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review 2019-07-08 22:08
Review on Dork Diaries #2
By Rachel Ren€÷e Russell - Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl (1st Edition) (5.9.2010) - Rachel RenǸe Russell

I love the series and this book is no different.


I would recommend this book to teens and children.


This serie is really fast to read. It has doodles and the font is pretty big sometimes.


I love how it is written and I also like the font.

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review 2019-07-08 22:05
Review on Dork Diaries #1
Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life - Rachel Renée Russell

I'm a fan of this serie and is literally the only serie I've read.


This book has a great intro and is a great book.


If you look at this book and compare it to the most recent one (13), you can say it's improved. Not only the writing, but also the illustrations.


In this serie (and in any other serie) its better to read them in order. I haven't read them in order and I should've. There are a few references from the book before. For example: If you read the 13 before the 12, you don't know that Nikki had an all-paid trip to Paris (mentioned in book 12). So I recommend you read them in order.


I wish for the series to go on.

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review 2018-01-23 01:12
My Fair Dork (Men of Holsum College, #8) by Daisy Harris 4 Star Review
My Fair Dork - Daisy Harris

They say a guy can never be too hung. Well, Harold Jacobs doesn’t know who they are, but they’re wrong. Socially awkward for as long as he can remember, Harold feels his enormous package is just one more thing to be embarrassed about. Especially once hunky and popular Owen McKenzie notices it in the showers. Owen knows he’s bi, but he keeps that secret close to his chest. He likes Harold, and wants to help him shed his dorky image and maybe even find a boyfriend. Still, Owen can’t stop obsessing about Harold’s equipment. And as much as he doesn’t want to flip-flop on his sexuality, Owen does want to test-drive what Harold has between his legs. Their friendship erupts into full-blown lust. But can Owen accept the loss of his golden-child status and be Harold’s boyfriend? And can Harold outgrow his insecurity in time to keep the man he loves?




Owen and Harold really worked for me. I love that they seem very different but come together as friends and become a safe place for each other. 

I am a bit of a sucker for the "too well hung" trope and like the way it is explored in this romance. 

Owen is less likable than Harold but that is only until he lets himself just be. Harold gains more self assurance.

The love story is realistic, touching, and hot. All good stuff.

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review 2016-11-15 00:09
The BEST Book About Wine In Years!
Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste - Bianca Bosker

Cork Dork manages to completely peel back the layers surrounding the wine world and it's mystique. I have to admit, I love wine. And have spent a copious amount of time trying to educate myself about it. Despite studying all the written material that I could find, and tasting many, many wines, I still could not detect the smells and tastes that sommeliers said were present. I suspect many of you find yourselves in a similar situation.
Bosker, with no real experience, endeavors to become a sommelier, in only 18 months. Through her experiences, I absorbed more information than I have in any other wine book. Right in the beginning, she states, "if you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about a wine, whether there's really a discernible difference between a $20 and $200 bottle, or what would happen if you pushed your senses to their limits, well then, I have some people I'd like you to meet". And, if you read the book, she will introduce to you a crazy cast of characters. Sommeliers who completely give up any semblance of a normal life to just taste wine, scientists who study smells and tastes, and many other just plain odd folks.
If you have ever listened to someone describing the smells, or tastes of a wine, and thought to yourself, they have to be pulling my leg, than this is the book for you. The descriptors get wackier and wackier, not just things like green apples or blackberries, but "wet asphalt", "surgical glove", asparagus pee", "dried cardboard", and "salami farts". Think that it's a scam? You have a point, and Bosker reveals the entire story (although I won't, so not to spoil the surprises).
Ever wondered what people were talking about when discussing the "legs" of a wine, the acidity, the tannins, or the alcohol content? Bosker explains not only what they are, but what they mean. In very simple to understand language.
I've watched television programs about people attempting to become sommeliers (Uncorked, for example), and found them fascinating. Bosker graphically describes what they are like. From the knowledge tests, to the blind tastings, to the service portion. And goes through them herself.
Ever wonder about how the so-called "experts" rate the top wines? The author covers this in depth, and the controversies resulting (not to spill the beans, but some of the ratings are dubious, at best).
Throughout the book, Bosker is not only drinking wine and having a good time, but veers off into exploring many wine-related areas. The science of smell, and of taste. The type of people who are avid wine collectors. The new controversial practice of creating whatever type of wine you want in a factory, including being able to replicate some very expensive wines. The terminology of sommeliers and wine merchants (necrophiliacs, hand sells, trigger wines, and cougar juice, for a few). And what to watch for when dealing with a sommelier.
I won't divulge the ending, suffice it to say that it was very satisfying.
This is one of the most informative books that I have read this year, as well as one of the best written. I plan on keeping it handy to refer to for a long time. I highly, highly recommend it!

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review 2016-01-27 04:23
Dork Diaries 10: Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter by Rachel Renee Russell
Dork Diaries 10: Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter - Rachel Renée Russell,Rachel Renée Russell

Mackenzie is finally gone! She transferred schools and now, Nikki doesn't have to deal with her bullying. Or so Nikki thought. Mackenzie may be in a different school, but she's still up to no good. And somehow Nikki must hide the fact from her parents there is a total of 8 dogs in her room!

I didn't enjoy book number 9 as much as the others, but I really did enjoy this one. It was funny and had a lot going on with Nikki having to hide the dogs and all. I had a good time reading this and I really liked the ending.

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