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text 2017-02-04 15:32
Takes no prisoners
Unf*ck Your Habitat: You're Better Than Your Mess - Rachel Hoffman

This is quite a good read, full of sweary stuff but well done and interesting and made me want to get more organised and start adulting a bit more.

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review 2017-01-05 05:53
Review: Unf*ck Your Habitat: by Rachel Hoffman
Unf*ck Your Habitat: You're Better Than Your Mess - Rachel Hoffman



I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started Unf*ck Your Habitat. I’m someone who adores Marie Kondō’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up but finds it highly impractical for real life. The blurb (and, of course, title) for Unf*ck Your Habitat caught my eye, so I had to give it a try.

Rachel Hoffman has a friendly, no-nonsense writing style that makes her relatable from the start and is sure to set any reader at ease. What sets Unf*ck Your Habitat apart is that Ms. Hoffman recognizes that a large majority of people who are cleaning and organizing their space aren’t traditional homemakers. This book addresses a wide range of people, highlighting issues that arise for single people with full-time jobs, those with roommates, students in dorm rooms, people with mental illness or physical limitations, and so forth. I was impressed by the inclusiveness of this book first and foremost. Ms. Hoffman provides helpful tips for multiple situations and gives ideas on how to talk people should you require assistance. I have never before seen a cleaning/organizational book that addresses such a wide range of people who don’t live in the traditional homemaker model, and I really appreciated it.

Glossy magazine articles and idealized Pinterest home organization pins give the idea of a home that is just not attainable for most people. Ms. Hoffman’s 20/10 system (twenty minutes of cleaning and then a ten minute break) is modifiable for those who need it. Furthermore, her method of cleaning and organizing is one most people can adapt to their needs. In this book, there’s no shame in being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Ms. Hoffman’s tips and tricks keep you on-task and prevent you from getting worn out and giving up. All in all, I found Unf*ck Your Habitat to be an interesting, motivational, and – most importantly – practical book for a wide range of people interested in, well, unf*cking their home.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/01/review-unfck-your-habitat-by-rachel.html
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review 2016-11-15 06:53
Review: Knitter in His Natural Habitat (Granby Knitting #3)
Knitter in His Natural Habitat - Amy Lane

Another cute addition to this wonderful series. Not my favorite one so far, but still very nice.

The reason I liked this a bit less than the other two was mainly Stanley. Stanley was a bit too crude at times for my taste, a bit too bitchy. But the romance was very sweet. Very insta-lovey, but somehow Amy Lane knows how to make that work.

The exciting mob stuff near the end almost killed me (in a good way), and I can’t wait to read the 4th book, since it’s about Jeremy and Aiden again.


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review 2016-10-25 16:59
Science-fiction story about a space station in distress
Habitat - Roy D. Simon,Roy D. Simon



Cho, recruited to serve as a warrior in a cannibalistic society on a space station, discovers a “forbidden weapon” and ends up on the run, joining the Engineers. Society has broken down when the space station was abandoned by Earth.


Unfortunately the illustrations do not always make the events clear so I cannot say that I understood all that was taking place. Therefore this does not really work for me.


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review 2016-10-16 03:03
North Country Night by Daniel San Souci
North Country Night - Daniel San Souci

This story, illustrated on cool blue pages, paints a vivid image of a cold winter's night in the woodlands.  A great read to introduce nocturnal animals and life in the forest as it describes the animals' specific survival skills during the winter.  Deer, rabbits, owls, fox, and beavers are just a few of the animals that awaken at night and stay busy working to survive while humans sleep. This story is filled with figurative language and is a great way to introduce a lesson on adjectives. After reading this story to third graders, I would have them write their own story using descriptive adjectives to create more interest in their writing. 

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