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review 2018-05-11 17:59
Dominick's Secret Baby (The Promise They Made, #1) by Iris Parker
Dominick's Secret Baby - Iris Parker


We never know when or even how, but love always manages to find a way. One woman's dream becomes her little girl's hope. Helena wanted a family. Without the option of doing so the old fashion way she took the sperm donor approach. Now ten years later her curious daughter has questions and wants answers. What was once a private matter becomes a bundle of chaos, once the truth is revealed. Parker shines with this hilariously, heartwarming over the top romance.

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review 2018-03-29 04:53
ON THE RUN by Iris Johansen
On the Run - Iris Johansen


Iris Johansen

Paperback, 368 pages
Published November 28th 2006 by Bantam (first published 2005)
ISBN:  0553586521 (ISBN13: 9780553586527) 
  3 1/2 stars...Iris Johansen writes thrillers/suspense extremely well. On the Run has a female main character; Grace is the female lead who is former CIA in hiding on a horse farm in Rural America. There is a daughter, a renegade former CIA agent, an under cover agent stationed in the same town watching over Grace, and leaks at CIA and FBI that cause Grace some trouble. Johansen keeps the plot moving quickly. Her characters are developed well, even though Grace's horse whisperer skills seem a little bit on the excessive side, though it works into the story line to keep it moving. Grace's daughter seemed a little "old" and too wise for her 8 years.
I did enjoy the book, and will most likely, read more of Iris Johansen
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review 2018-03-06 17:52
And here we have another new to me author...
Promise Me We'll Be Okay - Nell Iris

'Promise Me We'll Be Okay' intrigued me. It's a second chance story but it's honestly the kind of second chance story that I tend to avoid because we come into this story smack dab in the middle so to speak and a lot of time with stories like this I just don't get a feel for the couple and I tend not to feel invested in the  story but surprise that didn't happen this time. 


I really liked Jude and Vee (Vincent). Jude's musically gifted and loves his job as a high school music teacher almost as much as he loves Vee. Vee's ambitious and driven to succeed but Jude's his touchstone and he loves him completely and yet it's been about 2 years since Vee ended things between them and Jude's spent that time trying to move on, to get past loving Vee with all his heart and losing the dream that was suppose to be their HEA. 


Jude never really understood what happened or why what he thought was his perfect life with Vee suddenly came to an end, but he's trying really, really hard to move on from all of this until a knock on his door one evening brings him face to face with the past that he can't quite move on from. So needless to say I wasn't going to be a fan of Vee...nope, he's an idiot douche-bag and all those other rotten things, right? Nope, wrong...dammit, I liked Vee. It turned out that he was honestly a really nice guy who made a really big mistake and when he finally realized it he didn't try and blame anyone but himself. 


Truthfully I loved that Jude didn't play games when he finally talked to Vee and they began to work things out and I totally admit if I had been in Jude's shoes I think my reactions would have been the same. I really got where Jude was coming from and part of it was the why of Vee ending things. I'm not saying it wouldn't have hurt but it could have been so much harder. I loved that whatever the problem was between these two it didn't involve cheating and that's all I'm saying about that.


And yet, ironically, what really niggled at me was the reason why Vee ended things between him and Jude...as reasons go it was weak and somehow I couldn't quite reconcile it as something that the Vee we saw in the story would do, but while I was waffling over this, I realized that there are probably things that we can all say we've done that have struck people who know us as being outside of our character. So while it may not have struck me as being something that Vee would do I also realized that didn't make it something he wouldn't do.


Now what really worked for me was Jude and Vincent...it's through their conversations and Jude's memories as he and Vee begin to find their way back to each other that I began to see and feel the connection they shared. I loved these two men together. They worked I felt their connection and it was good. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in this story from Jude's brother and his wife to his friend Benji and Benji's 3 dads. 


'Promise Me We'll Be Okay' is essentially a short, sweet second chance story that's touched with humor and low on angst and overall an enjoyable feel good story.



An ARC of 'Promise Me We'll Be Okay' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-02-23 00:00
The Rape of Nanking
The Rape of Nanking - Iris Chang By far the most painful book I have ever read and yet a book that should be READ, passed on, READ, passed on, READ and passed on and ON so that new generations of people learn what those forever silent can't relate to their loved ones because they themselves have been Massacred

I came across this book having just finished [b:White Chrysanthemum|34701167|White Chrysanthemum|Mary Lynn Bracht|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1494295249s/34701167.jpg|55879846] a historical fiction account of The Comfort Women and wanting to read more on this time in history I found this book.
The Nanking Massacre was an episode of mass murder and mass rape in 1937 that lasted for 6 weeks, committed by Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing (Nanking), then the capital of the Republic of China, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. More than 300,000 chinese civilians and soldiers were systematically raped, tortured, beheaded and murdered in the most unthinkable and horrific ways.
I have been vaguely aware of this terrible time in histroy but have never read anything about it and when I discussed this book with my work colleagues not one of them had heard of the Rape of Nanking or read or seen any documentaries related to this massacare which in itself is pretty shocking as this was a Holocaust which the world seems to have conveniently forgotten or swept under the carpet.

This is a DIFFICULT read as the descriptions of the atrocities are very very graphic but thankfully for me I only had to read about it and not endure it or witness it therefore the nightmares I experienced after reading passages in this book are nothing compared to what Chinese people still seeking justice must experience when they read a book like this and think how their ancestors met their fate.
An extremely well written and researced book and the author uses sources such as diaries, government documents, newspapers reports and interview with survivors.

Where there is evil there is sometimes amazing acts of bravery and heroism and this book really does highlight a few amazingly good people who saved thousands and I loved how the author researched and highlighted their stories and the good work they did among all the evil.
I was shocked, sickened, saddened and angry reading this book but above all I was EDUCATEDand I have already ordered two copies of this book for family members.
The Life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. Marcus Tullius Cicero

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review 2018-02-18 18:53
Rezension | Ein abgetrennter Kopf von Iris Murdoch
Ein abgetrennter Kopf: Roman - Iris Murd... Ein abgetrennter Kopf: Roman - Iris Murdoch,Maria Hummitzsch



Martin liebt seine wunderschöne Ehefrau über alles und ist mit ihrer Beziehung überglücklich. Vollkommen macht sein Glück die aufregende Zeit mit seiner Geliebten. Doch als Martin überraschenderweise von seiner Frau verlassen wird, gerät Martin ins schwanken und er muss seine Emotionen Stück für Stückchen sammeln. Als dann auch noch mit Honor Klein eine weitere Frau in sein Leben tritt ist das Chaos vorprogrammiert.


Meine Meinung


Iris Murdochs Klassiker “Ein abgetrennter Kopf” wurde 1961 zum zum ersten Mal veröffentlicht. Der Piper Verlag hat das Werk nun mit einer neuen Übersetzung von Maria Hummitzsch frisch aufgelegt. Das Buch hinterlässt durch seinen Leineneinband in der hübschen helltürkisenen Farbe einen hochwertigen ersten Eindruck und liegt während des Lesens angenehm in der Hand. Das Coverbild zeigt eine Rose umrahmt von zwei Samurai Schwertern, was nicht nur meinem persönlichen Geschmack trifft, sondern auch gleichzeitig sehr gut zum Buchinhalt passt.


Der Klappentext verspricht eine »…vergnügliche wie hypnotisierende Geschichte über die Metaphysik der Liebe« und setzte alleine damit bei mir hohe Ansprüche an die Lektüre frei.

Was soll ich sagen? Iris Murdoch hat mir mit ihrer charmanten Geschichte über Ehe, Liebschaften und Liebesbeziehungen im Allgemeinen ein wunderbares Wechselbad der Gefühle bereitet. Freude und Glück tanzen mit der Nachdenklichkeit einer veränderten Beziehungskonstellation und schließen mit dem humorvollen Irrwitz aller Beteiligten. Zudem hat Iris Murdoch mit gespitzter Feder Charaktere mit Ecken und Kanten erschaffen die mit ihrer speziellen und dennoch bürgerlich anmutenden Art polarisieren.


“Ein abgetrennter Kopf” ist eine äußerst gelungene Gessellschaftskomödie in der die möglichsten und unmöglichsten Varianten der Liebe ihren Auftritt haben. Allen voran Hauptprotagonist Martin der am liebsten mit seiner Frau Antonia und seiner Geliebten weiterhin glücklich gewesen wäre, wenn die darauf folgenden Umstände sein Liebeskonstrukt nicht zu einem mitreisenden Kammerspiel gemacht hätten.


Für mich ist Iris Murdoch eine glänzende Autorenentdeckung und “Ein abgetrennter Kopf” bestimmt nicht das letzte Buch das ich von ihr gelesen habe.




Ein raffiniertes Spiel mit Emotionen, Lust und Liebe.

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/rezension-ein-abgetrennter-kopf-von-iris-murdoch
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