannelse är den andra boken jag har läst i Ben Hope serien och jag tycker storyn i denna bok är snäppet bättre än i den förra bokne jag läste (Dolda). Men så finner jag begravda hemligheter väldigt fascinerande. Sedan är det så att man kan ju inget annat än tycka synd om Ben Hope som äntligen har funnit den frid han har sökt så länge ska tvingas ta itu med onda människor igen. Denna gång en man som är ute efter något som kan innebära världens undergång. För Ben Hope är detta uppdrag personligt, han är ute efter hämnd. Munkarna som dog var hans vänner och han stoppar inte för något eller något förrän de har fått upprättelse.

Martyrens förbannelse är en snabbläst thriller, perfekt för en mörk vinterdag när man vill tillbringa dagen i soffan under en filt. Jag gillar Ben Hope, han är inte en opersonlig mördarmaskin utan en man som har fått utstå mycket men som nu verkar ha funnit ro. Men så krossas det och än en gång måste han stoppa en galning. Jag fann att handlingen i första halvan av boken tilltalade mig mest, när man ännu inte hade svar på alla frågor. Slutstriden kändes en aning förutsägbar men boken är helt klart underhållande.


Tack HarperCollins Nordic för recensionsexemplaret!



Ex-SAS major Ben Hope has found sanctuary in a remote monastery in the French Alps. But wherever Ben goes, trouble is not far behind.

When a team of merciless killers slaughter the innocent monks Ben’s revenge quest draws him into a bewildering mystery of stolen treasure, deception and murder.

As he works to unravel the clues he is confronted with a terrifying reality that threatens to cruelly reshape the future of humanity. What is the significance of an ancient curse dating back to a heretical burning? What are the real ambitions of the enigmatic ‘Army of the Prepared’?

The race is on to prevent global devastation, and there’s only one man who can do it.

The exhilarating and addictive new thriller by the master bestseller, Scott Mariani.


The Martyr's Curse is the second book I have read in the Ben Hope series and I think the story in this book is slightly better than in the previous book I read (The Forgotten Holocaust). But I find buried secrets very fascinating. I don't you can feel anything but sorry or Ben Hope who has finally found the peace he has sought so long to be forced to deal with evil people again. This time a man who is looking for something that could mean the end of the world. For Ben Hope is this mission personal, he's out for revenge. The monks who died were his friends and he does not stop for anyone or anything until they have been vindicated.
The Martyr's Curse is a fast read thriller, perfect for a dark winter day when you just want to spend the day on the sofa under a blanket. I like Ben Hope, he is not an impersonal killing machine, but a man who has suffered much, but who now seems to have found peace. But then it's crushed and once again he must stop a madman. I found the first half of the book appealed to me the most when you have not yet had all the answers. The final battle felt a little predictable, stil, the book is certainly entertaining.
Thanks to HarperCollins Nordic for the review copy!
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