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review 2019-01-13 22:49
L'arguzia e la saggezza di Tyrion Lannister - Mary Higgins Clark,George R.R. Martin

Che dire? Le citazioni di Tyrion sono sempre il top, è il mio personaggio preferito della serie e rileggere riunite in un solo posto le sue perle di saggezza è fantastico ma... l'idea è pessima!!! Pagare 12 euro (non 2!!! 12!!!) per un libro con sole citazioni e neanche 100 pagine è un furto

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review 2019-01-11 12:08
Tra ghiaccio e fuoco
Il trono di spade - Il grande inverno (Le cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco, #1) - George R.R. Martin,Sergio Altieri

Era da tanto che avevo in mente di iniziare a leggere questa saga e forse anche grazie al freddo di questi primi giorni del 2019 il momento è arrivato.


E' difficile scrivere qualcosa di un libro di oltre 800 pagine, se non che per finire in dieci giorni un libro di tale "peso" la scrittura e la storia ti devono veramente catturare, quasi come se il libro ti tenesse in ostaggio come uno dei tanti presi durante le numerose battaglie svolte per giocare al Gioco del trono.


La cosa migliore per me stata l'uso dei  diversi punti di vista per portare avanti la storia. Ogni protagonista che racconta la sua parte di storia mette i suoi tasselli in una storia complessa, piena di intrighi e tradimenti , giustizia e ingiustizie ma anche di lealtà e onore ; tutte cose che si possono trovare nella realtà di tutti i giorni ma qui di reale c'è poco. Qui ci sono gli dei i meta-lupi, gli alberi sentinella , gli Estranei e molto altro. 


Una splendida lettura, che per fortuna è ( per ma) ancora solo al primo capitolo della saga.

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review 2018-12-29 21:59
Fire & Blood: From Aegon I to the Regency of Aegon III
Fire & Blood - George R.R. Martin

The rise and fall of the Targaryens in Westeros over the course of 300 years is essentially the backstory for George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones).  Taking on the guise as a master of the Citadel, Martin’s Fire & Blood: From Aegon I to the Regency of Aegon III is the first volume of two detailing the history of the Targaryen dynasty and the unified Westeros they ruled that readers would first meet in A Game of Thrones.


Unlike the vast majority of the books concerning Westeros, Martin writes this one as a pure—yet fictional—history book, though with a clear narrative structure, detailing the lives of the Targaryens and the events that impacted their reigns from Aegon’s Conquest down to the Regency of his great-great-great-grandson Aegon III in the aftermath of The Dance of the Dragons.  The book begins with a quick family history of the Targaryens with their flight from Valyria before the Doom and the century leading up to Aegon’s conquest of Westeros before delving into said conquest with his sister-wives.  Then just a regular history book, the text goes into how the new realm was brought together and how the Targaryens attempted to bring Dorne into the realm during Aegon’s life.  Next came the reigns of the Conqueror’s two sons showing how the new dynasty was tested once the founder was missing and the problems faith and cultures play when interacting with one another.  Follow the death of Maegor the Cruel, the long reign of Jaehaerys I with considerable influence from his sister-wife queen Alysanne shows how dynasty’s rule was cemented even though seeds were planted for a crisis in the succession of the line that would explode in civil war after the death of their grandson Viserys I between his eldest daughter and her younger half-brother that would devastate the realm and basically kill off all the dragons—both human and creature—leaving a 10-year boy left to sit the Iron Throne.


Although around half the material in this book was a reprint from A World of Ice and Fire, “The Princess and the Queen, “The Rogue Prince”, and “Sons of the Dragon” it was all the new material and some retconned details of this 700 page book that is really interesting.  The reign of Jaehaerys and Alysanne was essentially all new as was the details about how The Dance of the Dragons ended and the resulting multiple Regencies for Aegon III.  Along with all this information, which fleshed out the backstory of Westeros even more, were parallels of characters from the main series—as well as the Dunk & Egg novels—with historical personages that appeared in this history that gives big fans thoughts to ponder about what might be in store with the former.


Overall Fire & Blood: From Aegon I to the Regency of Aegon III is a very good book for those fans of ASOIAF/GoT who look in-depth at their favorite series.  Personally as fan of the series and being interested in the depth Martin gives his series, as well as big history read, this book was fantastic.  Yet if you are a casual fan or simple a show fan that hasn’t read the books, this book isn’t for you.

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review 2018-12-15 17:38
Nicht mein Fall
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer 01: Die Herre... Das Lied von Eis und Feuer 01: Die Herren von Winterfell - George R.R. Martin,Reinhard Kuhnert,Jörn Ingwersen

Die Reihe von George R. R. Martin ist glaube ich so gut wie jedem ein Begriff. Nachdem ich es mit der Serie versucht hatte und nicht mit ihr warm wurde, wollte ich dem Buch oder besser gesagt dem Hörbuch eine Chance geben, mich zum Fan zu machen.

Die CD hat es nicht geschafft. Das lag zu einem am Sprecher. Er hat viele Sachen einfach verschluckt und mir viel es schwer zuzuhören, weil ich davon Kopfschmerzen bekam. Auch spricht er viele Charaktere glaub ich nicht richtig aus.
und es lag auch an der Geschichte. Ich bin nicht mit ihr, nicht mit der Schreibweise und den Charakteren warm geworden. Ich weiß nicht, wie lange ich mir die CD angehört habe, aber ich habe sie nach ungefähr der Hälfte der Zeit abgebrochen.

Es gibt von allem zu viel und es war mir stellenweise einfach unmöglich zu folgen oder den Überblick zu behalten. Den ganzen Hype um diesen Autor und die Reihe kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Andere Autoren z.B. J.K.Rowling schafft es viel besser eine andere Welt aufzubauen.

Dieser Fantasyepos wird mich wohl leider nie begeistern können, aber ich habe es versucht.

Keine Höremfpehlung.

Ich habe dieses Hörbuch von bloggerportal bereitgestellt bekommen und bedanke mich herzlich dafür.

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review 2018-11-25 01:13
A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5)
A Dance with Dragons - George R.R. Martin

Look, Martin, we need to talk. This book came out in 2011. I bought the 5-book bundle in 2013 (on a super sweet Black Friday deal too) and then I waited over two years to start reading this monster of a series. I started A Game of Thrones in Jan 2016 and now here I am finishing A Dance With Dragons in Nov 2018 - AND YOU STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED WINDS OF WINTER! WHAT THE HELL, MAN?


Because let me tell you something about my boy Jon Snow. He is

Azor Ahai reborn, dammit, and so there is no way he can possibly be dead. If he does die, Melisandre's just going to have to resurrect him so he can behead all those assbutts who betrayed him in full-on Stark mode, and that's all there is to it. I will not accept any other outcome.

(spoiler show)

So there! Also, it'll really piss off Catelyn, so bonus points.


Also, what is your obsession with cannibalism? Please stop. Thanks!

Unless it's more Frey pies. Then I'm okay with it. ;) Because screw the Freys.


(spoiler show)


Okay, all that aside, here's a list of people you are allowed to kill off in the next book:


Ramsay Bolton

Victarion Greyjoy

Roose Bolton

Euron Greyjoy

Ser Robert Strong, aka FrankenGregor

Cersei Lannister


I know there are plenty of other candidates for this list, but these are my top choices.

(spoiler show)


Seriously, y'all. This book and A Feast For Crows were both a dragging headache and the most brutal thing I've read. Martin has this way of taking characters I despise and making me feel unending empathy for them to the point I'm actually rooting for them (Jaime and Theon) or at least feeling kinda sorry for them while still hoping that they die soon because they are the WORST EVER (Cersei). And while I want Dany to get the hell out of Meereen already, I'm still endlessly fascinated by the chapters set there and seeing how she navigates (sometimes well, but mostly unsuccessfully) leadership and politics. She and Jon have similar journeys here, and while they both have no idea what they're doing, they're both doing the best they can.


And the dragons! OMG, I was starting to worry that title was one big troll, but the dragons are amazing. Moqorro's the troll, if you ask me. At least I hope he is, because if anyone here needs to die worse than the rancid slime turd that is Ramsay, it's that decaying dick worm Victarion (and his brother but Euron wasn't in this book).


Arya's still kicking names and taking ass, Tyrion got a little dark here but it was interesting to see him trying to navigate the world without relying on his name, and Bran just broke my heart. Rickon, the forgotten Stark, is still MIA. Davos, my Onion Knight, 

is not dead. I KNEW IT!

(spoiler show)

and even though I despise nearly all the Ironborn, I do enjoy Asha's POV. She's most the decent of the bunch, after the Reader. Melisandre's still shady as hell. All these prophecies and conspiracies and subterfuges and whatnot - Martin's walls must be covered in post-it notes to keep this all straight. I don't know how the man does it.


I still think A Storm of Swords is the best of the bunch so far, but I'm going to try reading these last two books in chronological order when I do a reread and see if that helps with some of the pacing issues or makes them worse, lol.

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