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review 2017-09-12 04:32
Guardians of the Whills
Star Wars Guardians of the Whills (Star ... Star Wars Guardians of the Whills (Star Wars: Rogue One) - Greg Rucka

I was excited to get my hands on this book for two reasons. Firstly, it features my second-favorite Star Wars bromance. Secondly, I was hoping for more info on the Temple of the Whills and its Guardians and more insight into post-Jedi-purge Force beliefs. In retrospect, it was silly of me to hope for that kind of depth in a 234 page Middle Grade novel. The book delivers on the bromance, but not so much on the other stuff. I enjoyed it, but now I need to watch Rogue One again because I can’t remember if Baze or Chirrut ever mention a past association with Saw Gerrera and his extra-rebellious rebels.


Diogo Saito’s illustrations are a nice addition, though I wonder if they were commissioned before or after Rogue One was fully cast. Chirrut looks passably Donnie Yen-like, but Baze looks nothing like Wen Jiang. He looks like some random beardy white dude.

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review 2017-09-02 03:50
Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts - My Thoughts
Bay of Sighs - Nora Roberts

After the disappointment of my last read, I needed a sure thing, so I picked up one of my trusty go-to's and that's La Nora.  Nora's always an easy read for me.  I find myself reading just one more little bit, just one more bit.  *LOL* 

I discovered that one of the reasons I enjoy Nora's trilogies concerning 3 couples is that there's always a sense of a family coming together.  The guys banter with the girls and the girls banter with the guys and they all banter with each other and I end up chuckling like a crazy person.  :)  Yes, they might seem repetitive from one trilogy to another, but it's a pleasant repetition.  I love the friendships that get formed and I honestly think they mean more to me than the romances.

This book, book 2, is the story of the mermaid and the traveller.  She's so funny and innocent of the ways of the land.  I find her verbal faux pas very amusing.  I also find her freedom and honesty refreshing.  She seems so fragile and while I might be like Sawyer, the traveller, and want to protect her, she's fully capable of taking care of herself.  

The romance is great, as always.  I enjoy the OTTness of the love scenes, something that doesn't carry from one author to another.  but as I said before, it's the friendships that often bring me to tears.  And I usually, probably always, tear up reading a Nora.  *LOL*

So, when the 3rd book Isle of Glass is no longer $13.99, I'll be picking it up.  Even though I'm pretty damned sure I know how the trilogy ends, I'm going to enjoy the way it gets there.  :)

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review 2017-08-30 19:49
Release Day ARC Review: Destined to Crave (Descended of Guardians #1) by Setta Jay
Destined to Crave (Descended of Guardians) (Volume 1) - Setta Jay
Destined to Crave

Descended of Guardians #1
Setta Jay
Erotica Paranormal Romance
August 30th 2017
ARC Review Copy


The descendant of two almighty Gods and a Guardian of Earth, Eirykr “Rykr” is born of immense power. Yet, no amount of strength or skill can save him from the curse that tore him away from his first and only love. Turned into a shadowy assassin, he wields the demons bound to his soul with the ruthlessness of a blade. For nearly a decade, he’s searched for the key to free himself, all the while watching over and dangerously craving the beautiful mate who believes she’s driven him away.


Lucy is a born protector, a trait of her Guardian lineage. When her greatest gift was torn from her, leaving a gaping hole in her soul, she refuses to allow a young Rykr, her known mate, to suffer the same dire consequences. Her fear forces her to make a haunting decision and with a grave threat, she crushes him, demanding they part for a decade. Yet, as the years pass she can feel him watching her from the shadows, conjuring wild fantasies that make her ache for him to finally end their torment.


As time ticks toward the decade mark, dark forces rush to descend. Will Rykr’s secret and relentless need to protect Lucy condemn them to a hopeless destiny of constant craving? Or will Lucy bind them for all eternity, no matter the violent threat to her very soul?


Warning: This title contains dirty talk, bad language and erotically charged scenes meant to scorch your eReader.




Barnes & Noble






The children of the Guardians are all grown up….
What new threats await them as they find their true mates…


Ever since the end of The Guardians of the Realms series and the announcement that Ms. Jay planned to write a spin-off series which featured the children from those matings. I’ve been ecstatic and waiting eagerly.


I’ve been a fan of Ms. Jay’s from the begging when she popped on the scene with her very fist book Ecstasy Unbound and each installment then after in The Guardians of the Realms series. This spin-off carries all the wonderful things that capture me. The writing is full of passion, romance, and action. The plot is intriguing, the mythology is cool, and our couples set the sheets on fire.


This couple has a beautiful romance. Lucy and Ryker are two of the children of the Guardians and they discovered at a young age that they are mates. Too young to bond, but they still ended up having a great friendship until they where pulled apart. I felt for both Lucy and Ryker. The loneliness of their separation and then the danger that has claimed Ryker.


I completely adored return to the Guardian world, seeing old favorites, and meeting the children. I love how each character is distinct with their own unique powers and gifts. I liked that we get to see how the human world is coping with the realization that they where never alone. That Gods, powerful beings, and monsters do exist.


This spin-off can be read on it’s own and Ms. Jay gives enough background to pull you in and take you away, but personally I’d recommend reading The Guardians of the Realms series first and meeting the parents and friends. Though it’s not necessary.


Rated: 4 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Setta Jay with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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Challenge(s): New To Me (Series) | Pick Your Genre (PNR) | New Release (2017)



Buy Links: 

Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA – Amazon AU – Barnes & Noble – Kobo – iBooks 






Guardians of the Realms Series: Ecstasy Claimed – Book 2 – FREE
The free promo is August 28th – September 1st.


Buy Links:
Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA – Amazon AU



Books In the Guardians of the Realm Series:


  • Ecstasy Unbound
  • Ecstasy Claimed
  • Denying Ecstasy
  • Tempting Ecstasy
  • Piercing Ecstasy
  • Binding Ecstasy
  • Searing Ecstasy
  • Divine Ecstasy
  • Storm of Ecstasy
  • Eternal Ecstasy



Setta Jay is the author of the popular Guardians of the Realms Series. She’s garnered attention and rave reviews in the paranormal romance world for writing smart, slightly innocent heroines and intense alpha males. She loves creating stories that incorporate a strong plot with a heavy dose of heat.


An avid reader her entire life, her love of romance started at a far too early age with the bodice rippers she stole from her older sister. Along with reading, she loves animals, brunch dates, coffee that is really more French vanilla creamer, questionable reality television, English murder mysteries, and has dreams of traveling the world.


Born a California girl, she currently resides in Idaho with her incredibly supportive husband.


She loves to hear from readers so feel free to ask her questions on social media or send her an email and she will happily reply.


Subscribe to her newsletter for giveaways, exclusive excerpts and release information: http://www.settajay.com/



Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads 




I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

Facebook Twitter Google+   

Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/08/release-day-arc-review-destined-to-crave-descended-of-guardians-1-by-setta-jay
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review 2017-08-30 05:28
Destined to Crave (Descended of Guardians) (Volume 1) - Setta Jay

Lucy and Eiryke “Rykr” grew up together, both being descendants of Guardians and Gods. They had always been close but it wasn’t until Lucy was turning twenty that they realized they were soul mates. Being several years older that Rykr, Lucy breaks his heart and demands he stay away from her for 10 years to enjoy his youth. She had no idea the torment he would go through due to a curse he was given until she can no longer stay away from him.

This is the spin-off series of Setta Jay’s Guardians series that I devoured as they were released. I was really excited to learn that we’d be able to get more of this world she has created, a loose spin on Greek mythology. I loved getting to know Lucy and Rykr as they battle a new threat.  It was a quick read but there was plenty of hawtness, a full character feel and a complete story. I also liked the brief appearances by some of my favorite characters from her previous books. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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review 2017-07-29 19:32
When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity Book 12) - Alexandra Ivy

Cyn is a self-confessed hedonist and proud of it. He doesn't want to settle down or stop partying or stop indulging in all of life's pleasures, so when a fairy princess and him end up dropped naked in caves under his lair and told by an oracle that they have to work together to stop the next evil plaguing their world, his reaction is to leave said princess alone in his caves. Princess Fallon has longed to experience life and Earth. Tired of living the submissive and pampered life at court she wants to live and make her own choices, so she jumps at the chance to help the oracles to discover who is trying to control the Commission even if that means working with the obnoxious but so gorgeous and arrogant vampire. They butt heads from the get-go. He can't seem to see past her spoiled and pampered façade to see that she isn't actually either of those things, but she can't stop fantasizing about him. Cyn tries to ignore her presence in his lair while he works on his part of the puzzle but he can't seem to stay away from her or stop worrying about her comfort. When pieces start to fall into place Cyn and Fallon also start to spend more time together. When Cyn is nearly killed by the villain Fallon rushes to save him, which leads to her royal fiancé finding out where she is. Cyn hates Magnus on site and when Magnus forces Fallon to break the engagement Cyn doesn't stop long enough to think, he just wants to claim her for his own. As they fight along side each other, Fallon fights to be independent and for Cyn to accept that she wants to have the choice as to who she spends her life with. Cyn comes to realize that she is his mate but he knows he can't stake a claim on her, not after all that her father and ex-fiance put her through. But he will not stop trying to prove to her that he is the best choice and that she is safe with him. I loved the story and their character development. Their interactions on the page were great to watch. The plot was strong and the conflict developed at a good pace. I enjoyed the side plot with Magnus and Tonya too. I looked forward to their page time. Overall great story and a wonderful romance.

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