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text 2018-10-06 17:33
Reading progress update: I've read 332 out of 332 pages.
Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett

One of those Discworld books that only get better with every single reread.  Pratchett absolutely hit his stride with this ... one of my all-time favorites, by far not for the Shakespeare references alone.

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review 2018-10-04 18:45
WORMS by James R. Montague
Worms - Christopher Wood,James R. Montague


WORMS! What can I say? This is not your normal B-movie creature feature. It is more well written than most and it contains elements of guilt and psychological horror as well. I enjoyed the heck out of it!


Mr. Hildebrand and his harridan of a wife take a badly needed vacation together, in a more quiet destination than his wife would have preferred. She is unhappy about that and never misses a chance to remind him of that fact. In the quiet town, Mr. Hildebrand feels at home, accepted even, while his wife just complains and complains. How will he deal with her? Will they be able to enjoy this vacation together or will this be the final straw in their marriage? You'll have to read this to find out!


I said above that this is more well written than most creature features for a few reasons. Its pacing is much slower than the James Herbert or Guy N. Smith novels of the time, and it's definitely much slower than the pacing of today's novels by Hunter Shea and the like.


Another reason this differs from most other novels of its kind is because of the time we spend inside Mr. Hildebrand's head. Told in the first person, we're right there to see why he does certain things, (and I admit it, I actually agreed with some of them!), and because of that the reader feels a bond with him. We shouldn't, but we do, (or at least I did.) The psychological horror that results from his actions, as well as the guilt he feels over them, adds another layer to this tale not normally found in stories of this type. The first 2/3 of this book I would label as quiet horror and the last third as pure creature feature fun, along with a few real surprises that I didn't see coming. In addition, there were some truly gross-out moments that made me laugh out loud with glee! GLEE, I say!


Lastly, as the final portions of the story unfolded a few events occurred that made me look back at clues I had previously overlooked. I realized then how neatly this entire story fit together, like an intricate jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces were perfectly cut. The fact that James Montague is a pseudonym for Christopher Wood, (a writer of screenplays for James Bond movies such as Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me), may play a part in that. There are scenes in WORMS that play out just as a film would, (several of them in fact), and the novel feels like it's built around those scenes and grows outwardly from them.


WORMS was originally written back in 1979, the era when I first got into and began to love the horror genre. Somehow this book escaped my attentions back then, and to be honest? I might have been too young at that time to appreciate this intimate look into a man's head. However, I'm sure I would have appreciated the vivid writing style and film-like quality of it. Now I'm old enough to appreciate ALL the wonderful things about this novel and I'm glad that Valancourt Books has brought it back from sure death so it can be enjoyed once again.


Highly recommended!


*I received an e-ARC from Valancourt Books in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2018-10-03 14:54
Klugschei├čer Royale | Thorsten Steffens

180927 Klugscheißer

Autor: Thorsten SteffensTitel: Klugscheißer RoyaleGenre: Humor, GegenwartsliteraturVerlag: Piper Humorvoll, [01.08.2018]Kindle-Edition: 232 Seiten, ASIN: B07D9Q752RRezensionsexemplar des Autors: ISBN: 3492501656gelesen parallel auf dem Paperwhite u. ggfs. die Printausgabeklick zu Amazon.de

Inhaltsangabe (Amazon):

Ein rasant-komischer Roman um einen liebeswerten Klugscheißer: Für alle Fans von »Fack ju Göthe« und Tommy Jaud!

Timo Seidel ist 28 Jahre alt und führt ein Leben ohne jegliche Ambitionen. Anstatt wie seine Freunde Karriere zu machen, ist er in seinem Studentenjob hängengeblieben. Dement­sprechend uninspiriert führt er seine Arbeit aus, so dass er fristlos entlassen wird. Zu allem Überfluss hat seine Freundin Cleo beschlossen, sich von ihm zu trennen. Nun steht er also da: Ohne Freundin, ohne Job, ohne Geld und ohne Perspektive. Aus heiterem Himmel bietet sich ihm jedoch eine außergewöhnliche Offerte: Er bekommt einen befristeten Arbeitsvertrag als Lehrer. Nun ist es also offiziell: Für die kommenden sechs Monate darf Timo staatlich beauftragter Klugscheißer sein. Im öffentlichen Dienst! Vom Staat angeheuert wie James Bond! Quasi 007 Klugscheißer Royale! Schnell muss er allerdings feststellen, dass der Lehrerberuf doch ein wenig schwieriger ist als ursprünglich gedacht…

Meine Meinung:


Herzlichen Dank, lieber Thorsten, für das Rezensionsexemplar! Als der Piper Verlag das Buch ankündigte, habe ich es nur am Rande mitbekommen, doch so nett angesprochen und durch das Hören des 1. Kapitels angefixt blieb mir quasi (aus Gründen) gar nichts anderes übrig, als dieses Buch zu verschlingen. Und weil es gerade so schön preiswert im eBook-Format angeboten wurde, habe ich es kurzerhand auch noch digital auf meinen Kindle Paperwhite gezogen. Liest sich spätabends einfach besser, so mit integrierter Beleuchtung.


Mir hat dieses Buch wirklich sehr gut gefallen. Humorvoll geschrieben mit witzig-spritzigem Schreibstil: das Skizzieren des chaotischen Lebens eines klugen, aber ein wenig faulen Mannes unserer Zeit, der mit seiner besserwisserischen Art gern mal aneckt und prompt seinen nicht sehr anspruchsvollen Job verliert, am gleichen Tag noch seine Freundin und dann durch den Wink des Schicksals die absolut richtige Aufgabe für sich entdeckt. Durch Verkettung verschiedener Umstände lernt Timo tatsächlich, öfter mal seine Klappe zu halten und verändert sich lesbar positiv.


Doch nicht nur der Protagonist wurde sehr anschaulich beschrieben, auch alle Nebencharaktere stehen im Kopfkino bildhaft vor einem, so dass der Leser in die Geschichte purzelt und kein Problem hat, sich zurecht zu finden. Kaum zu glauben, dass dies das erste Buch des Autors ist!


Ein klasse Debüt-Roman! Ich habe mich köstlich amüsiert, so manche Parallele entdeckt und kann die Lektüre dieses nicht sehr umfangreichen Schmökers wärmstens empfehlen. – Lieber Thorsten, weiter so! – Ich gebe 09/10 Punkte.



Es ist traurig, wie fahrlässig die Hälfte aller Deutschen mit unserer Sprache umgeht. Es sollte hierfür Strafzettel geben. Wie fürs Falschparken. Falsches Relativpronomen: Zack! Fünf Euro Strafe! Unangebrachtes Reflexivpronomen: Schwupp! Zehn Euro!
Kapitel 1, 3. Absatz, bei 1 %

180927 KlugscheißerB



Klugscheißer Royale: Roman - Thorsten Steffens 

Source: sunsys-blog.blogspot.com/2018/10/gelesen-klugscheier-royale-thorsten.html
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review 2018-10-02 01:30
The Fourth Bear (Nursery Crimes, #2)
The Fourth Bear - Jasper Fforde

What can ever be said about a Jasper Fforde book that would make sense to anyone that hasn't read one?  This is the second in what is, so far, a two book series about what crime would look like if Nursery Characters lived in the real world.  Jack Spratt, the head of the Nursery Crimes Division, investigates several seemingly unrelated crimes:  Porridge smuggling, a missing Goldilocks, the escape of the Gingerbread man, and his new car that never ages, with a painting in the boot that does.  All while fighting suspension based on a pending psych evaluation after being swallowed by the Big Bad Wolf.


It's not all Mother Goose either, side characters include Spratt's daughter Pandora and her soon to be husband, Prometheus and at least one character from Shakespeare.  Oh, and an alien.  Because, why not?


In spite of sounding (and mostly being) silly, it's not an easy/breezy book to read.  There are layers in the writing and the jokes and the references that are easy to miss.  There's a subtle - very subtle - disregard for the fourth wall, where the characters not only recognise they're in a book (a la Thursday Next), but will make subtle reference to the author and the reader.  So not only is it a book where the overload of satire is best enjoyed in small doses, but one that if carefully read will give more humorous dividends than a quick read would.


Generally it's just a hell of a lot of fun to read.  The puns get punnier towards the end and there was at least one *snort*chuckle in the last 30%.  It might have been it was late and I was tired, but 


cuculear power 

(spoiler show)


made me laugh.


I read this for the Modern Noir square in Halloween Bingo.  It's a gimme for the Grimm Tale square, but I've already read that terrible retelling of Snow White and it's not going to have been for nothing, and Spratt's attitude and methods are definitely noir-ish.

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review 2018-10-01 19:00
FOR WE ARE MANY (Bobiverse #2) by Dennis E. Taylor, narrated by Ray Porter
For We Are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2 - Audible Studios,Dennis Taylor,Darwin Porter


FOR WE ARE MANY (Bobiverse #2), in my opinion was even better than the first book and Ray Porter plays a large part in that.


For those who don't know, in the first book the first Bob had his head frozen and he was woken up many, many years later having had his consciousness installed in an AI. Since then, many things have happened, and Bob has created many clones of himself, as he was designed to do. His, (their), goal is to save humanity, (we are killing our planet and there are only about 15 million of us humans left), by finding or making proper environments to which we can be relocated. Which also involves providing food, finding a way for us to get to this new environment, and a way to protect us while on the way there. He, (they), also has to play referee to the factions of humanity that are left, because we never stop arguing amongst ourselves, do we?


While doing this, the Bobs, (the Rikers, Homers, Hals, Howards, Charlies and so forth), face numerous obstacles-the scariest of which is a Mandarin speaking species that the Bobs call THE OTHERS. If you are a Star Trek fan, the best way I can describe them is a combination of the Borg with Species 8472. To be blunt, they give no fucks about humanity or anything else, we are either a food or an enemy-neither of which is a good option for Bob/us.



I discovered this book blessed (?) some of the Bobs, (most especially Howard), with defined human feeling. Even though the Bobs are all clones of the original Bob and they have his memory, once they set off on their own, they develop their own personalities, and they get to name themselves. In Howard's case, that seems to include the development of feelings towards a few humans, and this portion of the story touched my heart so much, I can't even.


(spoiler show)


I have to say that the narrator here, Ray Porter, imbues the Bobs, Admiral Ackbar, Guppy, (who sounds like Sean Connery), Butterfield, and everyone with their own personalities and voices. I don't know how he does it without getting confused, but he does do it and he is SUBLIME. There's no other word I can think of to properly describe his performances in this book. In fact, I am SURE that I would not have enjoyed this volume as much as I did if I had read it instead of listening.


I am going to keep my Audible subscription even when it goes back up to full price because I have to get the next book and I need to listen to it on audio. Reading it will just not do.


Bravo to Dennis E. Taylor and to Ray Porter for bringing the Bobiverse alive- in all its snarky glory, humor, and love for humanity.


My highest recommendation!

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