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url 2018-06-19 08:31
Best Hair Care Beauty Products in Nigeria

If you are looking for hair care beauty products in Nigeria then you don’t have to worry about it! At Nubian Galore, we have the finest collection of hair care products in Nigeria at the cost-effective price.

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url 2018-06-11 09:42
What is Adobe Shockwave Player?

Have you ever heard of Adobe Shockwave Player? If the answer is no, then this blog will help you to understand what Adobe Shockwave player is? It is the freeware software plugin developed by Macromedia in the year 1995. It gives the immense multimedia platform for animation and interactive games in the web page. One of the reasons for its popularity can be because of the dedication of Adobe customer Care Number to help and resolve the issues and problems faced by the people which can be availed anytime and from anywhere.

Source: create.piktochart.com/output/30935988-what-is-adobe-shockwave-player
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url 2018-06-07 07:47
How to Fix Netgear Router Connection Issues

Is your Netgear router not working? Are there any internet issues? Is it showing connected but still you are unable to browse the internet? If the answers to the above questions are YES, then you are reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about fixing router connection issues. You can try to perform the troubleshooting as the immediate solution or reaching out to Netgear Customer Service is another best option. The number can be contacted 24 hours of the day from anywhere around the globe.

Source: router247techsupportblog.blogspot.com/2018/06/fix-netgear-router-connection-issues.html
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url 2018-06-07 06:46
How to Disable McAfee Auto-Renewal
  • Do you feel irritated with McAfee doing auto renewal? Do you want to disable it? If the answer is yes, then this blog is for you. Here you will get to know about the right steps to disable the McAfee auto renewal process. When you sign up for the subscription services, there are chances that you will find the subscription auto-renewed unless you take some steps to prevent it. If you don’t know the right way to disable them, then you must take help from McAfee customer support, where the trained technicians will guide you to do the needful.

    It is quite common with the customer of McAfee antivirus that they face issues with it. The common problems that occur include antivirus scanning slow, auto-updating the application, causing interference to other programs and many more. But there is a way out that you can disable the auto-renewal of McAfee by performing some troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below.

    Solution: How to disable McAfee auto renewal

    If you want to end your subscription service to McAfee or any other similar service then you will need to visit the company website and disable the auto-renew. You can do so by following the under mentioned:

    Open a web browser of your choice and visit the Main page of McAfee
    Click my account at the top right of the website
    Log in using your email address and password.
    Choose to click on Auto renewal settings
    Select Turn off. If your auto renewal is set to disable then there is no need to do any more setting.

    The process of disabling the auto-renewal is quite easy, all you need to have proper access to your account and your active username and password. In any case, if you feel any inconvenience then it is highly recommended that you must immediately get in touch with customer support. You will be able to do McAfee auto renewal cancellation through the guidance of expert technicians which are available round the clock for providing services to McAfee users worldwide.
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review 2018-06-01 19:00
A character you won't soon forget
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman

There is a reason that this debut novel has been on hold for many, many months and why it continues to be difficult to get in a hurry. Gail Honeyman has managed to create a character so unique and delightful that I found myself instantly enamored of her. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is the story of a woman who the reader learns from the outset is completely aloof to the social mores of society and is pretty content to remain so...until she sees the man of her dreams. It seems fairly obvious to the reader that this 'relationship' is doomed to fail. (Like my romance with Brian Littrell when I was in middle school.) However, having this foreknowledge does not detract from the story because the love story is between the reader and Eleanor and Eleanor with herself. She is a fragile woman who has built up a rather thick wall between herself and the entire world...and she's had plenty of time to reinforce that wall. Her past is nothing if not murky and it doesn't get cleared up until almost the very end of the novel. (And it's a doozy, ya'll.) It's exceedingly difficult for me not to spill some essential facts while writing up this review because they're the things that make this a truly gripping piece of realistic fiction. Eleanor is a character that seems to live and breathe beyond the page. Her bucking of social 'norms' coupled with her frankly hilarious inner dialogue about what is and isn't 'polite' had me laughing out loud on several occasions and made me feel so connected to her. I truly rooted for her and became emotionally invested as if I was reading an autobiography or memoir instead of a work of fiction. (Gail, you've made it into my list of top 20 authors of all time. I'm excited to see what you come up with next!) 10/10 highly recommend


A/N: The author discusses child abuse, disfigurement, bullying (from all ages), and mental illness. If these are triggering to you in any way, shape, or form then you should steer clear. Everyone else, I think Gail handled these topics very well (having dealt with 2 of the 4 personally) and I see no reason why you should give this book a pass. Eleanor will grab you by the heartstrings and refuse to let go.


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What I'm Currently Reading: The Outsider by Stephen King

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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