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review 2020-05-08 16:14
King of scandi noir
Knife: (Harry Hole 12) - Jo Nesbo

Ok let's be honest Harry Hole is a cliche detective, and there are many similarities between him and Ian Rankin's great creation Rebus. They both like working outside the law, they are happy to use unconventional methods to achieve results. Alcohol and cigarettes fuel their ambition, and the odd female liaison allows them a place of sanctuary where their wounded egos can be massaged. Rebus of course is now retired ( well not really) and he is some 17 years Harry’s senior. But we as readers of crime fiction love them, we forgive them their foibles knowing that their astute ability to catch the “baddies” will always make them heroes in our eyes!


Knife is an edge of the seat thriller and it may be some 600+ pages long (paperback) but every reading minute is pure pleasure. Harry’s old criminal rival Svein Finne is once more back on his patch and seeking revenge for the detective who incarcerated him. Young women are being raped and Finne is high on the list of suspects. However one chilling moment at the start, a brilliant piece of writing by Nesbo, changes the direction of the story, and sends Harry once again into deep sorrow and depression ably helped by his always on hand, good friend Jim Beam. To say much more about the plot would spoil the pleasure that awaits you, dear reader. There are many red herrings, and false leads as Nesbo plays with you, giving you a false sense of satisfaction only to slap you in the face when you realize that the person you suspected is nothing more than an innocent bystander.

The writing is taut, using few words but always adding a sense of sadness and drama and possibly a little humour……..

“Harry had been happy. But happiness is like heroin; once you've tasted it, once you’ve found out that happiness exists, you will never be entirely happy with an ordinary life without happiness again”.......

“ For every cigarette you smoke, God takes an hour away from you...and gives it to Keith Richards”....

“Of course. Imagine that you feel like killing someone, but can’t make yourself do it. So you need help. From fate. And if the dice tells you to kill, fate bears the responsibility; it liberates you and your free will. Do you see? All it takes is a throw of the dice”....

“Then it was as if Harry’s smile suddenly shattered, like the morning ice in October, and Bjorn found himself looking into the black depths of desperate pain again. As if Harry had merely wanted to taste happiness. And had spat it out again.”.....


Wonderful storytelling from the true king of Scandi crime noir. Highly, highly recommended.

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review 2019-09-20 09:27
Neuer Fall für Harry Hole
Messer: Kriminalroman (Ein Harry-Hole-Kr... Messer: Kriminalroman (Ein Harry-Hole-Krimi, Band 12) - Günther Frauenlob,Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole ist am Ende.
Die Liebe seines Lebens Rakel hat ihn verlassen, der Alkohol ist sein bester Freund und auch seine Karriere bei der Polizei liegt bracht. Als einfacher Ermittler versucht er sich irgendwie über Wasser zu halten und sein Leben weiterzuleben.

Es ist wirklich deprimierend zu sehen wie der Topermittler soweit sinken konnte. Als Harry-Fan hat man es hier wirklich nicht leicht.
Jo Nesbo weiß mit seinem Schreibstil und seinen Worten geschickt umzugehen - wie immer. Düster und Grausig ist dieser Roman. Nesbo macht es einem nicht gerade leicht das Buch zu beenden. Nicht weil die Spannung nicht mehr auszuhalten ist, sondern weil man Harry Hole nicht mehr im Selbstmitleid versinken sehen will. Er überträgt sein persönlichses Leid auf den Leser und das macht es besondern schrecklich zu lesen. Ich tat mich wirklich schwer damit und war erleichtert, als ich das Buch dann endlich geschafft hatte.

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review 2019-09-08 04:03
Harry Hole is in a lot of pain
Knife: (Harry Hole 12) - Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole was in trouble and he lost part of his memory.


Someone close to him was murdered. And he is in a lot of emotional pain. He needs to find the killers.


He drowned out the pain by alcohol.


Now who is there to have caused this pain?


A rapist he caught long ago and is out and rape again. This sick rapist go around raping women and getting them pregnant. He is a anti-abortionist and would kill the woman that seek abortion result of the rape. Sound very Catholic. 


Now this sick rapist might want to hurt Harry because one of his son was a murderer and was killed by Harry Hole when resisting arrest. 


The mystery is here. The pain is there. A bit dark for my taste but still an enjoyable read. 


Read this for New Release square for Halloween Bingo. 

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text 2019-08-30 09:40
Reading progress update: I've read 145 out of 544 pages.
Knife: (Harry Hole 12) - Jo Nesbo

Tragedy and love in the life of Harry Hole. 


So far, it is scary as there is a rapist/murderer around harming women. 


It is scary because it is about love and loneliness. 


It is scary as Harry found himself fallen into despair and there is very little way out. 


The story is still developing and it is good to know life goes on in some way. 


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text 2019-08-27 15:49
Halloween Bingo first read
Knife: (Harry Hole 12) - Jo Nesbo

Got a new Jo Nesbo book. Start with this. 



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