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text 2018-03-21 12:02
Red Game Claiming Card (Kill Your Darlings)
Master of the House of Darts - Aliette de Bodard

I'm claiming the Dark Tower crime scene card with Master of the House of Darts because it's fantasy. And not just any fantasy, but Mexica Empire fantasy. How cool is that?

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review 2018-03-16 19:03
There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins
There's Someone Inside Your House - Stephanie Perkins,Bahni Turpin

This was a fun read until the killer was revealed with four hours left to go on the audio. This is way too early! Way, way too early. I was left highly disappointed with the dud of a reveal and disinterested in all the romance and minor bloodshed that followed because of it. But I’m kind of a jerk when it comes to these things and you may love it.


Someone is killing the talented high school kids in terribly gruesome ways but, no worries, most of the gore is left to the imagination. This is basically a 90’s teen slasher movie come to book life minus the scares and most of the grue. Who will be next? Why are they doing this? And, oh hell, who cares?! When will he give me a big sloppy kiss and bite his lip ring again?!


This is a romance set in a world where a serial killer just so happens to be murdering random people that have no impact on our main characters and zero emotional impact on the reader. The romance was well done and I liked the two teens together, they were interesting, imperfect kids, but I feel like too much went so very wrong with the “murdering” bits of the story. Also, many gut-wrenching opportunities were missed by keeping our main lovers too safe and that made reading it to the end a chore. I suppose I’m used to meaner stories that kick you in the gut. This one? I guess I’d recommend it as a good stepping stone for those who may want to meander over into the horror genre with their pinky toe and not get too scared or emotionally wrecked. I enjoy the wreckage and carnage and scares that a good horror story can deliver but none of those things were successful here. I’m bumping it up from a 2 ½ to a three only because there was one scene with a naked character that is still making me laugh when I think about it.

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review 2018-03-13 18:08
not for me
When to Engage an Earl (Spinster House) - Sally MacKenzie

Alec was the earl of Evans rode up to his country estate . he had left the little village of Loves Bridge after he attended the weddings of his two friends -Marcus who was the Duke of Hart and nate who was the Marquess of Haywood. After that he spent the last two months wondering the Lake district alone and feeling envious his friends had found - his friends who had been trying to avoid marriage. Alec had been jilted by Lady Charlotte - while away Alec vowed to leave that part of his life in the past. He wanted a quiet restful sort of female who wouldn’t busy herself  about his or other people's affairs. He would He would shop the Marriage Mart, attend the balls, and house parties and talk to every eligible lady. Then as he got close to his home his niece rachel yelled his name which meant his sister Diana was at the hall. Diana was five years older then Alec and would notice Alec’s blues and figure it out and assemble a bunch of eager matrimonial candidates before he knew it. Diana had eight daughters and wa sagain pregnant Alec hoped this one was a boy and his brother in law Roger finally got his son and heir. Then Alec learned his mother was also at the hall, Alec decided he didn’t want to deal with his mother and decided to return to Loves Bridge. The village wanted the carnival special as it way be the Duke’s last one as his family was cursed and each male died before his heir was born. Ellen’s friend Catherine/Cat was married to the Duke. Cat was one of Ellen’s two best friends her other was Anne who married the Marquess of Haywood. Jane found she was envious of her friends even though now she had the Spinsters house to herself to live alone in. Jane was yelling at the man who owned the traveling zoo and Alec stopped and offered his assistance. After he asked Jane to tea and she took him back to the Spinsters House. Alec decides he wants Jane but he is afraid she won’t want him. Jane does like the Earl. The Spinster House is a house set aside for a lady wishing to be a spinster who can live there free and not be forced to marry. Jane had wanted to go to the Spinster House to get away from her brother and she had no interest in marriage. Jane felt feelings and attraction to Alec but she decided she wanted her freedom more. When he proposed to her jane turned Alec down. As time passed she came to regret that decision.

I read this and it was okay but not a favorite of mine. I did chuckle while reading this at times. I also advise you to read the other books in this series in order. At times I got bored with all the conflicts. I also didn’t feel the romance between Alec and jane. I am sure others will love this just really wasn’t for me.

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review 2018-03-13 16:54
The Haunting of Dove Cote House by Rachel Jordan
The Haunting of Dove Cote House - Rachel Jordan

The Haunting of Dove Cote House has a top shelf creep factor. There are ghosts on almost every page. I am a true fan of the Paranormal genre and Ghosts are my favorite. This book is filled with ghosts. You have the laughing little girl, the mean and nasty old lady, and the very creepy black mass with red eyes. 


In the book Cat Fletcher's fathers has passed away and left Dove Cote House to his only daughter. Although Cat grew up in the house a lot of her memories of the house are faded or fogged over. After she grew up and went off to college her parents never let her return to the house. 


Now as an adult and owner of Dove Cote she returns to the house. Almost immediately strange things start to occur, she hears laughter and see's shadows. The longer Cat is in the house the more she starts to remember things that went on as she grew up. The old lady would tuck her in at night and lay her clothes out for her in the morning. She has always heard the little girls laughter but never seen her, until now. 


She runs into her best friend from childhood Rob. Rob tells her he is now a paranormal investigator. At this point Cat still has no memories of all the happenings in her house. Rob comes to the house and the old lady ghost appears and tells him to get out. After this things really get strange and dangerous. Cat talks to the Father Thomas who is Priest of the local Catholic Church and asks for a house blessing, instead her calls upon a excommunicated Priest and Exorcist, Father James, to lend a hand to Cat and hr ghost problem.


It seems that the ghostly activity as well as demonic activity has been going on in Dove Cote for decades. Cat, Rob, Father Thomas, James and Cat's estranged husband Phil are all pulled into solving the mysteries of Dove Cote house, while trying to stay alive. 


I rally enjoyed this story. Rachel Jordan has done an amazing job. I loved how she adds her own personal paranormal experiences to this story. This is Rachel's debut novel. I personally cannot wait to see where she will go in her future novels.


I was given my copy of this book from the Author and as part of a book tour hosted by RABT book tours. 


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text 2018-03-08 07:15
3 Reasons Why You Must Seek The Assistance Of Moving Companies In Ireland


Transferring to a new home can be an exciting time. But the tough part of this is the packing, carrying, and transferring of your belongings from one location to another. Fortunately, there are plenty of moving companies in Ireland who are experienced in storing and transporting your valuables safely.

So if you're somebody who has just purchased a new property on your ideal place and is preparing to relocate soon, it's advised that you seek the assistance of removal companies Northern Ireland. They can save you tons of energy and time from accomplishing the task by yourself. What's more, these people guarantee that all the things will be organised, from effectively loading your valuables to the moving vehicle to unloading it to the proper room in your new home. Here are a few of the additional advantages about hiring a trustworthy home removals Ireland based agency:

1. Your possessions are safe
One of the primary worries in terms of home removals is the security of your things. Clearly, you want to make sure that all your belongings will be relocated securely. Luckily, there are moving companies in Ireland who can ensure that every furnishing, small or big, will be relocated in good shape. They will take care of the right packaging, lifting, storing, and unloading of your belongings. You can be sure that the number one concern of these experts is to keep your valuables safe throughout the moving job. That's the reason why you do not need to worry about your possessions getting misplaced or destroyed when you work with such individuals.

2. It is convenient
Hiring trustworthy removal companies Dublin Ireland can undoubtedly make the moving process easy and quick. This is possible because they possess the appropriate skills, knowledge, and equipment for home removals. They will ensure that every step of the moving process is accomplished within the given deadline. Moreover, these individuals are experts in lifting heavy items by making use of their equipment, and this can save you from any potential accidents and injuries. Remember that transferring large furniture can be risky and difficult if you will do the work by yourself.

3. You can save cash
Hiring home and cheap removals Dublin based company to perform the removal job will prevent you from obtaining extra expenses. For instance, if you’re relocating to a new home by yourself, you’ll need to obtain things such as bubble wrap to protect your things. Once you work with a moving company, such expenses are already included in the relocation service that you will avail.

Moreover, working with these companies can likewise save you from loss of potential earnings. For instance, as relocation takes lots of time, you're likely to miss your work so you can get everything done, and this can result in a reduction in your wage.

These are a few of the reasons why you should seek the help of moving companies in Ireland. Do not forget that obtaining the assistance of these specialists will give you the guarantee that you can transfer to your new house on schedule with no trouble. So when it's time that you need to relocate, make sure to work with specialists to perform the job.

Source: irvinemovingsolutions.com/removal-companies-ireland.html
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