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review 2014-01-23 09:11
My Story - Elizabeth Smart,Chris Stewart


I probably should have stopped reading this early on when I realized that it would be somewhat of a religious book. Well, not like the bible or anything, but the author pretty much thanked God for getting her kidnapped, and so I should definitely have stopped reading at that point, because Milla + religion = eye rolls.


Let’s get back to that though…


The reason why I should have stopped reading, is because I literally can’t write a review of this book, where I don’t focus on the religion, and I should be able to do that, because this is a book about a girl who got kidnapped when she was 14 and lived 9 months in hell(?) and I should be able to write a review about that, but instead I just want to go on and on about how stupid religion is, because it makes 14 year old girls THANK GOD FOR GETTING KIDNAPPED AND RAPED BY A SICK OLD MAN!!!





I’m glad she lived to tell this story, I really am, and I’m glad it seems she’s moved on and is living a great life now. I’m really happy about that. And I’m not an awful person, I’m really not, and I do respect other peoples beliefs, and also choice of religion (I do), but at the same time I have to [insert eye roll] when the girl in the book literally thought that it was GOD who put an actual cup of water next to her pillow, one night when she was thirsty and hungry. She literally thought that it was GOD, people!! Honey, if your God had the power to put an ACTUAL CUP OF WATER next to your pillow, I’m pretty sure he could have, you know, unchained you from that tree too, ok?


For reals, I can’t.



Anyway.. I’ve read a few of these survivor stories, and it’s really great to read what people are capable of surviving, how strong we are when we need it the most. In this case, I just wish she would take all the credit herself instead of giving it to some dude who lives on a cloud in the sky..


2 stars.

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review 2013-10-11 14:25
God of Tarot (Tarot, No. 1)
God of Tarot - Piers Anthony Brother Paul of the Holy Order of Vision is a monk on a future Earth that has expanded to the stars. He's sent by his order to investigate reports that God has appeared on the planet Tarot . On this planet the various Tarot cards manifest in creative ways and "religions are wielded like swords." I discovered this book in my teens right around the time I became fascinated with the Tarot. I'm really the opposite of a New Ager, and don't buy any deck of cards have powers or that the tarot cards have a mystical past going back to Egypt, but I loved the art and symbols of it all, so I adored how Anthony played with it and religious and spiritual themes. This book is structured around the first 9 trumps of the Tarot. The first book of a trilogy and it's no standalone, but more like the first part of one long book.
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review 2013-05-22 00:00
God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales - Penn Jillette I've always enjoyed Penn and Teller's shows, and I am a fan of their "Bullshit!" program on Showtime, so I expected to be entertained by Penn Jillette, a self-described atheist.

As I got into the book I realized that atheism was just a loosely tied thread through the essays, but the book was more of a collection of entertainment tales (Sigfried & Roy, David Copperfield, etc.), which were only mildly funny.

Penn also describes himself as an "asshole," and I have no argument with him there. By the end of the book, it became more of a rambling libertarian screed ("let everyone take guns and knives on to airplanes..");and I hurriedly finished the book, so that I could read something by someone not so proud of being a loud, brash asshole.
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review 2013-04-26 00:00
God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales - Penn Jillette Audio book, performed by the author, who is a really funny guy. He makes a case for atheism by outlining the ten atheist suggestions (in place of the ten commandments) and a collection of anecdotes. The latter don't always correspond to the former, but most have a connection to the case for atheism. It's hard to refute Penn's argument that terrorists are a problem because of faith more than any specific religion, and I strongly agree with his statement that the majority of people are good. Overall a book both funny and thought provoking, and probably offensive to many.
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review 2013-03-15 00:00
God Don't Make No Mistakes
God Don't Make No Mistakes - Mary Monroe I really have to say that this book was the best out of the entire series.We really get to see what demon Jade is. Things happen in this book that happens every day. This book gets 5 stars because Mary Monroe showed us that even if you hit rock bottom, you can get back up. I really enjoyed this book
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