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review 2017-12-11 03:15
Great Holiday Read
Wrapped Up in You (Mystic Island) (Volume 1) - Stephanie Rowe

Wrapped Up In You is a fantastic Christmas story by Stephanie Rowe.  Ms. Rowe has given us a well-written story and filled it with amazing characters.  Cole is returning to the home of his childhood to get his family's inn ready for sale.  Willow is escaping her famous lifestyle and returning to the one place that held happy memories.  Their story will warm your heart.  There's plenty of drama, humor and sizzle to keep readers engaged.  I enjoyed reading Wrapped Up In You and look forward to reading more from Stephanie Rowe in the future.  Wrapped Up In You is book 1 of the Mystic Island Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-12-09 02:54
Secrets Hidden In The Glass: A Carter Is... Secrets Hidden In The Glass: A Carter Island Novel - Cate Beauman

It takes one simple occurrence to uncover a deeply buried secret from the past.



I enjoyed the author’s Bodyguards of LA County series. When I discovered she would be releasing a new book with a different series, I was excited to get my hands on a copy.


What the story is about.


Secrets Hidden in the Glass is the story of Callie Davis and Nate Carter.  Callie is a renowned Stained-Glass artist who is facing a slump in her artistic talents. To combat the pressures and the stress, which contributed to her slump she escaped to Carter Island where she hopes to get peace, rest and her creative juices flowing again.  However, her plans never included meeting the hot and sexy sheriff of Carter Island, a meeting that would change her life in ways she never expected.


Sheriff Nate Carter was looking forward to the quiet and peaceful days, which usually accompany the autumn season.  Now that summer was over and the tourists have left the island, life could not get any better. However, the arrival of the mysterious and beautiful Callie Davis would put a kink in his plan. Shrouded by mystery, her presence unknown to them would wake up deadly and deeply buried secrets, which would place them in the cross-hairs of a killer.


What I Liked

The beginning of the story, which set the tone for the rest of the book, was intriguing. It peaked my curiosity, making me eager to discover the identity of the child abandonned twenty-two years ago and her connection to Callie Davis.  However, after sometime the story slowed down as the story focused on the life Callie is establishing with Nate.  For a moment I found my interest waning and I was tempted to give up on the story, but I am glad I stuck it out. The story heated up, when Callie made a discovery, which would set her on a path to discovering her true identity.  However, the fallout from this new development would turn her life upside down. Hounded by the media and the emergence of crackpots would prove more stressful than the very thing she came to the island to escape.


There were a few tense moments as Nate tries to uncover the secrets from Callie’s past. Some parts of the story was predictable, but there were areas where the author had me guessing the identity of the persons responsible for the tragedy in Callie’s past.


Nate proved to be a caring, funny, protective, determined and a loyal hero. The way he stood by Callie was endearing and inspiring. His determination to help her discover the buried secrets of her life was a testament to how much he cared about her.   


Kind, warm and brave are the words I would use to describe the heroine.  However, sometimes I was turned off by her indecisiveness as it relates to the investigation. I recognised her propensity to cry when events from her past and present appeared overwhelming has a sign of anxiety, which was a product of the events from her past.


Together they made the perfect couple. Their relationship, which I found inspiring was built on two important ingredients love and trust.  It was these ingredients, which helped them survive the chaos, which surfaced because of Callie’s discovery. Callie found her home in Nate's loving arms and Nate discovered what it meant to love and be loved unconditionally.

I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, both the good and bad ones. I was especially intrigued by Brad and Molly. I would love to know their story.


What I did not like.


The problem I had with this book had more to do with its length and not the story.  It was quite a lengthy story at 599 pages. Now I rarely have problems with stories that long, but when there a lot of details that does not add value and takes away from the important aspects of the story then that is when I have an issue.  This was the main thing that contributed to the slow pace of Secrets Hidden in the Glass. I skipped pages just so I could get to the important details.



Overall, Secrets Hidden the Glass was an intriguing and interesting read and one I would recommend to readers who love romance and mystery and do not mind stories filled will many details.

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text 2017-11-28 10:36
Live The Life Of Luxury With A Greek Island Property

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a property that is away from all the hassles of the world – a place where you can relax and rejuvenate anytime you want and a place that you can entertain your friends too? If a thought like this has crossed your mind, then you should consider investing in a Greek island property, because once you have seen this country, the chances of you not wanting to keep returning are extremely low.


If you have the money to spend, you should definitely invest in something that is a little luxurious and of course, spacious. When you opt for a villa or a bungalow, you have a lot more space, which means that you can entertain friends and family, without having to consider putting them up in a hotel. With open spaces on hand, you will be able to host lunches and dinners, without having to worry about how you will fit everyone inside. These are certainly things you might want to keep in mind, when you are looking at Cyprus houses for sale.



Some of the other factors that you should keep in mind before investing in property in Greece would be the location. When you are making an investment like this, you need to make sure that you are picking up a house in a good locality, where you have access to important places, such as markets, restaurants and of course, wonderful views. It would be best that you consider villas for sale in Cyprus through reputed and licensed real estate agents, who will find you your perfect fit!

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review 2017-11-26 09:31
Die Geschichte einer Insel...
Die Frau von Shearwater Island: Roman - Magali Robathan

Titel: Die Frau von Shearwater Island

Autor: Magali Robathan

Verlag: List


Meine Meinung: Erwartet habe ich einen spannenden Roman, den man gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen möchte. Auch habe ich den ein oder anderen Fetzen Romantik erwartet. In gewisser Weise wird keines von beiden erfüllt. Während die Spannung noch ab und zu auftaucht, bevor sie von Erzählungen gähnender Langeweile aufgelöst wird, glänzte die Romantik mit vollkommener Abwesenheit. Zwar geht es viel um Liebe, aber von Romantik ist keine Spur.

Die Erzählperspektive verfolgt Alice. Damit weiß der Leser auch nur das, was Alice weiß und erfährt viel über ihre Gefühls- und Gedankenwelt. Ich bin sehr froh, dass diese Perspektive nicht von anderen Charakteren unterbrochen wurde. Auf diese Weise wird die Spannung an einigen Stellen noch hochgehalten, wodurch der Leser dazu animiert wird, weiter zu lesen. Die Charakteren selbst sind sehr gut entwickelt und haben alle ihre ganz persönliche Geschichte, die im Laufe des Romans preisgegeben wird. Doch auch trotz dieser Hintergrundgeschichten von jedem einzelnen Charakter, kamen sie mir teils doch sehr unrealistisch vor.

Die Idee für die Geschichte finde ich gut. Ein Autor ist auf der Suche nach etwas Ruhe vom Großstadtleben. Ich glaube, dass Digital Detox gerade in Zeiten wie diesen ein großes Thema ist. Dass der Autor dann zu so einer ganz andere Geschichte inspiriert wird, als er gedacht hat, ist dann die andere Seite.
Den Schreibstil fand ich etwas lieblos. Als Leser hat man sich nicht wirklich gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Man war irgendwie nie in der Geschichte drin. Die Balance zwischen Dialog und Erzählung hat leider nicht ganz gestimmt.

Source: coverworlds.de/die-frau-von-shearwater-island
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review 2017-11-11 21:37
Loved the setting
Dream Island - Josie Litton

They stood in the silence that descended, looking at one another. Alex saw a woman of courage and honor who stirred his blood even as she won his admiration. Were he to have no concern beyond his own wishes, he would not hesitate to claim the right to both possess and protect her. For her part, Joanna saw a man who seemed to have stepped directly from a legend into her dreams. Were the world a different place, it would have been so easy to forget all else and yield to the soul-deep hunger he ignited within her.


I was a big fan of the heroine Joanna but the setting won my attention for best "character". This is set in Regency times but the author creates a fictional island and people called Akora (maybe Atlantis survivors?) and delivers big time on the descriptions. I was lost into the world the author created with such lush and detailed descriptions of the islands and their culture. 


The clash of cultures between Joanna and Alex provided for some fun back and forth but what made it really fantastic was how they both respected each other, even when Alex was stating that Joanna needed to be subservient, he was admiring her strength providing a look into his true character. 


There is a slight other worldly feel, the island atmosphere but also the "gifts" that Joanna and Alex's sister possess. I thought the traitor storyline could have been flushed out more and the beginning had a bit of a slow start but I think I'm too used to newer releases jumping right in instead of setting the atmosphere, which this one did. 


If you're looking for something set in the 1800s but widely different, a magical feel, and two leads who challenge each, you'll want to hunt for this one. I'll definitely be continuing on in the series to see Joanna's brother and perhaps Alex's sister join in on the HEA.

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