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review 2017-05-28 20:51
Green Arrow Vol. 2: Island of Scars (Rebirth) - Benjamin Percy

I've always been a fan of GA, & I am happy to say that Rebirth GA is another model closer to the real one. While this book isn't yet to the level of King's Batman or Tomasi's Superman, the quality is steadily improving as it goes along.  Certainly worth checking into if you are a fan of the character.

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review 2017-01-30 06:52
The Return of Oliver Queen by Kevin Smith
Green Arrow by Kevin Smith - Kevin Smith

In 2000, Kevin Smith, Phil Hester and Ande Parks revived Green Arrow into a 3rd series, where it follows the aftermath of a crossover entitled The Final Night where Hal Jordan's Green Lantern sacrifice himself to a Sun Eater to reignite the sun. He brought back Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow from the dead after he died in a tragically witness by Superman. Collected from issues #1 to 15, Kevin Smith had spun not just a good introduction of bringing back Oliver Queen but had given this title a revival that became one of the most readable comics in the year 2000.


I read this because of one person - Kevin Smith. He has been an awesome writer to me that not only direct but write good stories that really knows how. He is a natural when it comes to words and with Phil Hester's artwork and Ande Parks inking, this is a team that really bring the best part of how Green Arrow would be. Words a side, I was never a fan of Green Arrow and I did for one time think he is a lame character but reading this tradepaperback really brings a good sense that he is cool and flawed, just like how Wally West is as The Flash. With the now current Arrow TV series and running a good four seasons with a current 5th season airing, if you have ever wonder which Green Arrow comic book to read, this might be one of them you should pick it up.

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review 2017-01-29 19:03
Green Arrow, Volume 1: The Death and Life of Oliver Queen - Nate Piekos,Benjamin Percy,Otto Schmidt,Juan Ferreyra

It's my first taste of Rebirth! And it's fun!  Give it a try!

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review 2016-11-24 13:49
Struggled with this story
Green Arrow (2011-2016) #47 - Benjamin Percy,Gabe Eltaeb,Joe Bennett,Jack Jadson,Fabrizio Fiorentino,Federico Dallocchio

Green Arrow is best when he's dealing with street level issues: crime, poverty, drugs, and even corporate evils.   Things that affect those on the street, things that aren't extinction level threats, things that allow him to get closer to those on the street.   It means that he can easily reflect real life, and deal with what is effecting the readers in a real time manner.


This issue incorporates a larger, mystical storyline along with gangs: the Jefe, who Oliver/Arrow is going up against, has the forces of an old god of death at his beck and call - so long as he keeps making sacrifices.   The reason he's called upon this god in the first place is to save his son.   It's love. 


It also happens at a time when Oliver has been betrayed by the woman he loves, although he notes he knew he couldn't trust a woman called Tarantula.  (Note to Oliver: if giant robots that turn into animals invade earth, this is a good rule.   Do not trust Tarantulas.)


So Jefe's storyline speaks to Oliver's storyline and it's all actually quite clever.   I loved a lot about this storyline, and while I recognize that Oliver works well with the Justice League, I didn't enjoy the mystical aspects.   I feel like it overshadowed the connection the writer was making between Oliver and Jefe's storylines.   It also meant that the storyline was focused on either Jefe's backstory or Oliver dealing with his own issues, mostly solo.   There was no connection to the community, and no real feeling that Oliver was doing this for the community, which made me feel disconnected. 


The best street level hero storylines deal with or struggle with that hero's connection to the city, or town, he lives in, and this had an excellent villain which could have forced Oliver to deal with how Jefe and his crew were poisoning the city - and didn't.   The best thing about Oliver was not in this issue at all. 


And I still struggle with this.   At some point, George, a dog, makes an appearance and Oliver basically says he doesn't know what they're up against - but he'll need love to get through it.   Even a hero like Oliver needs self-care.  Maybe especially since they're so immersed in the place in which they live, and so involved in its well being. 


But, self-care doesn't mean you ignore the fact that you have a connection to the place.  One could argue that Oliver has to preserve his life, and his sanity, to serve his community - but even a nod to that argument wasn't made. 


It might not be a problem for others, but I struggled with what I liked most about this type of series being gone from this issue.  And I struggled with the fact that I actually enjoyed so many of the aspects when I was trying to decide how to rate this.   


Bottom line: I'd try this author again.   I'm expanding into DC territory and finding I'm liking it more than I thought I would.   And on a final, unrelated note, I read this two days ago along with like six other books.   Going to review those, update my comic book bingo and then get ready for Thanksgiving. 


Also, I've been distracted by how nice my new shampoo is.   My hair is shiny and smooth and soft and I keep feeling it, which you think wouldn't distract from reading - but you'd be wrong.  

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review 2016-11-12 22:36
Review: Green Arrow/Green Lantern: Greener Pastures (Part I) by Chuck Dixon and Dougie Braithwaite
Green Arrow/Green Lantern: Greener Pastures - Dougie Braithwaite,Chuck Dixon

Fills in Cliff Hanger square on DC Comic Book Bingo card


This is an oldie (1998) but I really enjoyed this beginning of a two-part team up starring a new Green Arrow (Connor Hawke, son of the original Green Arrow) and an old Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, who is making a trip to the future that he will never see). The storyline was what drew me in; the Greens take on eco-terrorists who killed Connor's dad and are set on destroying Mt Rainer/Washington state. And that is where this part of the story ends. As for the artwork, it was clean and easy to read; for being close to 20 years old, the artwork and story didn't feel dated at all. I need to find the second issue of this story because I really like this new Green Arrow and Hal Jordan is my favorite of the Green Lantern corps. 3.5 stars.

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