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review 2018-04-13 05:37
How to Find Love in a Bookshop
How to Find Love in a Bookshop - Veronica Henry

The title's a pretty strong implication of romance, but it's not, strictly speaking, a romance novel.  Left to standard categorical labels, I'd call this more a blend of contemporary and chick-lit with a strong thread of love throughout.


The story follows the lives of half a dozen people, 4 of whom have their lives altered by their connection to the village bookshop, Nightingale Books.  Emilia is the only daughter of the recently passed owner, determined to carry on and keep the doors open in spite of the uphill battle.  Sarah is the lady of the manor house and is the poster child for silent suffering; her daughter Alice is lightness personified but dreadfully naive.  Jackson is a man with a good heart and the victim of his own lack of courage and conviction, who gets himself stuck doing something distasteful.  Thomasina is a painfully shy introvert who crushes on the cheese monger she met in the cookbook section.


They all have different stories, and their stories involve the stories of others.  Some are painfully predictable (mostly the falling-in-love ones) but some are more complicated, with the author choosing to take the story in an unexpected, or at least atypical, direction. For me, Emilie's story was the most compelling and the reason I kept reading - I wanted to know about the bookshop!  It sounded magical, perfect and I wanted to know what happened to it.  But everyone else's story was good too.  ;-)


It was an easy, enjoyable read.  Almost a beach read, but not.  There are a lot of painful moments scattered throughout, especially at the start when there are a few chapters that take place in the past, building up the world that's crashing down in the present; sniffly moments.  Maybe good for the beach if you remember to pack tissues in your beach bag.  Just in case.

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review 2018-04-07 16:27
Let Me In
Let Me In - Luna David

What a awesomely developed group of characters that I cannot wait to get more of.  I adored the leads in this and while some of the "Daddy/boy" kink is really not for me, this was done in such a way that it made complete sense and exactly what these characters need and want in a relationship.


I especially appreciated how this story started with 2 POV's and then one of these POV's changed to a third character. So different and yet such a great introduction to the dynamic which is this relationship.


I also very much appreciated that the typical "drama" that tends to land at 80% didn't. I mean it is there but it happens much soon and it landed where it made sense in the development of this couple.  It was heartbreaking (Luna style...*coughs Saving Sebastian*) and yet having both POV's once again brings forth such reasoning to both sides that you can't help but understand and love both characters even more.


The storyline with Liam's mother was really the only part that didn't work for me and it felt like it took up way too much of the story.  


But give me all these Daddies and their boys NOW.  Like NOW. I cannot wait to get the rest of this series.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-04-07 02:27
The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Volume 1
The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Volume 1 - Gamei Hitsuji,himesuz,Hikoki

When I first read the summary of this light novel, I was worried that Suimei would be an extremely unlikable character. However, when I started reading the story, my worries were put to rest. While he does have some jerk moments, he is a surprisingly not a horrible character. The volume does go into some details into why he behaves in specific ways like the reason for not telling his friends that he's a magician. The side characters like Suimei's friends were okay. Reiji has a personality similar to the other light novel protagonists, and it was neat to see the differences between Reiji's and Suimei's personalities. Mizuki was a typical sweet girl and is a little underdeveloped compared to the rest of the cast. I admit I couldn't stand Felmenia at first, but later in the book, her personality began to grow on me. I hope to see more development for the rest of the cast.


I enjoyed reading about the differences between the magic systems between the worlds, and the techniques used by the characters. Fortunately, it wasn't too tedious to read, and there wasn't a lot of technobabble. The illustrations in this book were neat and helpful for me to understand some parts of the story. 


Since I was reading the pre-pub version of the story on the J-Novel Club website, I encountered some typos in the text. Hopefully, those mistakes are corrected before the volume officially goes on sale.


Readers who are in the mood for more isekai stories should check this series out.   



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review 2018-04-02 23:03
Shiny! by Amy Lane 4.5 Star Review!
Shiny! - Amy Lane

Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia are both having sort of a day. Will gets fired for letting fifth graders read Harry Potter, and Kenny finds his boyfriend and his sex toys in bed with a complete stranger. When Will knocks over Kenny's trash can—and strews Kenny's personal business all over the street—it feels like the perfect craptastic climax to the sewage of suckage that has rained down on them both. 

But ever-friendly, ever-kind Will asks snarky Kenny out for a beer—God knows they both need one—and two amazing things occur: Kenny discovers talking to Will might be the best form of intercourse ever, and Will discovers he's gay. 

Their unlikely friendship seems like the perfect platonic match until Will reveals how very much more he’s been feeling for Kenny almost since the beginning. But Kenny’s worried. Will’s newfound sexuality is bright and glittery and shiny, but what happens when that wears off? Is Will's infatuation with Kenny strong enough to stay real?




This book is over the top, adorable, sweet, hot, comfort read fun. I liked it a whole bunch.

The storytelling mode really worked as the narrative was set for most of the book in telling someone their love story. It had great pacing. The "cute meet" was super funny.

The fact that Will just realizes he is gay is a little not realistic in a whipped cream of a love story, I roll with it.

Will and Kenny have great character development but the star of this book is their romance. 

They become friends. They do an awesome project together. They date. They move in. They get in engaged. Its everything. Tons of relationship building so you believe in their love and plenty of sexy and non sexy couple time.

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2018-03-28 05:35
The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Thoughts Part 3
The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Volume 1 - Gamei Hitsuji,himesuz,Hikoki

I read 56% of Chapter 3.


This chapter so far has been more action-packed compared to the previous two sections. Reading about the fight between Suimei and Felmenia wasn't too difficult for me. What helped was the accompanying illustrations. I wish there were more, but since this is a light novel, there isn't a lot. It wouldn't be too surprising if there is a manga adaptation of this light novel series. If there isn't one, it should be made because I think a scene like this fight would look very cool. It was nice reading about the differences between the magic system on Earth compared to the one used by Felmenia and the other mages in her world. The magic contract sounds painful and scary.

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