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review 2018-12-13 16:29
The Girl in the Green Silk Gown / Seanan McGuire
The Girl in the Green Silk Gown - Seanan McGuire

For Rose Marshall, death has long since become the only life she really knows. She's been sweet sixteen for more than sixty years, hitchhiking her way along the highways and byways of America, sometimes seen as an avenging angel, sometimes seen as a killer in her own right, but always Rose, the Phantom Prom Date, the Girl in the Green Silk Gown.

The man who killed her is still out there, thanks to a crossroads bargain that won't let him die, and he's looking for the one who got away. When Bobby Cross comes back into the picture, there's going to be hell to pay--possibly literally.

Rose has worked for decades to make a place for herself in the twilight. Can she defend it, when Bobby Cross comes to take her down? Can she find a way to navigate the worlds of the living and the dead, and make it home before her hitchhiker's luck runs out?


A big step up from Sparrow Hill Road, the first book which was basically a series of short stories. Not that that’s a bad thing, just not what I had been expecting. This is a true novel, with one intense story line. I was “supposed” to read other books before picking this one up, but I couldn’t resist its siren song. And I read it in two evenings, desperately wanting to know if ghostly Rose Marshall could get where she wanted to be.

This was the confrontation Rose had been dreading, pitting her will against that of her murderer, Bobby Cross. She does it with style, smarts and bravery plus a generous dollop of help from her friends. Even her frenemies get involved. I was on the edge of my seat throughout, wondering how each twist and turn would pan out.

I was interested to see McGuire reference the Price family again (a connection with her InCryptid series) as a potential haven for Rose. Mary, the crossroads ghost, featured in Tricks for Free, #7 of InCryptid, so we now have no doubt that these two series take place in the same universe. McGuire also introduces a bean sidhe as one of Rose’s friends, perhaps a connection to McGuire’s October Daye series. Wouldn’t it be fun to see all three story lines intersect at some point in the future?

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review 2018-12-09 12:00
An Abundance of Katherine by John Green.
An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

This book is about a boy named Colin Singleton who had recently been dumped by a girl named Katherine, got dumbed nineteenth times by girls named Katherine, all his life he has dated girls with the name Katharine. He was devastated, and his friend Hassan and he decided to go on a road trip to, well they didn't really have a destination but there turned out to be one, eventually. This road trip involves many surprises

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review 2018-12-03 21:18
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables Novels #1 - L M Montgomery

This series was one of my childhood favorites, and lately, I've seen it making the blogging rounds and had a need to reread it.
I'm so glad I did!
I flew through it, yet, I savored it. It took me back to my own adolescence when my love for Green Gables first came about. I love it as much today as I did 30+ years ago.
Anne Shirley is always on the hunt for kindred spirits and yet, anyone who reads this book instantly becomes one. You look her quirky, imaginative ways. You love the unconditional love that Marilla and Matthew give her. You cry when someone important passes away in the story... at least, I do every time I read it.
You really get pulled right into Avonlea!
For those who have read it, can empathize. Those who haven't read the book... what are you waiting for? It's epic!!! And to think it was written in 1908. It doesn't feel like it though.
Yup, I'll always love this book.



Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2018/12/anne-of-green-gables-by-lucy-maud.html
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review 2018-11-30 15:10
Mastering These 5 Lean Concepts Would Make Your Work-Life Easier

Lean is designed to deliver value to the clients while empowering your employees with the knowledge and motivation to do so! Lean concepts are created to save time, improve quality while adding more value to your product/service, regardless of the nature of your industry. The Lean principles are not just meant for companies but individuals too who eventually want to make their work-life easier. In fact, Lean manufacturing is an integral part of Japanese industry giants that have achieved success in the industry by following the Lean principles.


Let’s get you familiar with the concepts of Lean that would make your work-life easier than ever:


  1. Value

A customer pays you for the value he sees in your product. Lean concepts help you achieve that much-desired value that your end customer appreciates every time. The top value could be achieved if you work efficiently, produce minimal waste and work for achieving a higher quality than your customer expects from you!


  1. Process Waste

Identifying and eliminating the waste in the processes are the top priorities of Lean manufacturing. Waste isn’t about physical waste but everything counts in it that is consumed unnecessarily in your work process. The overproduction, idle times, unnecessary processing and defects are a few examples of waste. Lean recognizes and addresses them to boost productivity in the workplace.


  1. Kanban

It’s another concept of Lean that’s developed to improve efficiency in the workflow through effective workflow visualization. It teaches you to visualize your all tasks and list them out on a Kanban board so that you don’t miss out any single thing in your to-do list. It lets the management know that you have a certain task to complete and you don’t get overloaded with another task for that time slot. Eventually, it helps to keep multi-tasking and distractions at bay and makes the work-life smoother.


  1. The 5S

The 5S concept focuses on increasing efficiency in an organization while reducing the waste to the minimal. The 5S points to sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain to achieve the highest productivity in an organization while keeping it clean and organized.


  1. Kaizen

Kaizen is the concept that focuses on continuous improvement. It follows the PDCA approach to reduce errors, streamline work process, implement plans, review results, revise plans if ineffective and run the cycle again. Kaizen is an ongoing process that fine tunes your work process to optimize it for success.


The Final Thoughts


Applying the concepts of Lean manufacturing, you could make continuous improvement in your work-life. Whether you are an individual looking to excel in career or a businessman striving to streamline your work process, Lean principles are for everyone's benefits. Adopting these concepts will put you on a path to continuous improvement that will make everyone happy in the loop, be it your employee or the customer.


Want your employees to learn Lean concepts for helping your business grow? SKIL is the place where you should get your employees trained for achieving Lean certification. The entire training could be done online with the carefully prepared curriculum by our experienced Lean instructors. Visit us online to get started with the Lean training.


Visit SKIL to know more about Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Certification, Project Management etc.

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review 2018-11-29 14:17
5 Key Six Sigma Concepts Your Employees Should Be Familiar With

Six Sigma contributes to the success of a business that implements its strategies. Six Sigma concept has taken the world by storm and mastering it could propel your business performance to the top. Its principles are designed to solve any hurdle that you might face in business. The core concepts of Six Sigma focus on leveraging data and facts to excel the performance of businesses and make them profitable for the years to come.


If you are planning to get your employees certified for Six Sigma, then let's get you familiar with the key concepts of Six Sigma that make a difference in the success of a business:


  1. Process Control

The process control is the vital Six Sigma concept that helps in the standardization of the operations. The end goal of the process control is to sustain the improvements made in operations. It solely focuses on the product's CTQ to achieve the stable functioning of the operations. Its aim is to prevent the error that creates nuances in operations. Long-term quality service could be achieved by implementing process control in the system.


  1. Defect

A defect is a countable characteristic of a product/service that fails to fulfill the needs of a client. This is where Six Sigma strategies help by identifying and eliminating the defects from the product or service. Eventually, it saves time that's get wasted on rectifying defects and helps contribute to a defect-free service/product that meets the clients' expectations.


  1. CTQ or Critical to Quality

The CTQ works the way up to identify those issues that affect the end quality of the product/service. These elements directly impact the customer's purchasing decision. For instance, if a car manufacturer that sells quality cars but at a low price ends up going out of stock for a period of time, the potential customers might turn to its competitors that sell quality but at a higher price to fulfill their demand. Six Sigma strategies identify these factors and improve them.


  1. Variation

Variation is defined as a gap between the final and expected outcome. Though practically it’s almost impossible to produce the output with zero variation, still, it should stay in the permissible limits. The Six Sigma principles help control variation to a point by making key changes required in man, material and machine to produce the output that doesn’t affect the client’s critical to quality requirements.


  1. Design for Six Sigma

The DMADV concept focuses on designing new processes rather than improving the existing ones. It helps in complete redesigning of the product or service that’s driven on customers critical to quality.


The Final Thoughts


Six Sigma paves the way to achieve the highest output by using state-of-the-art Six Sigma concept. At the end of the day, all products/services need to meet customers' requirements for their existence in the market. With its key concepts, Six Sigma helps these products/services achieve the CTQ demanded by a customer.If you want your employees to be skilled and produce the quality that exceeds the clients' expectations, arranging for the Six Sigma training could work wonders for your success.


Searching for an online institute that could help your employees gets hold of the Six Sigma concept? At SKIL, we have the best Six Sigma certified trainers to help your employees in a better way.


Want your employees to get hold of Six Sigma concept and acquire Six Sigma certification? Read the key concepts of Six Sigma that helps you gain traction in business if your employees master them all. Visit SKIL to know more about Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Certification, Project Management etc.

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