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review 2017-06-04 12:08
Fun little side story
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Kevin Eastman,Bobby Curnow,Tom Waltz,Cory Smith

Too much exposition sometimes, which is why I knocked off a star, but that's because I've read most of the series this ties into, and I knew all of what they were talking about.   It's probably more useful for what they're really hoping for: new readers who pick this up for free and like it enough to start reading the series. 


And me complaining about this one thing really shouldn't stop anyone from picking this up if they were interested.   It wasn't that bad, and I really, really love this series which is why I picked it up in the first place.   And this feels very much like that series: the same warmth and banter is there.   That same focus on the Turtles as a family, and not only that a family who wants to do good in the world in any way they can. 


The art is just as slick and fun as in the original series.  None of this should be a surprise: it's the same writers and artist.   And I'm glad I picked this up and read this, because it's not a series I follow regularly so much as something I pick up on the sales at Comixology.  I tend to prefer reading a whole volume of this at once, thus the sales, the volumes, and the binging when I get them.  So this was a nice way to keep up with the series.   

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text 2017-03-11 23:46
Currently free for kindle (Doctor Who anthology)
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day - Arianna Florean,Luis Lobo-Guerrero,Elena Casagrande,Al Ewing,Nick Abadzis,Gary Caldwell,Robbie Morrison,Dave Taylor,Rob Williams,Simon Fraser

 Spotted this one in booklikes daily deals at http://booklikes.com/dailydeals/free 

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review 2015-11-30 01:45
Me not watching hockey very well part one
Invincible Iron Man (2015-) #1 - Brian Bendis,David Marquez,Justin Ponsor
Angela: Queen of Hel (2015-) #2 - Marguerite Bennett,Kim Jacinto
Free Comic Book Day 2015 Terrible Lizard - Cullen Bunn,Drew Moss
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) #1 - Natacha Bustos,Brandon Montclare,Amy Reeder,Amy Reeder
Armor Wars #1 - Paul Rivoche
Spider-Island #1 - Christos N. Gage,Paco Diaz
Drax (2015-) #1 - CM Punk,Cullen Bunn,Scott Hepburn
Transformers: Redemption - Livio Ramondelli,John Barber

Invincible Iron Man #1:  


I loved it.  Mostly for his AI Friday, but yes, loved, loved, loved this reboot of his series.   It was fun, it had a lot of depth to it, and I could see myself keeping up with this series. 


Five stars. 


Angela: Queen of Hel #2:


Continuing to love this series.   Angela and Sera's relationship develops quite nicely, as Sera explains why she's done things as she has up until now.   And of course there's the surprise guest at the end that made me all the more excited for number three. 


The art is amazing, but without the depth of feelings that Angela and Sera have for each other, without the tight writing, without full characters, the art would just be that: pretty art. As it stands, it simply highlights how a good script and good art can work with and against each other, playing off each other to take advantage of each other.   


Another stunning addition to the Angela titles.   She continues to be a character to watch.


Terrible Lizard (Free Comic Book Day):


This is the backstory to Terrible Lizard and his human friend, and also explains why he doesn't kill her, or the humans around her.  I'm not sure I buy that he time traveled and imprinted on the first human he sees, but this was full of enough charm and warmth for me to roll with it for now. 


I'm going to look into more of this series. 


Five stars.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: 


Wow.   I had zero interest in this series, but picked it up on a whim at Newbury when I went in last Friday to get back my money from my subscription that wasn't put through last time.   (I spent way more than I'll get back, but everyone is always so nice to me there, and I got comics that I absolutely loved.   Win-win in my opinion.)


This may be the standout series, however.   It featured an incredibly smart girl as a protagonist - Lunella, our Moon Girl - and a dinosaur.   A Devil Dinosaur.   How could I not be hooked?   Lunella was too smart for her own good, and disappointed with much in life: her school was unchallenging, and her family didn't seem to understand her frustration, or how to help her. 


And then came that thing.   That thing that was, trust me PE teacher, not a dodgeball, and no, don't shake it!   Don't!  


It totally wasn't Lunella's fault that a dinosaur came tumbling out of that strange looking thing.   And Devil Dinosaur, who has been told by Moon Boy to make someone pay for his death, apparently thinks Lunella can help him, because she has that thing. 


Y'know, the Nightstone, which ties into Moon Boy's history.   Impeccable in every way: the stylized art was perfection for the tone of this story, Lunella was charming in her own ostracized, loner way, and her determination to make it out of there, to make something of her intellect, only endeared me to her move.   


Sadly, only five stars.   But only because no one will give me more per book.   I wish I could give this at least a thousand times this. 


Armor Wars #1: 


I really enjoyed this one, as well.   I loved how everyone was dependent on armor, and no one could survive without it.   It meant mech for everyone.   A mecha for everyone.   Yay!   But without an actual plot, this wouldn't really go anywhere.   What this did have was some family tension and competition, mostly between Tony and Arno Stark, and some other complications without this technologically advanced city.  


Spider-Man, by the way?   Had mech.   It was awesome.


5 stars. 


Spider-Island #1:


What if the Spider-Queen had gotten her way and infected everyone, so they were spider-people and connected to her, and had to do her bidding?   Well, now you know.   It's not pretty.  


Of course, she can't get to Vision because synthezoid, and Venom's symbiote won't let the spiders through to infect him.   These two, and some as yet unaffected people, fight a desperate last stand against those they once considered friends, such as Captain America whom the queen has claimed as her king. 


Exciting.   Plus, y'know, Vision.   


5 stars. 


Drax #1:


 It did have a Rocket cameo, and the ThanosThanosThanos line repeated ad nauseam was funny.   It didn't do it for me quite as much as I'd hoped, or as the other comics did, though.    Not bad, and I laughed out loud, just not quite as good as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, or Angela. 


I'd be willing to give it another issue or two and if I'm not crazy about it, I'd drop this in a heartbeat. 


Still, well written, some humor, and really nice art.  


4 stars.


Star-Lord #1: 


Another one that was okay, but the whole Peter Quill's backstory just doesn't do it for me.  And this is his backstory, at least so far.  


Not bad, just didn't get under my skin like some comics do. 


4 stars.


Venom, Space Knight #1: 


Yet another comic that I went alright.   And?   Not bad.   The art in particular was lovely in this issue, but the whole Venom/symbiote as a champion of good is still not jiving with me.  I wanted to see if he could make it work on his own, and he can't for me. 


4 stars. 


Transformers: Redemption:


So many feels.   So, so many.   The Dinobots are given a chance to make money, and they turn it around, turn it into a redemptive moment.   So does Barricade, the Decepticon cop they consider corrupt, at least until the end.   


And oh, Primus, Barricade.   I can't even talk about his storyline.    I do, however, have an exponentially larger crush on him now.  


And Slug.   Yeah, let's not even talk about Slug either.   This was a pretty crushing comic. I mean, everything happened, and it made sense, but I was watching some scenes with a growing sense of horror, going, 'no, no, no, I reject that this is happening.'


So.   Many.   Feels. 


I'm still emotionally recuperating from this.  I'm going to have to reread it fairly soon. 


5 stars. 






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review 2015-10-13 01:08
Yay, yay, no!
Free Comic Book Day 2015 The All-New All-Different Avengers/The Uncanny Inhumans/James Patterson Max Ride First Flight - Mark Waid,Charles Soule

There were three parts to this free comic: an intro to the All-New, All-Different Avengers (yay), an intro to the Uncanny Inhumans (yay), and to Max Ride (no.)


So let me go over this from most hated to most loved.   Max Ride.   I can't get into it.   Also, this was like two pages long, so, I didn't get much a sense of this series or what it's going to be.   So this dragged the whole thing down: I would have given this one star on it's own. 


All-New, All-Different Avengers.   Miles Morales.   Vision.   Mrs. Marvel.   Yes!   I love all these characters.  I've grown to feel lukewarm about Iron Man, and I'm liking Nova, I just don't love either of them with all my heart.   


That being said, this was a touching story with a twist.   I saw it coming, but some of the characters didn't, and the newbies learn what it means to be an Avenger.   And that they have what it takes.  It was sweet for what it was.   Five stars. 


Uncanny Inhumans.   Ugh, no Black Bolt.   All Medusa.   Still, it shows her being a real Queen, taking care of, and responsibility, for her people - Nuhumans included.   I would have liked it more if I didn't get The Human Torch/Medusa pairing.   Why?   Especially since she's like the opposite of Crystal and he's seriously dated her.   He's also such a player, and she's kinda been devoted to Black Bolt until she realized what dick moves he was pulling.   (Look, honestly, he does.  I think he thinks it's required of him to lead, but it isn't.   I still love him, and quite frankly, feel conflicting emotions about all this: if he were real, and I still liked him, well, I'd feel shitty about myself.  I kinda give myself a pass because I'm like, 'he's fictional, and it's all for the... drama, yeah, right, the drama!'   But, sighs, self, this crappy decision to stand by him and love him and put him up as my avatar makes me feel a little shitty about myself.)


Four stars.   Because I still don't understand Medusa/Human Torch.   This feels like it was supposed to set that up, but the setup was having them kiss.   Without me feeling it.   



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review 2014-10-01 00:00
Elric: The Balance Lost Free Comic Book Day Edition
Elric: The Balance Lost Free Comic Book Day Edition - Michael Moorcock,Chris Roberson,Francesco Biagini It is an introduction to the Elric: The Balance Lost - graphic novel in 12 parts. It served to introduce the characters (for the uninitiated) and to give a preview of the art. I have to say that I rarely liked representations of Elric, and this is no better. Monsters are great and some cover variants, but mostly that's it.
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