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review 2018-01-11 15:57
worth the wait!
Soul Finder (The Immortal Gene Book 2) - Jacinta Maree,Becky Stephens Editing

I just this very moment finished Soul Finder after having to first reread Soulless due to brain mushiness...It's a thing...I think...anyhow, I feel that I must go on record saying that this series has unceremoniously and repeatedly accosted my emotions..having all sense of Right and Wrong hijacked, held ransom and awaiting the final verdict found only in book #3 !! Proper words fail me at the moment BUT what I can articulate is Holy Gritty Hell shackled to a Crazy/Hot/Volatilly Codependent Love/Lust/insane romance (?!?)!! sound confusing and garbled? I agree! If you are in the market for a dark, disturbing, extremely well written dystopian series (with the same feel as Susan Ee' s Penryn & the End of Days series) then drop whatever it is you are presently doing and pick up book#1 Soulless...after much sleep deprivation you'll thank me for it later!! If you're still on the fence then I'll give you my 2 cents worth and suggest that you should try it, it's definitely worth the time!!

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review 2018-01-08 11:05
Immortal Christmas - Susan Krinard,Linda Thomas-Sundstrom,Theresa Meyers

The edition I read was a 3-in-one.


This is an interesting collection of Vampire Christmas stories, starting with a story that made more sense of some of the Opiri series, Halfway to Dawn by Susan Krinard. This is a story of a mission that almost goes wrong and a vampire who remembers the Christmas Truce in World War I and who really wants to get as far away as possible from his master.  I loved the banter between the two ex-soldiers, they did show how people who have been together because of friendship would work together.  The romance was a bit rushed but good.


Bright Star by Linda Thomas came next and it was an interesting romance between two people who had their own obsessions and motives and who have to try to come to an understanding that will make both of them happy.  Enjoyable while I read it but I don't remember much.


Last but not least was The Gift by Theresa Meyers and I really liked this one, a cursed necklace and a complicated legacy makes for an interesting pair of people who have different agendas but working together might make them a great couple.


This is a good set of stories and I've read Krinard and Thomas before but I'd like to read more by Theresa Meyers.

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url 2017-12-25 16:34
Free Kindle Editions (headed down the black hole of amazon freebies ...)
Requiem's Song - Daniel Arenson
Pride and Precipitation (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy Novella #1) - Heather Horrocks
Legions of Orion - Michael G. Thomas
Moth - Daniel Arenson
Ouroboros - Odette C. Bell
Immortal Vegas Series Box Set Volume 1: Books 0-3 - Jenn Stark
Seer of Souls (The Spirit Shield Saga Book 1) - Susan Faw
A Lying Witch - Odette C. Bell
Sora's Quest - T.L. Shreffler
Forbidden The Stars - Valmore Daniels

Heck of a thread over in one of my goodreads groups (Serious Overload of Series) with some freebies.


'Tis the day for internet browsing ... warn me if you see me shelving something you know is awful or is by one of those authors who interact weirdly/negatively with reviews.


*sigh* the turkey is cooking in the oven and starting to make the house smell so appetizing -- but it takes so long ...

Source: www.goodreads.com/topic/show/449475-book-freebies-kindle-nook-author-pub-other?page=169
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review 2017-12-19 16:35
Audio Book Review: Immortal Fire (Red Winter Trilogy #3) By Annette Mari3
Immortal Fire - Annette Marie


This is the first book in years that has made me shed actual tears. The ending was absolutely perfect. Annette Marie's ability to weave a story is stunning. Her ability to provoke such strong emotions with fictional characters is incredible. I'm SO glad I gave this series a chance.


Emi continues to be strong and fierce in this novel. The story moves at a steady pace. Though I will say, some things come way too easy for her and fell into place a little bit too perfectly. I was so invested in the characters and the story that I simply chose to overlook those details.


Shiro proved to be as deceiving and conniving as his reputation said he'd be, but in a good way. He saved Emi on pure luck and that made the moment that much more gut-wrenching. I adore Shiro.


I'm SO glad I was wrong on all my conspiracy theories. I was hoping that everything would be okay for everyone (especially Emi), but I didn't see that coming and I loved it! I can't say enough good things about the ending. It was so sweet to finally think that after all of his extended lifetimes Shiro would finally know happiness and it all started because of a girl in the woods that he helped.


The Audio Book:



The narration was very good, though there were times when I couldn't tell the difference between male characters because the voices were so similar and talking consecutively. Though it was my own fault, I did get lost on what characters were who. The narration, at times, didn't help with my confusion. I would recommend audio books narrated by Emily Woo Zeller considering half the problem was my own fault.


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review 2017-12-09 02:40
Immortal Billionaire - Jane Godman Immortal Billionaire - Jane Godman
Initially, I had difficulty getting in to the story.  At one point, I thought of giving up on it, but I placed it aside for a while and read other books in the process. Eventually I picked it back up, and realised it was not all bad.
When I took up this book, I thought I would be reading about vampires, oh boy was I wrong. The story explored the concept of reincarnation, immortality, curses and time travel.
What I liked
Fascinating Premise
I found the story unique  It is my first time reading a romance where reincarnation combined with time travel and immortality was a major theme.  I thought the author handled the concept well.
The suspense/mystery thread kept me on my toes. Honestly, I never expected that much intensity, but I found myself on edge as I tried figuring out who was behind the attacks on the island. As the story progressed so did my suspicions about the stalker’s identity. The author tried to throw me off the scent, however another attack happened, which led me to I was correct in my initial assessment.
The Story
I loved how the story played out for the most part. The writing is exquisite. I was fascinated by the vivid descriptions of the island and the detailed history of the protagonists’ past lives.
The Romance
At first I thought this would be another insta-love romance, but as the story developed, I realised it was not the case.  Instead their love spanned several centuries, so when Connie came to the island, his soul instantly recognised her.  It was easy to buying into Sylvester’s the instant connection with Connie
What I did not like
The slow start to the story is a challenge. It took me a while to warm up to it.
I did not connect with the characters. They lacked depth, which is surprising given all they went through.  Since her attack, Connie had been looking over shoulder and living in fear.  However, I did not get the feeling she was scared. Her actions were contrary to her experiences.  Sylvester did not fare any better for me. For someone who has lived many lives I did not expect him to get caught off guard by the events on the island.
This was not a favourite read. There were some enjoyable moments, but it was not enough to wow me. This is my first time reading the author’s work, but I am not averse to giving her another shot.
The purpose of this review is not to deter you from picking up this title. It is my perspective and it is possible your experience will be different from mine. That being said if you enjoy suspense, romance, time travel and reincarnation then you may enjoy Immortal Billionaire.
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