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review 2016-04-15 14:35
Book Treasures
Love Birds of Regent's Park - Ruth J. Hartman

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Lucy Ashbrook loves Regent’s Park Bird Sanctuary. Visiting there reminds her of the times she went with her mother when her mother was alive. One day while she’s sitting and sketching a bird, a handsome laborer introduces himself as Oliver Barrow. Lucy is taken with him despite the fact their stations in life are so disparate. When her father insists she marry the repulsive Lord Conrad Croome, fifth Earl of Lofton, she’s devastated. But Oliver has a secret and he’s determined that Lucy will marry him instead.


Light-hearted, fun and entertaining, this historical romance is both adorable and enjoyable. The characters don’t have as much depth as I would like and the world is confined to a small slice of historical London, but there is a lot of humor and some angst as well as an endearing hero in Oliver. Even the birds are characters all on their own though not in a Hitchcock way. This is a sweet, clean romance for those who prefer less in-your-face bump and grind. Stomach butterflies, racing hearts and kisses only here.


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/04/book-treasures.html
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review 2016-02-13 12:12
Book Treasures
Dante's Fire - Jennifer Probst

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Selina Rogers has worked her tail off and it’s about to pay off with a nice fat promotion at Inferno Enterprises. However, just before she closes a big deal she suffers an attack that throws her off her game. Saved by a masked stranger who helps her deal with the aftermath of nightmares and panic attacks, her self-confidence takes a hit and she’s suddenly questioning herself. Dante, the masked stranger, is more than just her savior. She can feel his pain, his aching loneliness and wants to soothe him the way he’s soothed her. But Dante must follow the rules of his gift even if what he wants most is her.


Oh, man! This is a superhero story with a delicious twist. I love Dante. I love Selina, too. Their characters are reasonably well-rounded and likeable. Though the world could use a bit more building and their relationship a little more meat, for a short story this is one that grabs attention right out of the gate and runs fleet of foot to the end. Speaking of the end, it intrigues me and I wonder when there will be more of this world.


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2016/02/book-treasures.html#more
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review 2014-10-23 15:12
KLL Review ~ A rare stinker for me
Wolf's Castle - Madelyn Hill

*Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library


Vivian Stuart and her servants wash up on the island belonging to Lord Galen Maclean after the ship they are traveling on has sunk. Her father, who was on his way to consult with Galen’s father, is dead and his books have sunk to the deep with him. Not that it would have mattered because Galen’s dad is dead, too. Galen is a tortured son drowning in guilt believing he’s responsible for the death of his father. Vivian is determined to either leave the island or fix Galen. She can’t decide which.


This book was definitely not for me. It evinced emotions in me that books rarely do, but they are by no means good ones. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to beat my brains in with Stargate (my Paperwhite). Vivian is a simpering nitwit and Galen has anger management issues. Both of them are bipolar, swinging wildly from one emotion to another often in the same paragraph. It was maddening. At 20% in I was ready to toss in the towel, but decided to stick it out hoping the kinks would get worked out. I was wrong. I started skipping large chunks of text because it was all the same. I hate him/her, I love him/her, I want out, she needs to leave, I want to stay, I can’t let her leave…back and forth, back and forth. The characters are annoying and flat. They need serious work. The dialogue is stilted. The plot is membrane thin. By 50% in I wanted a freak hurricane to come and destroy the island. All problems solved.


All-in-all this was an extremely frustrating book. Maybe others will like it better.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/10/kll-review-wolfs-castle.html
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review 2014-08-19 14:09
This historical romance has legs
The 11th Commandment: A Serial Regency in Ten Parts - Jaimey Grant

*Book source ~ Free on Smashwords


Lady Katherine Henschel, Duchess of Jarvis, was back in London after two years of exile in Scotland. Exile for breaking the 11th Commandment of the ton; Thou shalt not get caught. And caught she was by her husband while she was in bed with Simon Delacourt. After Jarvis’ petition for divorce was not granted by Parliament, Katherine retreated to Scotland, still his wife, but shunned by Society. She would have stayed in Scotland except Jarvis died and she was required to present herself for the reading of the will. She hadn’t expected to see Simon there nor was she prepared for the generosity shown to her by her husband. She no longer need worry about how she and her daughter would live, but worrying about her reactions to Simon are another thing entirely. Why does she still burn for the man responsible for her fall? And will Simon confess what he knows about that fateful day even if it makes her hate him even more?


This is an awesome historical story with romance, fierce attraction and betrayal. The characters are very well-developed and the story moves along at a great clip. My only complaint is they seem to swing wildly from one emotion to another without much time to transition. I know this is a short story that was originally produced in separate monthly installments for InD’tale Magazine, so space was short, but I wish they didn’t hop around emotionally so much, like a leap frog. That’s my only complaint though. If you want a short historical tale with some meat to it then I recommend picking this one up.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-11th-commandment.html
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review 2014-08-12 11:42
Dark erotic mythology
The Heart of War - Lisa Beth Darling

*Book source ~ Review copy provided by InD’tale magazine.


Ares, the God of War, is an Olympian in exile. Banished for a crime he knows he didn’t commit he nonetheless is enjoying his time away from the annoying denizens of Mt. Olympus. Until the morning when a woman washes up on his shore. Who is she? And how did she come to be on his island out of all the islands in the ocean? A moody and grumpy God, Ares does not like mysteries. He needs to find out who she is and why she has shown up out of the blue.


Magdalena McLeod has amnesia though her memory is slowly returning while on the island belonging to Ares. Many things come back to her, but how she came to be on the island just isn't one of them. In the meantime she has to deal with the big, brutish, handsome and sexy Ares. Will she survive his attentions?


Epic. With plenty of mythology, secrets, lies, enemies, intrigue, steamy sex and colorful characters this story has it all. Well, except romance. There’s not much hearts and roses involved. I mean, we are talking about the God of War after all. But he and Maggie do muddle along quite well in their courtship. The sex between them heats up the pages and Ares goes from being a guy who I consider a douchebag to a fairly decent Alpha dude, if you like your men big, brawny and bossy.


Be warned that there are scenes of violence including rape and torture as well as very rough sex and let’s not forget that Gods and Goddesses had sex with each other even if they were related. These items may disturb some people, so I wanted to give fair warning. My only complaint is that the story tends to drag in parts and I really, really hate the other Olympians. I mean, seriously. Can we say Asshats with a capital A? All-in-all a wonderful read.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-heart-of-war.html
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