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review 2014-08-31 16:30
And yet again...
Isle of Waves - Sue Brown

Here we are back on the Isle of Wight with my favourite family the Owenses. They are an interesting and slightly eclectic group of people.  We have Sam and Liam, who are finally together as a couple. There is Paul and Olaf who are...I don't know, there wasn't a lot of progress made in their relationship this time around, these 2 men are still a work in progress...slow immigration, closeted progress. Then there's the rest of the Owens family who are really just background at this point in time, however, they are background with some interesting potential.


The Isle of Waves focused largely on Nibs and Wig who we have met in the first two books they are part of the Owens family by virtue of friendship and long time acquaintance (code for by virtue of love, they are part of the family you make).


I love how the Owens clan rallied to help these two men during their hour of need even though the family themselves was facing a crisis or two. Nibs and Wig run a local restaurant that is frequented by the Owens family and other members of the community, however, thanks to the less than ethical practices of a neighbouring business the community is not frequenting their fine establishment as much and business is declining at an alarming rate. After an alarming break in that leaves the restaurant without the major portion of it's dishes. Paul who is visiting for his brother's nuptuals starts to ask questions and realize how bad things have gotten for their friends and the family rallies to their aid. 


There was a lot about this book that I enjoyed. It was a sweet, sexy story set mostly on the Isle of Wight. The characters are interesting, although I'm still finding Sam to be clingy and alternately bossy, sometimes he makes me feel like he's got a bit of a split personality going on.


For the most part these stories were enjoyably written and I like that fact that bits of the stories overlapped from one book into the next except once again...bang...we hit that ending. You know the one that creeps up on us without warning, gives us no resolution to unresolved issues and makes us feel like maybe we didn't get all the pages to the book.


Yeah, I might have flipped back and forth 2 or 3 times checking to see if I'd missed something and much to my disappointment I hadn't. In a way I didn't mind as much at the end of book 1 or 2 because I already had books 2 and 3 loaded and ready to go but now here I am book 3 is done and there is no forseeable time in sight for book 4 and I have questions that need answers Ms. Brown. Please if you could give us a book that answers all the questions. I need to know about Paul & Olaf, I need to know so many more things about Nibs and Wig and what are Danny and Tea doing? Will Colin and Fee stay together? See so many questions left unanswered. 

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review 2014-08-31 00:59
Well that was abrupt...
Isle of Wishes - Sue Brown

'Isle of Wishes' is the second book in the 'Isle of Wight' series and takes place a couple of years after the first one. Sam and Liam are getting closer to their wedding date but we're still not there quite yet, thank you immigration so good of you to keep these two men apart. If these was a m/f couple things would not have been quite so difficult for them and this unfortunately is reflective of the real world. As much as I don't like that for the purposes of this story it did help to build credibility in Sam & Liam's relationship.


Much to Sam's dismay Liam has gone back to the US one last time to wrap up his life there before returning to England where he and Sam will finally begin their life together. Sam fails to hear from Liam at the designated time and after a couple of days  pass he calls on his younger brother Paul, who is a police officer in London. Paul and Sam leave for the states to track down Sam's errant fiance. So there you have the background for how Paul ends up in the US where he meets Olaf Skandik and yes another member of the Owens family falls in love with a bloody Yank (lmao). 


Interestingly enough I found this relationship a little more believable and I like these two a bit more their dynamics are different. Olaf is also a police officer and spends a good deal of his time reminding Paul that he has not authority in the US and he needs to not hinder the investigation this is code talk for he spends a good deal of his time beating he head against a brick wall.


Olaf is deeply in the closet, if his hand is on a door it's the one to Narnia. Paul is bisexual and has a reputation for nailing pretty much anything that walks on two legs. These two men do a love waltz around each other for a couple of days before Paul finally takes matters (meaning Olaf) into his hands and then all bets are off. Olaf doesn't want to say good-bye to Paul when it comes time for him to leave but Paul has a job to return to...

 ..and Olaf knows what he's going to do...yep that's where the road ends folks...bang brick wall or onto book #3 'The Isle of Waves'.

(spoiler show)




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