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review 2017-08-21 00:07
Fall Into Darkness by Christopher Pike
Fall Into Darkness - Christopher Pike

Sharon McKay is on trial for her best friend Ann Rice’s murder. Never mind that there’s no body, no real witnesses, and no evidence. Sharon and Ann’s friends saw them hike up to the cliff that night and heard Ann scream “Don’t!” before she either fell or was pushed off the cliff. Everybody seems to be convinced that Sharon killed Ann.

Scenes of the trial from Sharon’s POV alternate between scenes prior to the accident/murder from Ann’s POV. What Sharon didn’t know was that Ann was obsessed. Ann’s brother, Jerry, had loved Sharon and had killed himself after their relationship ended. Ann blamed Sharon and wanted her to suffer. What better way to do that than frame her for murder, thereby ruining her bright future? (I’m sure you can think of better and less risky ways she could have gotten her revenge, but just roll with it.)

I loved Christopher Pike’s books when I was a teen. They haven’t held up quite as well for me now that I’m an adult, but I can understand why Teen Me loved them: they almost always have shocking revelations and riveting banana pants moments.

The first half of this book was a straightforward murder...story. I can’t really call it a mystery, because everything was laid out for readers to see: Ann’s motive, her plan, who she decided to involve. All of it by page 32. The main question seemed to be “Did Ann survive her regrettably complicated plan or not?”

However, I trust Pike to always find a way to complicate things, and about halfway through the book he did just that. Bad things happened during Ann's plan. A character I hadn’t paid much attention to did something unexpected. Yes! Great fun up ahead!

Except not so much. Honestly, this book could have used more banana pantsery. Pike used up what little there was too quickly and put everything out in the open too fast. The ending was just...boring. And a little too silly to take seriously. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the kiss-related dialogue at the end. Paraphrasing: “You’re a bad kisser!” “No, you are!” “That was the best kiss I ever had. Really!” Oh, just stop it.

I almost missed the epilogue because the last couple pages were slightly stuck together. If anything, the epilogue actually made things worse, adding “depressing” to “mediocre” in the list of words I’d use to describe this book. I was not a fan of the implication that Sharon might have to pay her lawyer back with sexual favors, or settle for a lesser lawyer. I suppose the “it’s going to cost you” could have been referring to money, but there were a few lines earlier on that suggested otherwise. In general, I’m not surprised that the ending was changed for the made-for-TV movie (although Wikipedia’s description of the changed ending makes it sound like more of a mess than an improvement).

One more thing: I imagine the courtroom scenes would make actual lawyers and judges cringe. I’m pretty sure that real lawyers can’t get away with telling objecting lawyers to shut up (yes, he actually said that out loud, but the judge was so dazzled by the story he was laying out that he didn’t say anything).


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2016-09-20 17:20
Framed: Why Michael Skakel Spent over a Decade in Prison for a Murder He Didn't Commit - Tantor Audio,Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,Peter Berkrot

I have always been interested in this case. I remember reading about it in Vanity Fair years ago. Reading this book has been an eye opener for sure. Written very well by Robert Kennedy Jr, cousin to Michael Skakel.


This non fiction reads like fiction, lots of facts to collaborate Michael's innocence and how he was set up to be sentenced for this crime that he did not do. After reading this book, I do believe that Michael never committed this crime and I sure do hope that he finally gets acquited. 


A definite must read!

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review 2016-04-01 22:48
Framed to Death (A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery Book 4) - Christina Freeburn

#FRAMEDTODEATH AVAILABLE 4/26/16  4 STARS!  @christinafreeb1  @henerypress

This was my second book by this author and I liked it a lot better than the first one. The first one spent a lot more time discussing the scrapping and less on the mystery. While I like to scrap, reading about someone doing it just isn't that much fun. I think this book handled it much better. There was some scrapping and then there were, of course, days at the shop. However, the majority of the dealt with the drug and arson problem. I liked it a whole lot better.

And the suspects, there were so many of those. I seriously thought I for sure knew who was doing it, but I was wrong, yet again.

This is a great cozy mystery series which I am beginning to like more and more. The writing gets better with each book I read there were a few chuckles and overall an enjoyable and entertaining read.

Huge thanks to Henery Press and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2015-12-04 00:00
Framed - Frank Cottrell Boyce It was an okay book. I think it was a let down. I have read Cosmic and I really enjoyed that and this book was nothing in comparison to Frank's other books. A disappointment!
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review 2015-09-17 03:27
REVIEW - Framed

5 “The Princess Bride” Stars!

“As you wish..."


Framed is the soon to be released, newest novel by author C.P. Smith. I have a few books by this author under my belt now and can state with certainty that I am a huge fan. Her books never cease to leave me with a big ole goofy smile on my face. They also always have me lusting, panting... whatever... after her over-the-top alpha heroes. C.P. Smith has penned yet another wonderfully entertaining and suspense-filled book where our growly and over-protective hero meets his match in a sassy, spit-fire heroine.

“Six hundred minutes, that’s all it took to lose everything he’d worked so hard for, including his freedom.”

Kade Kingston learned from an early age that he needed to take care of himself. With parents who left him and his younger brother at a young age, he really had no choice. Kade has worked hard to make something of himself and is proud of his service as a SEAL. He returns home from his service to take on the responsibility of caring for his ailing grand-father, the man who raised both him and his brother after their parents left. Almost immediately upon his return, Kade finds himself in the midst of a nightmare. Wrongly accused of murder and imprisoned, it does not take a rocket scientist to establish that Kade was framed.

“...the girl who’d secretly watched the boy, had grown into a woman who desired more than anything to be with the man he’d become.”

Harley Dash has never forgotten the boy who helped her up when she accidentally fell in cheerleading back in high school. Kade was someone who starred in her fantasies as a young teen and made an impression. Harley continued to live her life after high school but Kade has always remained a sweet memory. When Kade makes the news with his conviction, Harley knows deep in her heart that the boy who she idealized in high school who turned into a man who is a hero could never have committed such a heinous crime. Harley works at the Renault Correctional Facility three days a week to help inmates train abused and neglected dogs so they could be adopted into good families. The Inmate Dog Training Program has saved numerous canines and gives the inmates who participate a purpose while they were confined and serving time. It is only a matter of time before she runs into Kade and when she does Harley is determined to have him become involved in the program, a small way to help him while he waits for his SEAL brothers to get back from duty and help clear his name.

Harley is a sight for sore eyes when Kade discovers that she works at the prison. He has always remembered the sweet and innocent cheerleader who he forced himself to stay away from. In his mind, there is no way he would ever become a man that she deserved. She is still as beautiful as ever and Kade believes that he still needs to stay away from her. However, when his SEAL brethren are not so quick to return to US soil to clear Kade’s name, Harley takes matters into her own hands and begins her own little investigation. In the midst of danger, prison life and canine love, will the truth about what really happened that night ever come out into the light? As it becomes clear that Harley is somehow being targeted because of her nosey intervention, Kade will stop at nothing to protect her and claim her as his own. Is Kade the swoony hero Harley has always imagined him to be? Will whoever is responsible for the murder be caught before even more is taken away from Kade?

“Wait for me, baby.”


“This is now how our story will end.”

I absolutely adore the heroes that C.P. Smith seems to create. Kade was no exception. I loved watching this sexy hunk o’ mountain claim his woman and watching how he does everything in his power to protect what is his. Sigh! Yes, his methods often pissed off his spirited love; however, how fun would it be if Harley did not fight back? The push and pull between the two protagonists was great fun to watch. Kade kept wanting to assert his dominance and the most important thing to him was keeping Harley safe and away from the danger that surrounded him. Harley was just as determined to clear her man’s name. She had waited long enough for her white knight and she was on a mission to get Kade out of prison and into her waiting arms.

There is a lot going on with the suspense storyline and all the secondary characters do play an important role. I gotta say that I fell in love with Kade’s SEAL brothers and I am hoping that Prez and D get their own books. They certainly provided the much needed comedic relief, especially D. Further, this author has this innate ability to balance out a heart-stopping romance with a suspense plot. This book was no exception.

All in all, Framed is a book you can drown in never thinking about coming up for air. Packed full with memorable secondary characters, an exceptional plot, and a heart-warming tale of love, this novel was a fantastic read that had me laughing just as quickly as it had me swooning. The heart of the story was the love story between Kade and Harley. Nothing but pure unadulterated sweetness as our heroine finally gets her hero. I also loved the parallels drawn from the movie The Princess Bride. Simply awesome! This is definitely a highly recommended read!

“I’ve been searching for you my whole life. Wished upon a million stars that I would find my own slice of heaven.”


****An advance reading copy of Framed by C.P. Smith was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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