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review 2015-10-03 00:00
God Is Dead, Volume 1
God Is Dead, Volume 1 - Jonathan Hickman,Mike Costa,Di Amorim

I was hoping the reviews would be wrong, but they were oh so right. So right.


I really loved the concept of this series. I have a love for anything that involves the parthenon of gods and seeing how authors/writers create them in the modern day (or just in general). This fell really flat for me, felt really contrived and really just cheesy. Zeus comes down to the Vatican? (first of all why the Vatican and not in Greece??) and sees the painting of Adam and God and destroys it and decides to take over. Do we know why? No. It seems more of because they can. Maybe the characterization of the gods comes later but I didn't see any hint of that. I found it interesting that the Aztec gods killed the athiests first? and then people were lining up to be butchered? I don't know, this just fell flat in so many ways and when there's amazingness like The Wicked + The Divine out there...I couldn't get myself into it. Boo.

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review 2013-09-14 00:00
God Is Dead #1 - Jonathan Hickman, Di Am... God Is Dead #1 - Jonathan Hickman, Di Amorim I'm very excited to read this series, it holds such promise. how do you take on the gods of lore? what's left of the human race is about to try yo find out!
great read!
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review 2009-08-21 00:00
God Is Dead - Ron Currie Jr. Review buried in comments below (#2)....
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review 2008-06-03 00:00
God Is Dead
God Is Dead - Ron Currie Jr. fascinating, grim, funny and hard to forget. One of the best short story collections masquerading as a novel I have read. Not every piece is perfect on its own, but as an arc they manage to create a post-God world that is real and frightening without resorting to the same dystopian nonsense we've seen before. A great companion piece to Coupland's Life After God, but more powerful.
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