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review 2015-06-26 21:04
Hot Blooded - Donna Grant

I always enjoy returning to the world of the Dragon Kings.  Donna Grant is one of my all-time favorite authors.  Iona and Laith's story doesn't disappoint, things are heating up in the war between the Dark Fae, Ulric, and the Dragon Kings. The Warriors make an appearance in this (YAY!) and I always enjoy hearing about what they have been up to, it makes me want to go back and reread some of their stories.  Iona is a human thrust into a world she knew nothing about and she must accept her heritage and step up to protect the doorway that resides on her Campbell land.  Laith is there to help her acclimate to their world and teach of of the things her estranged, and now murdered father, was supposed to tell her about. During their journey there is passion, hope, and adventure.  I loved the story and all of my favorite characters, Donna Grant really knows how to tell a story.

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review 2015-05-21 00:07
Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain #2) by Amanda Carlson
Hot Blooded - Amanda Carlson
One shall walk again, above all others she is born;
Within her the beast shall lie, well hidden in True Form;
And from this day forth, the Children of the Night shall pay;
By her supreme rule, her righteous hand will slay,
Justice to all, as none are her equal;
The True Lycan will vanquish all evil.
Not only is Jessica the only female werewolf, it has been prophesied that she will dispense justice amongst the supernaturals.  First however, Jessica must find her mate who has been kidnapped.  The journey will test her new skills more than she could ever imagine. 
There really isn't much character development in this second installment of the Jessica McClain series.  We do however get introduced to two new vampires, as well as learn some of the abilities and limitations of vampirism.  The world is also enlarged by whole slew of new supes.
That being said, I don't feel like the story really progressed at all.  Hot Blooded is essentially one large fight scene which if you like that sort of thing, will be right up your ally.  Jessica and her small pack challenge various supernatural creatures; however, this lacked any kind of real suspense from the beginning because it was clear that while the situations themselves were dangerous, no one was really in any kind of mortal danger.  It quickly became rote that whenever Jessica faced a new monster, she would pull out some super special Lycan power to defeat it.
As part of her role as protagonist of this series, Jessica also served as the moral center.  Because her supernatural ability is extremely new, Jessica very much affirmed the importance of life, making her unwilling to kill because of convenience.  It will be interesting to see if she can hold onto that as the challenges she faces get tougher and tougher.

One of the things I really liked about Hot Blooded is that it was a mission for Jessica to save her man. Far too often, it's the female love interest who gets kidnapped and is in need of saving.  Hot Bloodedcompletely subverts that trope.  I was however irked by the male characters insistence in continually trying to protect Jessica though she showed that she was capable time and time again and even saved their lives on multiple occasions.  Whenever a dangerous situation occurred, some character with the penis would jump forward to try and lead the charge. 
With the introduction of Naomi, I hope that Jessica will develop a real female friendship.  Thus far, we have seen her interact with Marcy and unfortunately Juanita, who is clearly the comic relief.  Carlson has written the typical patriarchal werewolf society, therefore causing Jessica to look outside of the pack for female friends. I hope that as Jessica's relationship with Naomi develops and she finds Marcy that things on this front will improve.  Having the super special protagonist who is isolated and or surrounded solely by men, lessens the gender subversion of things like Jessica saving Rourke.
Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2015/03/hot-blooded-jessica-mcclain-2-by-amanda.html
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review 2015-01-12 06:38
Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain, #2) by Amanda Carlson
Hot Blooded - Amanda Carlson

12/1 - Considerably better than the first. Hot Blooded was action full speed from the opening pages. I love me a good 'special girl is really special' story, and this was a fantastic example of that genre. I loved how Jessica's powers kept confounding people with their strength, and the way the bad guys kept saying (although not in so many words) "You can't beat me." to which she would reply (again, not in so many words, except in reply to Selene's taunts) "Just watch me!"

There were a couple of questionable metaphors (or similes, I always get those two confused) - "She smiled like a shrew." for example. I'm not even sure which shrew she's referring to, the mole or the fishwife. In the mole's case, I seriously doubt shrews can smile, I don't think their mouths go that way. In the fishwife's case, smiling is not the first expression that comes to mind when I think of a shrew, scowling or screaming maybe, but not smiling. Either way, that's not the best way to describe what type of smile a person (or in this case vampire) is giving. I had to go back and re-read it, and then think about how a shrew (in whichever case) would smile, I couldn't come up with an image of it. Bad simile (I looked it up, it's a simile when the word 'like' is used) is bad.

Despite this, and a couple of examples of badly worded sentences that I didn't bother taking note of due to the aforementioned non-stop action, I was completely immersed in the story. The story covers Jessica, Danny, Tyler, and the vamp twins' journey to recover Rourke from Selene's evil clutches. At every turn there's a new, previously unknown evil beast from hell that needs to be defeated - venomous vampire bats, naiads, spider/scorpion hybrids, laser-eyed zombie goats (really?) and finally Selene herself. And at every turn Jessica's powers prove themselves stronger than anything this deranged goddess can put in their path. Jessica gets a pack (mini though it is), becomes a queen (though she doesn't want the honour), and defeats that goddess, all without any permanent damage (not counting psychological). This was definitely better than the first and I can't wait to read the next one!


PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge: A Book You Can Finish in a Day

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review 2014-09-12 00:00
HOT-BLOODED - Kendall Grey My review is for the updated version, not the original.

Kendall Grey has a certain writing style. It's the kind that grabs you by the balls and squeezes. So you have to go into it prepared to be shocked and aroused, and then shocked that your aroused. Also, for this story in particular, you need to keep in mind that no one involved could be classified as a truly good innocent person.

The matron head of the Alana family dies in an accident leaving behind one daughter and three sons. Twins Keahilani and Kai are the eldest. Manō is the middle son. Bane is the baby boy of the family.

Already at poverty level, they quickly look for any means possible to keep their family afloat and together. The three older siblings try their hands at growing and distributing marijuana. The youngest is left out of the loop because they want to give him a real future. Kea is the one in charge and Kai and Manō are her protectors. Most of the story takes place after some time has passed so they've came a long way from impending homelessness, but they aren't big time yet either.The deeper you dig, the harder it is to crawl out.
Bane is a college student. He has a perfect GPA and also is a world class surfer winning many tournaments.

Manō is a character that I hope to see a lot more of in the next book. He's huge, tatted up, drives a motorcycle, the bad brother. Mmmmm `ono.

Kai is the laid back toker brother. He's Keahilani's twin and the sweeter between the two.

Keahilani is a badass female. She's wild and dangerous. She doesn't relinquish control easily.

There are many characters connected with the siblings, but I'm not going to mention them all. The main one I would like to focus on is Blake. I really like him. He's not the prince charming hero type, but he does have his own sense of morals.Blake didn't cry. Ever. Tears weren't the products of monsters. They belonged to normal people. He wasn't capable of mustering that much emotion for anyone, but when he visited Jonathan, he thought about it.
The sex scenes between Kea and Blake are wickedly flaming hot. Neither has ever been one to submit. They are like two wild rabid animals fighting and fucking. When the battle lines are drawn, Kea and Blake are on opposing sides making the combat sex even more exciting."You're fuckin' killing me, Kea. God please fuckin' kill me. I wanna die with my cock in your mouth."

This story is very no holds barred and a bit creepy at times. Any character may love or cheat or lie or die any second. Things are not what they seem. Hot-Blooded is sometimes slightly Paranormal Activity-ish, sometimes a bit Kill Bill-ish. A lot of Hawaiian mythology comes into play. In some of the sequences, it's kind of like someone's drugged out and hallucinating. Also thrown in are superstitions and a touch of almost magic. Top that off with a lot of mystery and action, and highlight generously with drugs and sex. And Voila.

I give it 4.5 big-eyed stars, and I will be continuing the series.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

FULL REVIEW CAN BE FOUND AT http://fangirlmomentsandmytwocents.blogspot.com/2014/09/hot-blooded-by-kendall-grey-re-release.html
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review 2014-08-13 21:12
Audio Book Review: Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain #2) By Amanda Carlson
Hot Blooded - Amanda Carlson


*This is a review of the audio book.


I just realized that I hate it when a FULL book is dedicated to finding one specific character because of a certain reason. It usually ends up being a book that drags on and on and by the end you want to speed read just to get it over with. That's how this book felt.


I loved Jessica, but it seemed like every IMPOSSIBLE obstacle they encountered, she unknowingly became the solution. It got to a point where I was guessing what would happen next and there's no fun reading a predictable book. Don't even get my started on all the internal monologs that occurred right in the middle of action scenes and/or when the villain started yapping about his/her plans. Had I had the book in hand I would have skipped over those completely. Also everything came WAY too easily to her. She didn't struggle to harness her "power" or how to use it. I get she's supposed to be an all powerful being, but even fledging all powerful beings need time to learn what they're capable of.


Rouke was barely a part of this book. If you've read Book #1 you'll know why. The only purpose he served in this book however was to be beg and plead for Jessica the "get out" or "go" and leave him there. That got old by the first 5 minutes. Jessica had come to save him and all he could do was tell her to go? How about (in his seconds of lucidity) he tell her something about the villain that no one knows or what could defeat her?


Two characters that stood out to me (this time around) was Danny and Naomi. I loved them both for different reasons. Danny because of his wise cracks that certainly helped the book move along after a fight or scary situation. Naomi because even though she appeared demure and placid she turned out to be stronger then her brother and had the metaphorical balls to stick it to the man (in this case: the queen).


It feels like the author feels the need to put ridiculous obstacles for the characters to over come just so she can get another book out. You know what? I wouldn't object if Jessica and her group had 2 days to themselves without getting attacked, threatened or fought over. It's just too much action. I need a brake. I want to see the characters interacting between themselves when everyones lives aren't at risk.


The Audio Book:


I loved that they changed the narrator!! Therese Plummer made a much better voice for the male character's then the narrator in Book #1. Though she used the same tone of voice for 3 character's and  I found myself getting lost in some dialogs. Also she forgot Rouke's accent, it's described in Book #1 as a mix of an african accent with another (I don't remember - Sorry!). So imagine my surprise when someone started talking and at the end she read Rouke. I wasn't disappointed though. I hated his accent in Book #1.

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