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review 2017-10-15 13:32
#Audiobook Review: The Ghoul Vendetta by Lisa Shearin
The Ghoul Vendetta: An SPI Files Novel - Audible Studios,Lisa Shearin,Johanna Parker

SPI agent Makenna Fraser points out that bad stuff always seems to happen around her, and she’s not kidding. The Ghoul Vendetta opens with Mak and Goblin Lord Rake Danescu on a yacht in the Hudson, along side several of the supernatural world’s bigwigs, when it is attacked by a kraken and other sea creatures. What is even more strange is that no one is hurt and everyone is left alone as soon as their target, a vampire mob boss, is kidnapped. Soon after, a familiar foe turns up, robbing banks and threatening Mak’s partner, Ian. Now it’s up to SPI to find the connection and stop a terrible enemy.


As a fan of the SPI Files from the beginning, I am sad to say that The Ghoul Vendetta held several issues for me. First, I was disappointed that the first five to six chapters are almost entirely review of the previous three books; explaining the world and highlighting major events. I appreciate that the author takes care to do this, but by the fourth chapter, I was ready for things to move forward. And once again, throughout the book, there is so much repetition. Mak will remark on who a character is or what they like or do a more than once in the book.


Another issue I’m struggling with is the relationship between partners Mak and Ian. Yes, I was disappointed when the author chose to keep Mak and Ian platonic friends, but I was glad to see she gave them each a love interest. After the conclusion of the previous book, I was looking forward to seeing Mak and Rake together. However, for much of the book, the story once again focuses on how close Mak and Ian are - but how they are only friends. I’m not buying it. Mak shows way more affection for Ian than her supposed boyfriend, Rake. If the author wants me to buy into the “just partners,” and view Rake as a love interest, then she needs to invest time in the romance. There was some of this in the last parts of the The Ghoul Vendetta, but honestly, it felt awkward and out of place since we really haven’t seen Rake and Mak together other than a few casual dates, or working in life and death situations. We know more about Ian and Kylie’s romance than Mak and Rake.


Sadly, I never really got past these two issues, so it was difficult for me to get into the overall story, which has some extremely interesting aspects. I appreciate that the author works to tie together several threads from the previous books. I liked the tie-in with Ian, and was left wondering what will happen next (in a good way). I just felt like there wasn’t enough emphasis on this part of the story after the continuous mention of so many previous events.


One bright spot in listening to The Ghoul Vendetta is the narration by Ms. Parker, even when I bumped up the listening speed 1.5x. I love listening to Ms. Parker’s Mak, repetitions and all. She has a lovely southern accent that is fitting for the tough yet “weaker” character of Mak. Ms. Parker’s male voices are good, but tended to blend a bit (Ian and Rake), and I felt that her performance of Alain Moreau has changed slightly-a bit more dramatic of an accent, yet I still enjoyed it. 


In the end, I had real difficulty getting beyond the constant rehashing of past events and the constant repetition within the story. It diminished what should have been an engrossing storyline and frustrated me to the point where I had to speed up the playback to get though it more quickly. With that, I still recommend The Ghoul Vendetta to fans of the SPI Files, and I hope that the next title will be tighter, stronger, or I fear I may drop the series.


My Rating: C
Narration: B+


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text 2017-09-20 02:34
Halloween Bingo: Modern Masters of Horror
Ghoul - Brian Keene


Excellent story of 3 boys growing up and battling the monster in the cemetery, and the ones at home.


They are 12 yrs old and summer has just begun - they still feel like summer lasts forever.

Hidden forts, comic books, one upping their rivals, the first girlfriend, are the most important things in the world.

Til people start going missing.


I wonder why none of them has a pet.


And this one gets voted Best of Halloween Bingo so far.

Much better than the other one using the same creature.


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text 2017-09-10 13:53
That's it!  Done! DNF 61%
Ghoul - Marc Alexander


This was slotted for the Genre: Horror square.


I hope everyone gets eaten.

Or buried in sand.

Or get trapped in the tomb if they ever get the damn thing open.

Maybe the Jinn will trap everyone in a magic lamp.

Don't care.


And the spy from Israel is banging the spy from, uh, wherever else it is in a weird not quite rape kind of way.  


I found their first 'round' to be creepier than the thing stalking the tomb.

I don't even know what they have to do with the story.


So, Genre: Horror gets another spin.

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text 2017-09-09 13:15
Reading progress update: I've read 29%.
Ghoul - Marc Alexander


This isn't looking good.

I've already caught myself skimming.


This is supposed to be taking place at an archealogical dig - we have finally arrived.

I think it's in Israel, I know that's where we started.


We have had first contact with the ghoul.

Pretty impressive, but I don't know if it's enough to keep me going.



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review 2017-08-04 07:10
What's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mystery #1) by Victoria Laurie
What's a Ghoul to Do? - Victoria Laurie




Author: Victoria Laurie

TitleWhat's a Ghoul to Do?

Series: Ghost Hunter Mystery

Cover Rating:

Book Rating:


Buy This Book:






M.J., her partner Gilley, and their client, the wealthy, de-lish Dr. Steven Sable, are at his family's lodge, where his grandfather allegedly jumped to his death from the roof-although Sable says it was foul play.

But the patriarch's isn't the only ghost around. The place is lousy with souls, all with something to get off their ghoulish chests.

Now M.J. will have to to quell the clamor-and listen for a voice with the answers...






Its taken me a long time to put in the effort to read and write a review for self proclaimed psychic and author Victoria Laurie's book What's a Ghoul to Do because when I bought her books I wound up stumbling onto the whole Amazon/ DAM/ Reader vs. Author / Blog drama when I looked up her social pages since I wanted to know more about her.


I didn't care for what I learned. So I shelved her books and forgot about them for awhile.


I wasn't fully convinced that I was eager to read books with the Zombie/Ghoul themes since I'm not a big fan of the whole zombie movement.

I mean no insult to fans of both. My fault at the time for not knowing that there actually is a difference between the two.

Eventually I found my interest was piqued by someone who turned me onto Diana Rowland's Zombie series. I read the books and was forced to admit that I rather enjoyed them. A lot. So I figured since I still had Laurie's books on my shelves I might as well give those a go now that I was willing to give the undead a turn and now that Laurie's whole I'm out to punish all negative reviewers escapades was over - just in case I didn't like them either.


What's a Ghoul to Do was interesting - not really for me when it came to her portrayal of her characters personalities. MJ kind of felt too childlike/ valley girl for me to feel interested in her. I'm the complete opposite of that so its hard for me as a reader to relate to that kind of character.

Most of Laurie's characters felt like on one hand they were described as this fascinating person but on the other, the moment that character actually did or said something it reversed everything that had been built up about them that made me interested in them to begin with.

I do think that there is potential in this series being really good with some minor changes I just didn't think as the first installment to a series that it was all that great.

It probably would have been better suited as a YA book if Laurie took out the more adult content (its not explicit just adult geared) and kept her characters young since the maturity level of her characters feel more like children/teenagers than an adults.


The biggest reason I wanted to read the books - my wanting to get into the zombie/ ghoul thing... I have to admit I'm a poor candidate to judge the level of ghoulishness of this book. The only thing I have to compare it to is Rowland's books and unfortunately What's a Ghoul to Do doesn't even begin to compare. I hate that because its not fair to Laurie but that's all I have to base it on right now.

In my mind What's a Ghoul to Do just felt more like a clever title than actual ghoulishness in the book.

In the end I think I was the wrong reader at the wrong time for this book and this author.

But I encourage you to give a try. See what you think. Could be maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did. I'd be interested in hearing what your thoughts are if you have read it.




Until next time book lovers...



Krissys Bookshelf Reviews purchased a print copy for personal collection.

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