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text 2017-03-25 22:46
Reading progress update: I've read 60 out of 232 pages.
New Teen Titans Vol. 2 - Romeo Tanghal,Marv Wolfman,George Pérez

so much fun. the Terminator makes a strong, early impression; Raven will always be my favorite (every time she teleports and there's that big cloud billowing out all over everything, I'm in love); great development of Cyborg and Changeling, their personal lives; Starfire on fire, easily becoming a major DC force; now we just need a deeper focus on the underused Wonder Girl...ah! next plotline takes us amongst the Amazons on Paradise Island. best. timing. ever!

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text 2017-03-23 23:26
Reading progress update: I've read 5 out of 232 pages.
New Teen Titans Vol. 2 - Romeo Tanghal,Marv Wolfman,George Pérez

I truly feel that finally reading this classic Teen Titans run will be one of the highlights of my year. I live in awe of Mr. Wolfman; that's how I was when I was 12, and that's how it is today.

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review 2017-01-27 14:33
A Redefine Wonder Woman That Done Right!
Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 1 - George Perez

In 1985, George Perez, Len Wein and Bruce Patterson redefine Wonder Woman with a new beginning after Crisis on Infinite Earths, a crossover where DC heroes in one too many alternate universe converge into one. Origins were rewritten and in the case of Wonder Woman, it was some thing unexpected that takes you on an epic journey that re-imagine a truer superhero with a proper story line and a better plot.


Collecting issues #1 to 14 series 2, a new origin of how Princess Diana (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) was born with a back story of how her mother, Hippolyte, an Amazon warrior whom worship the Greek Gods betrayed by a demigod man named Heracles (son of Zeus), whom abused Amazonian women to men's desire until broke free and escape to Paradise Island. There, Hippolyte had Princess Diana, born out of clay and soon were given a mission to man's world (or the only travel to man's world is Boston) as ambassador to spread peace and teach equality among mankind. Along the way, Princess Diana battles God of War Ares, live among mortals and learn about mankind ways and been given the challenge of the Gods by Zeus himself to prove she is worthy as a warrior.


Yes, you must have wondered - Wonder Woman is a feminist. And that is true because the idea behind the redefining this character was meant to be as one.


What I read here is truly an amazing read. For one - the flow of the story never miss a beat. It has this steady flow of characterization that I find romantic in telling, more importantly how these characters were introduced so smoothly, it became an epic journey of well-told origins of a superhero. Secondly, there are some chapters in the story that, unlike most comic book series, explained well of the mysteries that was a plot filler complete with significant situations that completes the empty gap in the story that is strong and acceptable. For instance - Wonder Woman's costume. Have you ever wonder why she wore those skimpy outfit? You will be surprise to see its origin that does not offend any female readers. And of course - lastly the reading experience. Its such words written in each panel, it really does take a long time to complete at least a chapter of 32 pages. I mean - its filled with so much words, some times you might missed out some of them in other panels. For the price I paid for, that's worth every single money I spend on!


The artwork, of course, done by George Perez is one of the best. I always love George Perez for its sheer detail artwork and its beauty and patience of penciling. There is no laziness nor any computerized digitized artwork done in every single page ever. For me, its a bonus reason why I bought this book mainly because of him. Included in this volume is also a biodata of four significant characters plus a few pages of gallery collected tradepaperback covers worth looking into.


With a summer release 2017 of the live-action film version of Wonder Woman, if you never read a single Wonder Woman comic book, pick this one up. It will surprise you and change your view what you thought comic books were, this definitely on the same ranks of any well-written books without artwork should be appreciated. I can safely say, this is a series I will pick up with volume 2 arrives later this year.

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review 2016-11-14 23:18
Wonder Woman (1986-) #9 - George Pérez,Len Wein,George Pérez

This Wonder Woman series is just absolutely amazing.   I'm loving how innocent Diana is, and how she doesn't allow the world to bring her down.   She retains her optimism: when light shines on greed and corruption, she uses her own inner light to banish it all. 


How timely a message!


In this issue, The Cheetah is introduced - or perhaps reintroduced - as a nemesis.   She's strong, sleek, powerful and purely a predator.   She's hunting Diana, both as the Cheetah and in her civilian identity, but in different ways.   The human uses lies to lure in Diana, and when she becomes the Cheetah she literally, physically hunts Wonder Woman down. 


She's a chilling enemy, and yet one that Diana overcomes, as well.   Her time in Boston has come to an end, and although the woman she's been staying with - and her daughter - beg Diana to stay, she must go home to her mother.   As much as she wants to stay, she reminds them all that she has a family of her own. 


It's her time to go, and she does, with souvenirs of her time in man's world.   I"m eager to see where this goes next.  Love, love, love. 

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review 2016-11-13 13:24
Avengers Assemble!
Avengers (1998-2004) #21 - Al Vey,Kurt Busiek,George Pérez

I'm using this for the Avengers Assemble on my Marvel card - which means I only have one more slot until blackout.   Yay!  


I also need a break.  I'm going to see if I can buy single issues that I need at the comic book store nearby later on, but for now I need to eat, and clean, and shower.  


This run should have been amazing: Busiek and Perez.  I'm not crazy of the art, not because it's bad, but because I feel it sometimes doesn't fit this series.   Mostly, though, I'm weirded out by how weird Busiek is making this.   


Jan almost comes out and says she deserved to be hit by Hank because she feels abusive towards him, as if she took advantage of his breakdowns and his turn as Yellowjacket to get him to marry her.   And yes, that's kinda squicky when he puts it in those ways, but this relationship wasn't healthy on either side because they both had issues - particularly insecurities, him about himself and her about how much he loved her since he was withdrawn sometimes.   The thing is that Marvel later gave Hank bipolar disorder and while it somewhat makes sense given his history, it makes things like this even weirder and grosser in retrospect. 


Not that Marvel could give any old school Marvel hero any mental health issues without something looking weird: they all had weird moments because in the sixties, hell, even the eighties and some of the nineties, this shit was okay to publish. 


It also makes it hard and uncomfortable to look at shit like this.   Why, Marvel, why?   




But this is about Ultron, who reveals his plans to kill humanity and populate the world with a new robot race, based on combinations of his family's brain patterns.   (He is literally going to get their brain patterns and then kill them.)  Ultron has a therapy breakthrough and realizes he can't be alone and he has family issues, which everyone who's read about his obsessive quest to go after Hank Pym already know is super obvious. 


So this plan.   He doesn't want mindless minions.  He doesn't want multiple of each of them: he wants the variety that humanity provides.   And he's found a way to get it.   And it would be a pretty awesome storyline if it didn't get so fucking weird, with Hank about to have another breakdown and Jan about to spew all her guilt.   


Weird, weird, fucking weird. 

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