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review 2018-10-18 14:40
After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again) - Dan Santat,Dan Santat

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This is an absolutely beautiful book. I picked this up at the library because I am obsessed with fairy tale and nursery rhyme retellings. This is by far one of the best ones I have read. I loved the simplicity of the story, but the complex mental struggle Humpty Dumpty goes through.

This is a book about facing your fears. It is about literally getting back up on the wall after you have fallen down. I really enjoyed the ending. After reading some other reviews, it looks like some people were confused about the ending. My interpretation is




that he was able to face his fears so he "hatched" into a bird (the thing he idolized throughout the book). This may have been a metaphorical transformation or a literal one, either way it is beautiful and wonderful and I just love the message. If I squint, I guess I can see how some people may have interpreted it as a bird running into him and knocking him off of the wall again. But before the transformation (or the collision if you will) you can see the shell start to break and feathers come in. Seems pretty obvious that he is hatching into a bird.END SPOILER

Anyway, gorgeous book. I loved the contrast of light and dark in the illustrations. Beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to all of my fellow nursery rhyme lovers.

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review 2016-02-10 22:05
Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose
Humpty Dumpty - Willow Rose

Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose is a disturbing horror story.  The young girl Ella is egg shaped & subject to much ridicule, even from her own family. I found this sad.  In spite of how haunting the story is, I gave it almost five stars.


"If they hadn't moved into this godforsaken house she would still have her daughter, & she wouldn't have to be so tired all the time from lying awake all night listening to the sounds of the winds & the house sighing like it was talking to them, like it was warning them."


The four wealthy, privileged young men were appalling in their desires & actions.  So was Louise & Ella's father, Frederik.


I would like to thank Amazon for a complimentary promotion copy of this book.  This did not influence my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CNX3V0S

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review 2015-12-02 01:39
Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?
Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?: And Other Notorious Nursery Tale Mysteries - David Levinthal,John Nickle

He’s on the case of some of the most famous nursery tales and he will not give up until the culprit is caught. His name is Police Officer Binky and yes, he is a toad in a suit but does that really matter? From Goldilocks to Humpty Dumpty, you can help Officer Binky as he discusses with the witness the clues that leave them devastated. Are Hansel and Gretel guilty for slamming the door on the witch who kept them in her house made of candy? Did Humpty Dumpty really fall off the wall or did something else happen to make him fall off? A large beanstalk from small beans, an earthquake and an explosion, that goose better lay some golden eggs, if anyone is going to believe this story. There are a few more popular nursery tales inside this children’s book that are sure to delight you. I like the tone of the stories and the illustrations. A sarcastic and humorous tone is accompanied by illustrations that change with each story. Each of the stories features bright colorful illustrations but a few of the stories also have illustrations that are brown and white. Each story has large pictures and also a few pages which are set with comic book square outlines where more text and illustrations illustrate the pages. This is a wonderful and unique storybook.

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text 2014-10-30 23:47
Review: Humpty Dumpty Flip-Side Rhymes
Humpty Dumpty Flip-Side Rhymes (Flip-Sid... Humpty Dumpty Flip-Side Rhymes (Flip-Side Nursery Rhymes) - Christopher Harbo,Danny Chatzikonstantinou

<b>I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given, offered, or taken to alter the opinion forth with.</b>

Humpty Dumpty is probably my favorite nursery rhyme. I don't usually request ARCs of picture books but, since I work at a daycare, and this was a take on Humpty Dumpty, I figured why not? The book starts out with the traditional rhyme, and then it goes on to give you the perspective of the king's men.

The companion rhyme is fun and, much like the original, allows room for facial and voiced expressions. Picture books aren't usually associated with twists in their endings, but this one definitely has one. I laughed right out loud.

Children like vibrant colors, so naturally, books with lots of them tend to hold their attention. Every color combination sparks the imagination and is pleasing to the eye. The illustrations are simple and perfect.

I firmly believe that the audience, especially two-year-olds, will love this book. Humpty Dumpty Flip-Side Rhymes is a fun take on the original rhyme that both children and adults will appreciate and love.

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review 2014-01-23 00:00
Humpty Dumpty: The killer wants us to put him back together again (Book 1 of the Nursery Rhyme Murders Series)
Humpty Dumpty: The killer wants us to put him back together again (Book 1 of the Nursery Rhyme Murders Series) - Ben Hopkin 3.5 stars
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