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text 2017-10-03 14:51
How To Use Fabric Repair Glue On Clothes With Hole

While preparing to go out, you notice that the shirt you are planning to wear has a small hole in it. People who are good in sewing will be on it as soon as possible but there are people who do not know how to sew and there are instances wherein sewing is not suitable as it will be too noticeable. This simple problem can now be solved by using fabric repair glue such as Speed-Sew. Our product was launched more than 45 years ago and designed to be used for fabrics.

Speed-Sew is very durable fabric glue which means that the repaired garment can be washed over and over without worrying about it falling apart. It is also long lasting because a single tube can last for several years in storage. It is recommended for people who are into arts and crafts, sewing and making fashion clothing.

What do you do if your shirt has a hole? Pick out the best fabric repair glue and the shirt in question. Turn the shirt inside out and secure a card board in between the layers. This is to avoid accidentally sticking the front part to the back side of the shirt. When this happens, the hole is no longer a problem because you have a much bigger issue at hand. Sarcasm aside, you start with putting a little amount of glue at the edges of the tiny hole. The next step requires precision using your hands or a tweezers. Slowly close the hole by sticking the edges to close the gap but not to overlap the fabric on top of one another. You might have to use two hands to do this precisely.

Wait for a few minutes for the fabric repair glue to dry and add some more to the back side of the garment. The area might have a little smudge from the dried glue but it will look better once it has been washed. Make sure that the edges arefused together and any small openings should be added with more glue. You can wash the shirt and be assured that the hole will not fall apart.

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review 2017-07-25 07:32
The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes by L.H. Spelman & T.Y Mashima (Eds)
Rhino with Glue-On Shoes, The: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and Their Patients - Lucy H Spelman,Ted Y Mashima


TITLE:  The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and their Patients 


AUTHOR: Lucy H. Spelman (Editor), Ted Y. Mashima (Editor)


FORMAT:  Paperback


ISBN-13:   9780385341479




This fascinating book offers a rare glimpse into the world of zoo and wild animals and the veterinarians who take care of them. The book contains a compilation of 28 stories written by the veterinarians involved in each case. Each story is fairly brief, which makes page-turning very easy. As with any compilation, the writing style and quality changes from one story to the next, but the various authors were able to bring us along on their adventures in an appealing way. The book also does a good job of tying together the clinical aspects of zoological medicine with the conservation and public health roles within the realm of wildlife health. Including such stories as a hippo with a tooth-ache, a giraffe with splints, an elephant in a snare, dolphin rescues, a rhino with sore feet, dung beetles with parasites, fish with the bends, and many more stories, this book manages to entertain and educate.



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review 2016-01-22 23:21
Too Much Glue - Jason Lefebvre,Zac Retz

This book is too cute. I bought it last year when I was teaching 3K as a way to introduce glue skills. Its about a boy who uses to much glue and everything gets stuck to him. We read the book and made ourselves into "Too Much Glue People" glueing scraps to a template of a body that I had put the kids pictures on. The only thing about this book is that it's a little long so my preschoolers got a little bored but for K-2 I think it would be ok and it would be great at the beginning of the year to show that "a dot is a lot with glue"

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review 2016-01-05 00:12
Lots of potential topics but none covered in any depth.
We Are All Made Of Glue - Marina Lewycka


It's hard to review this book, as I enjoyed some parts, but also felt that it was trying to be too many things while failing to fully achieve any of them.


The main character is Georgie who has separated from her husband and is desperately searching for a man to replace him. Her choice of Mark Diabello could not have grated more, he was such a sleaze-bag and I cringed when she let him anywhere near her.


She befriends an elderly lady who lives in a crumbling old mansion and scours the supermarket discounts for bargains. Mrs Shapiro is a Jew who has made her home in Britain after her family fled the Nazis. When she falls and ends in hospital, the vultures start circling, all hoping for a cut of the wealth in her house.


The attempts of two real estate agencies to enveigle their way into the house, with a view to its sale, is an effective metaphor for the Israeli-Palestinian issues, but this conflict could have been a more central part of the novel and in my opinion would have made it a much stronger book. As it is, the subject is barely touched on in the early parts, only becoming the central issue towards the end.


Georgina also aspires to be a novelist and we endure painful snippets of her prospective romance novel, relating to her daily life and testing out possible ways of writing her experiences.


Finally, Georgie's son, Ben has found religion and is convinced that Armageddon is imminent.


The use of glue and adhesives (as in the title) is an attempt to bring all these discordant threads together. Most chapters begin with a glue-related title that reflects its meaning within the narrative - irritatingly trying to be clever. And Georgina is an editor for an adhesives magazine.


The ending? Hmm, somewhat neatly rounded off with a rather cliche ending, sadly. I had hoped for something a little more profound, having broached the issues of Jewish homelands and Arab evictions.


Ms Lewicke's touch of humour does surface from time to time, but I've never found her books to be hilarious. The underlying messages, centering around immigration and migrant workers, have always been the stronger feature.


Finally I should mention the narrator of my audiobook, Sian Thomas, who did an excellent job with the accents, particularly Mrs Shapiro and sleaze-bag Mark!


Also read:
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian (4 stars)
Two Caravans (4 stars)



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review 2015-09-04 15:50
Page-turning Comedy
Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun - Lois Winston

Crafts editor Anastasia Pollack is at her funniest and most determined when her luck is at its worst, and she’s just been run over by the bad luck bus of life. It may be hard to imagine how hilarious a book can be when the protagonist’s husband dies and leaves her broke and in debt and with a Communist mother-in-law who moves in with her—but it just gets funnier. And though I cringed at the image I found the weird creativity of the murder itself it comical.


Early on, I figured out whodunit but this was still a nonstop page-turner. I enjoyed reading to see if I was right. Anastasia is an irresistible character. While some of the comedy—her mother’s many marriages, her parrot that quotes Shakespeare at the perfect moment—is larger than life, the protagonist feels real, and so do her teenaged sons and her relationship with them. Winston strikes exactly the right balance between believable and over-the-top. The pacing of the plot kept me asking how Anastasia was going to get out of each crisis and when and how the killer would get caught. The narrative style is so engaging, I think I could read a book without a plot by Winston and still be entertained.


For those who enjoy the truly cozy aspect of a cozy mystery, there are craft projects at the back of the book—directions how to do the projects Anastasia works on in the course of the story. There’s also a tempting sneak peek at the next book in the series, which promises to be equally amusing and well crafted.

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