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review 2017-10-21 05:01
Berkely Street
Berkley Street (Berkley Street Series Book 1) - Scare Street, Ron; Ripley

This is the second book I've read by this author. This first, I believe I read during Summer Book Bingo last year. I don't remember too much about it, but I remember liking it well enough. I think I rated it three stars.


I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It's about a man named Shane Ryan who returns to his childhood home more than twenty years after his parents disappeared from that home. The story is told through flashbacks to Shane's childhood in the house along side the present day story.


We find out pretty early on in the book that the house is, in fact, haunted, and that Shane can see and speak with the ghosts.


This book is pretty short--the kindle edition lists it at 192 pages. But there is a lot of story packed into those 192 pages. It's pretty much all action all the time, so it makes for a quick read.


I'm using it for the "Modern Masters of Horror" square, but it would also work for many other like "Genre: Horror," "Ghost," "Supernatural," or "Haunted Houses."


I'd probably have rated it four stars, but there was one thing that I had a hard time looking past.



When Shane is young, his parents end up believing that he can see ghosts, that not all of the ghosts are happy they're there, and that the house is haunted. Yet, they don't immediately move out, and even go out and leave their son at home alone...sometimes at night, when the ghostly happenings in the house are at their worst. o.O

(spoiler show)


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review 2017-10-20 22:30
The Travelling Grave by L.P. Hartley
The Travelling Grave and Other Stories - L.P. Hartley


I very much enjoyed this collection of Gothic and creepy stories originally released in the 1940's. I generally prefer short tales that pack a punch, and these are definitely not that. However, they often have a good deal of humor and that sense of atmosphere in which I love to wallow.


The standouts to me were:


A VISITOR FROM DOWN UNDER was, for me, a beautifully told ghost story/tale of revenge.


PODOLO A nice little day trip to the island of Podolo takes a nasty turn. This one reminded me that feral cats may not be worth the effort.


THE TRAVELLING GRAVE was quite the funny story involving a misunderstanding involving perambulators. (Is that word even used anymore? It's a shame if it's not because it's a word that rolls nicely off the tongue.) Anyway, the humor of the situation quickly changed to horror at the gruesome ending. Always be careful playing hide & seek!


CONRAD AND THE DRAGON I wasn't sure what to make of this fairy tale like...tale. It didn't have the usual fairy tale ending, but I found it to be totally charming.


THREE OR FOUR, FOR DINNER was another tale involving some humor and a practical joke gone wrong.


This was my first experience with L.P. Hartley and I'm so glad I gave this collection a try! Recommended!


*Thank you to Valancourt Books for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

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review 2017-10-20 14:37
Ghostly Horror - Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton @sarahdalton
Mary Hades - Sarah Dalton

I won an ebook of Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton some time ago, but I loved this story so much, I wanted to share it with you.


My thanks go out to Sarah Dalton and Laura @ fuonlyknew.


Mary Hades (Mary Hades #1)


Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA  /  Goodreads





Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton is a creepy and fantastic tale of a girl who is able to see and communicate with the spirits, her vacation adventure that turns into a young girl’s ghostly revenge and I loved every minute I spent with her and her friends, leaving me wanting more.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


Read more here.


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review 2017-10-20 09:37
Sleepy Hollow: Bridge of Bones
Sleepy Hollow: Bridge of Bones (Jason Crane) (Volume 2) - Richard Gleaves

by Richard Gleaves


I read the first book of this series last year and the first couple of chapters did a good job of bringing back all the references and continuing characters, enough to make me want to kill one of them, but he was mean to the dog.


In some places this one felt a little slower than the first book, but there was fast action in others. Also I find it a little difficult to identify with teenage characters in general. It basically continues the story where it left off, with Jason trying to protect his inheritance from his crooked guardian and to stay alive through all the ghostly happenings.


Jason is a likeable character and this story was significantly heavier on supernatural happenings than the first one. Despite some slow bits at the beginning and in the middle where some back story gets revealed, there was never any question that I would finish it. There was more of magic and 'gifts' in this one as well as a more prevalent presence of the Horseman and other ghosts.


The faster bits were an exciting ride and I enjoyed watching the characters develop further. There was almost exhausting fast action towards the end, but then it stopped with too many strands left unresolved so that you have to get the third book to see how it all turns out. For that, it loses a star. Otherwise it was a great read and I'm glad I've already got the third book so I don't have to decide whether to resist because of my anti-cliffhanger stance.

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review 2017-10-20 04:44
The Mist
The Mist - Stephen King

The morning after the night I started this book, I had to drive into work in the midst of a thick fog. I will admit to feeling a little weirded out, lol. And that was before I knew what was in the mist.


Anyway, this was really good. And also really tense, and scary, and I just felt really claustrophobic the entire time I was reading it.


I actually haven't seen the movie, because I got spoiled to the ending, and I knew it was something that would upset me greatly had I watched it. I took a chance on the novella, though, because I knew that the book's ending was different from the movie's. The novella's ending worked perfectly well for me.



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